Ranking All My Eyeshadows Second Tier

How did these make second tier? I’ll attempt to explore that as I go.


7. Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I have very much enjoyed this palette. It leans way more neutral than I expect, but I do love a peachy color especially in spring as well. This is one of those palettes that there’s no clear answer to why it is second tier except that I often choose other palettes over this one.
8. Colourpop It’s My Pleasure palette. I love the purples in this one, and I also love how it performs. It makes beautiful looks and I am glad I own it. It’s easy to use. But in all honesty, when I want purple, I pull the coloured raine power palette more than I pull this one.
9. Tarte pro to go palette. This is a really fantastic little palette. It’s deceiving. When I use this palette the looks come out great. I am regularly amazed at how good I look when I wear this palette. However, for some reason, I rarely like the look as I am applying it. With this palette, the look needs time to settle in, but once it does, it surprises. That’s why it is second tier. I rarely leave the house thinking “I look great!” when I put this palette on. It’s partway through the day before I start thinking that. Because of this lack of immediate gratification, this palette gets second tier status.
10. Things are going to get a bit weird from here on out, as I have made a point to kind of create my own palettes. This one is mostly Sydney Grace, the bundle was called Taylor deep and light. I’ve got a few other single shadows thrown in to make it a full palette. Sydney Grace mattes are beautiful and easy to work with. The overall look of this palette is cool toned, even with those warmer red shades mixed in. I like this palette a lot, but I don’t reach for it often. It’s really great and yet slightly forgettable. Second Tier.
11. Another Sydney Grace bundle which was the dupes for the melt gemini palette. Pretty sure I added a few other single shadows and removed some too in order to come up with this yellow/green combo that I liked best. Love this palette, but mostly wear it in the summer. There’s something about a slightly tanned skintone and my yellow summer clothes that make this one a one season palette, which is why it gets second tier status.
12. Violet Voss Sugar Crystals. I got this recently and it’s lovely. Very interesting with the colors, the textures, and the duochromes. It isn’t hard to work with, but it takes some thinking and planning and it sure doesn’t come across as everyday wear. It’s beautiful, but second tier.
13. Colourpop Bye Bye Birdie palette. Another great colorpop palette, mostly leans neutral and I can get a lot of good looks from it. But, I do not love the pressed glitters in it. And it has two shades that are more like a supershock shadow. They are not a powder. They have betrayed me. Numerous times. By creasing terribly on my eyes. The lowest of the second tier palettes for sure.

In looking over this second tier, I can think right off the cuff that I’d like to incorporate the violet voss palette into more looks. There are loads of great inner corner highlight colors in there and I need to just set this one out for regular use. I also want to get more use out of my Sydney Grace Taylor Bundle collection and my Sweet Peach palette.

I do rotate my palettes regularly. It doesn’t matter at all what “status” they hold, I regularly pull them all out of a drawer, set them aside, and work through them once by one. At the end of this little series, I might decide to declutter a thing or two, but I tend to get decent use out of all of them even though I’ve got some clear favorites.

Protect Your Meatsuit project pan update 3

I’ve been enjoying my progress on the protect your meatsuit project pan. While much of what I placed in here ends up being longer term items, I have managed to go through a few things.

Here are the photos of where I started, update 1, and at the bottom, update 2. I didn’t get it in the photo, but I finished up both the Manna Kadar body exfoliant and the Shea Moisture in shower conditioner. Neither of them I liked particularly well, so I am glad to have them moved out of my collection.

Here’s what I have going on now:


Another chunk of product used in my sol de janero shower gel. I still love this and am happy I am getting a lot of use out of it. I think my daughter may be getting in and using it as I often forget to remove it from the shower. But, I’ve decided to let that go. I can’t remember everything all the time. Seems to be about the same amount of use this time as last time.

With a few days of working from home came a commitment to using my face masks more. I decided that I had to mask every day during that time period. This did not show up as a ton of use on my two elemis face masks, but I am glad to be getting as far as I am. I will likely have more work from home days coming up, and I’ll keep after these during that time frame.

I didn’t bother to try to mark my dr. Brandt cleanser as it’s basically just spurting now, there’s