Advent Calendar Day 10

Today’s product was a nyx sliptease in colorway poppin’. It’s a peach color and a bit too light for my taste. Not because I don’t like the color, it’s a color I would totally wear on any day. But, because it doesn’t actually cover the color of my lips underneath which makes it look a little odd. Thankfully that isn’t really coming across on camera, so I can at least pretend it’s perfect.

Bonus photo, my family bought me the Urban Decay Born to Run palette, and I am SO THRILLED! I’ve wanted that palette since it came out, but with my subscription boxes coming in, I had decided I couldn’t justify purchasing it. Seriously, I am going to wean myself off the subscription boxes because I want to spend that money instead on things that I like when they come out and still love 6 months later. That is, of course, what I am wearing on my eyes. Since I really didn’t do an eye look yesterday either, I was able to use it the moment I got it, trying a quick look before going out to dinner. My first impressions of this palette are very good, with both uses the colors blended so easily it made the eyeshadow look come together very quickly.


Naturally, I went straight for the blues this morning. I haven’t used a wet brush with the shimmers yet as their color payoff is perfectly lovely as is. I will give that a try in the future, but for now, I am just enjoying using it dry.

I believe that my pan that palette challenge is going to take a bit of a hiatus for a while so that I can enjoy this beauty!

Other things from Sunday.


Mis Butterfly came home from a weekend trip to KCMO with her dad and stepmom, prompting my favorite photos of Rose. I call the series “Sissy’s Home!” Rose gets super excited and wants to be where ever Miss Butterfly is, and it’s the cutest.


And a photo from dinner last evening, Miss Butterfly set aside her fried ice cream in order to indulge me in trying a fork full of beans and rice. She’s an extremely picky eater, so this was major. I took photos to send to her dad and stepmom. Naturally, she did NOT like that fork full of food.

In an ongoing effort to mitigate some of Rose’s anxiety about being home without us there we totally rearranged our home, putting both kennels in one room. I was hoping that Lizzie’s presence would help. Last evening’s dinner was a test run. I don’t quite know how it went, Rose seemed ok but drooly, while Lizzie seems to have been rather irritable about it, she managed to shove her kennel tray halfway out of the kennel. We’ll see what happens today, but we are doing multiple things to hopefully help Rose out. It’s tough, she is so relaxed when we are at home now. She doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t, she plays with her toys, plays with Lizzie, naps nearby, etc. So to see her so distressed while we are gone is really tough, even though the length of time she spends in her kennel is 3.5 hours tops! On the other hand, we’ve got the majority of her food issues worked out now, so hopefully, we can also find ways to mitigate her separation anxiety as well. The food issues were really hard work while we were going through them, but now that they are over it feels like it was easy. Hopefully, this is just another passing phase we can work on, mitigate, and then it’ll feel like it was easy looking back on it.

And that’s it from me today! I really have to get another photo of the cowl, it’s getting really long! Have a great week friends!

Advent Calendar Day 9

Today’s makeup offering from the calendar was simply a lightly tinted pink lip oil. Really, that’s a perfect item for a slow Sunday. I am thrilled.

So, I did easy makeup. Laura Mercier caviar eyeshadow stick on my lids, bare minerals powder foundation on my face, a little bit of blush/bronzer/highlight, a taming of the brows, and some mascara. It’s nice for a day I may not otherwise have even bothered with makeup.

This lip oil is an item I would wear very regularly. I predict it’ll be the first thing from this collection to get used up. The “flavor” is cranberry mint and it’s as light as the pink tint. Best item in this calendar yet.

I gave the dogs their dehydrated sweet potato treats yesterday once they were done, the dogs were thrilled! So far so good with them agreeing with Rose’s stomach. No issues yet. It was a nice gentle day yesterday, just how I like it. We did get the dogs to the dog park and we stayed until I got quite cold. Rose loved it, and Lizzie wasn’t upset to be there either! I hope we can get out there again today.

I also want to get to the pet stores as I’ve got some coupons expiring today. But I won’t get too bent out of shape if I don’t.

Here’s a picture of Lizzie and Rose after the dog park. Lizzie is enjoying time on the floor while Rose is sleeping on my feet keeping them nice and warm.

That’s it from here! I am still plugging away on my cowl and enjoying it, but there’s only so many in progress photos I can show off in one weekend!

Advent Day 8 and my WIP

Advent calendar day 8 is another highlighter! This one is my favorite so far. It’s got a really nice pink sheen to it. Today is Saturday, and my grand Saturday plan is heading to the dog park. As such, I can do whatever I like with my makeup and no one will be the wiser except people at the dog park who I do not know. I decided to do an experimental look, tons of shine and shimmer all over the face. And then I brought the pink metallic lipstick back for extra fun.


High shine or not, I’d totally wear this out, except for the lip product.

Now for the knitting. I’ve made it a lot further on the rhythmical lines cowl.


It’s so pretty and interesting, I am really enjoying the yarn combo and the knit. It’s been a good choice. Sometimes I have to dip down and correct the diamond lines when I screw them up and don’t notice, but even that is fairly easily corrected.

I have enjoyed my day today. I finally got a little quiet time last night while Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly were out of the house together. Then this morning I baked bread and started some sweet potatoes dehydrating in the oven for dog treats. I am hoping they’ll work well for Rose’s sensitive tummy. Miss Butterfly is busy packing for a trip with her stepmom to go visit her father who is out of town on business for an extended period, and we will be going to the dog park right after lunch. A very nice day.

So I leave you with a photo of Rose enjoying a cuddle and sharing her observations of the neighborhood.


Advent calendar Day 7 and a finished object

Finished object first, ok? I didn’t even show this off as a work in progress.


The pattern is called Crazy Magic Bias scarf. I really enjoy a rippled pattern knit on the bias since it doesn’t do that weird thing where it folds on the decreases after blocking. I’ve had too many scarves do that to keep knitting them. But, the bias prevents that nicely. I am really loving this shawl, made from handspun 2 ply. It has a note of 70s afghan but at the same time, it’s interesting and updated. I am into it!

Now on to the rest of the post. It is day 7 of the NYX advent calendar, and today’s offering was a cool toned pink matte liquid lip. I was super excited to get this and chose my eye look around it, using cool toned shadows. But in the end, Miss Butterfly loves this so much I may just give it to her once today is over.

It looks perfectly fine on me (though I did choose a more neutral foundation to pair with it, toning down a warmer skin tone than the color wanted) but if Miss Butterfly wants it, that’s ok too! I am just hoping for an eyeshadow, blush, or highlighter soon because I am itching to wear that lip gloss from day 5 again!

In other news, we rearranged the living room yesterday. Mostly because Miss Butterfly didn’t love how the larger tree we have this year blocked the view from one side to the other when sitting in the chairs. We changed things around and it looks really nice. Trouble is, I don’t have enough light where my chair sits now to do my knitting. So I have to sit on the couch.


Someone is extremely pleased with this turn of events. And yes, my knitting is perfectly safe. She’d never try anything while I am looking straight at her.

This morning she wasn’t too pleased with my getting up to go to work. She’d been sitting next to me acting like she thinks she’s human and looked a bit confused when I got up.


I should get photos of the living room configuration, I am totally digging it. It may stick around even after the tree is put away.

That’s it from here, looking for a weekend of relaxing and dog park attending!


Advent Calendar Day 6

I thought I was afraid of blue lipstick. As it turns out, I am terrified of barbie pink lipstick, and wouldn’t you know it, that is exactly what we got today. I tried desperately to get this to cover the darker natural color of my lips, but 17 layers later I had to give up. You can actually see that there’s a bit of a bluish tone to the lipstick on my lips compared to the swatch on my hand because I can’t get it to fully cover my natural lip color.

But here we are. The challenge is still fun! However, out of 4 lipsticks, I’ve only gotten two I would actually continue to wear on the regular. I might keep the light pink metallic around for fun, but if Miss Butterfly doesn’t want this one, it’s gotta go.

I am trying an experiment with my hair at the moment, where I go a really long time without properly washing it. It does seem to have a lot more height and body at the moment, though this also has to do with the multiple texturizing products I’ve added over the past few days. It doesn’t seem to feel or look greasy yet, though I have been adding dry shampoo as well. I washed it on Monday, so we’ll see if I cave tomorrow as it feels like a very long time for an every other day hair washer like me.

One more photo for today:


This silly little Lizzie dog who sometimes looks a lot like a teddy bear got an all clear on her eye yesterday. I am so thankful we don’t have to bother her with drops and worry about her eye anymore. I really hope we don’t have to go through that again. These two are such angels when we are at home with them, I really hope that Rose the Buzz Saw doesn’t shred through anything today while I am at work! We’ll see. (We actually gave her a cheap moving blanket to shred so she’d do that instead of shredding Mr. Ink’s clothing if she felt the need to shred during the day.)

That’s it from here, hoping for a lovely day today so that I can get a photo of my latest knitting finish after work! So glad we are almost through the week as well, I am exhausted, I don’t know about you!


Advent Day 5 and a WIP

Today was a surprise day off due to the day of mourning. I am not gonna lie, I have been sleeping poorly and I needed the rest. The dogs let me sleep until 6:50 this morning which is unprecedented. They didn’t even get Mr. Ink up in the middle of the night. Once up I curled Miss Butterfly’s hair, took her to school in my PJs, came home and baked bread, blocked a scarf you don’t even know about yet, and then took the dogs to the dog park while it was still cold enough not to be a snowy/muddy mess. The dogs had a fantastic time, Lizzie even tried to play with a husky a little bit, which is exceedingly rare.

Let me show you the project I am working on before posting that daily selfie. Miss Marja pointed me in the direction of a 2 color mosaic cowl that once I saw I was quite eager to try. While my color choices may be subtle, I am really liking it. The pattern is called rhythmical lines, and so far I am enjoying it quite a bit.


I am using my own handspun on this one, the brighter stuff is silk and the darker stuff is wool. They were both dyed in the same colorway. So, the colors differences are subtle but I think quite beautiful. Please ignore the red provisional cast on scrap yarn.

OK now on to the makeup stuff. Today we received a lip gloss in the color sweet nothing. It’s quite a lovely product really, though since it was a surprise day off I was hoping for one of the weird colors to pop up. But, we do have a vet appointment for Lizzie to double check her eye so this one is a nice easy color to wear out of the house.

Forgive the crazy hair, I sorta forgot to do anything about it before snapping a photo. I got a little too focused on the makeup.

Since I had extra time, I did take a photo of the products I used today as well.


I honestly was trying to keep it simple, but in the end, it wasn’t simple. From left to right. In the brows I used my chella brow pomade and ABH brow gel. For concealer and foundation I used bare minerals. As I often do, I used a combo of butter bronzer and hula bronzer on my face. Tarte paaarty for a blush since I am trying to hit pan on that one, and the NYX highlighter in cinnamon spice I received yesterday because why not? The two eyeliners I used was the milk makeup gel eyeliner in nude in my waterline and a black sparkle eyeliner from jonteblu we got in boxy charm last month. Everyone complains about this eyeliner, but unlike my last jonteblu eyeliner, this one is smooth and creamy and works very nicely for me.

On my eyes, I used wet n wild, the darker color, in my crease and stila on my lid. In the inner corner is a thrive causemetics eye brightener I got in fab fit fun winter box (I like it!) and I used a combo of mascara, wander beauty and a sephora lashcraft.

And that’s it, though I do promise to run a comb through my hair before the vet appointment. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us!

Advent day 4

Clearly, my December posts are just going to be selfies and dogs. Well, to be fair, I did finish a knitted item last evening but it is soaking and needs a true blocking. The kind where I have to pull out blocking boards and pins and so on. That takes ENERGY, energy which I do not currently have.

Day 4 of my NYX advent calendar is another highlighter. This one is called Cinnamon Spice. It’s on a beige base with a bit of gold shimmer, and I think there’s a bit of a green lean too. I went ham with it in order to be able to see it. Quite frankly, I woke up at 4:30 am, so I had plenty of time to enjoy some makeup play time. It probably shows. In any case, I wanted to also indicate my lip color. It is flower beauty petal pout in warm sand and it is my absolute favorite lipstick ever so far. Oh, and the eye look is the one from the tarte be a mermaid palette that I’ve been panning. The one specific look that I’ve been wearing repeatedly.

Next news, the dogs. Yesterday was an odd day. I had to leave the house at 6:30 am as I had an early morning doctor’s appointment before work. So, the dogs did not get their breakfast and morning care routine from me. Instead, Mr. Ink had to take over. Then Mr. Ink decided to drive Miss Butterfly to school since we had gotten like 9 inches of snow and it’s hard to walk in that. So, they got geared up to leave together and the dogs thought this meant it was time to go for a walk. They got super excited, they got taken out for the last time, and then put in their kennels. They were displeased.

Apparently, SO displeased that Rose destroyed her kennel pad. This kennel pad came highly recommended from her foster family as a pad that would withstand her….as Mr. Ink calls it…Miss Buzz Saw ways.


That’s what he came home to. The pad had a guarantee, but that guarantee was for the first 30 days. She did this in the first 60 days. I am going to contact the pad maker anyhow, as foster family has mentioned that he’s a really nice guy. Because I haven’t seen any other option out there that might work well for us.

As the other side of this, I took a photo of what the floor near our sliding glass door looks like.


What is the point of this you might ask? This is a whole bunch of shoes and boots that haven’t been picked up because Rose has not chewed or even showed any interest in shoes in ages. They are all safe now. So, despite the kennel pad incident, we are still seeing major progress with her, and she’s not even a year old yet.

The dogs clearly were just feeling off their routine all evening. Miss Butterfly had a friend over, a friend the dogs know, and when she walked in the door, Rose took to barking at her like a crazy dog. It was so weird because Rose rarely barks at all. She acted scared of the friend, but then would also wag her tail and go right up to her. All the incessant barking made Lizzie a little nutty so Lizzie would keep trying to tone Rose down. By barking at her. And then correcting her. Which REALLY wasn’t helping.

Once we settled all that down, I noticed that Lizzie, a bit too big for her britches, kept stealing Rose’s antler. In fact, she was stealing it right out of Rose’s mouth. And, well, no matter what I said, Lizzie wouldn’t knock it off. I could see Rose get increasingly grumpy, but after a while, I decided to just let this play out. I told my family repeatedly “By the end of this night, Lizzie is going to get a major smackdown from Rose.”

Throughout the evening I’d notice Rose snarling behind Lizzie’s back, but not reacting to Lizzie directly. I watched and watched and waited. And sure enough, right before bed, in front of the entire family, Rose gave Lizzie a smackdown. She was immediately sorry, and Lizzie was quite chastised. It is absolutely what needed to happen. I decided at that point that everyone, including me, needed to go to bed. Lizzie quite uncharacteristically took Rose’s spot on the bed, looking for comfort from me as Rose had made her nervous. We’ve seen the smackdown before, and we know it needs to happen because Lizzie will absolutely take advantage if given an inch. But she definitely gets upset when it happens.

You know, some days you just feel off, even if you are a dog. Some days you cannot be your patient self. Somedays you decide you aren’t going to tolerate certain behaviors anymore. And Rose had that day yesterday. (Rightfully so!) And that’s the update in the life of Lizzie and Rose, I leave you with one last picture of Lizzie and Miss Butterfly.


They really are the best of pals.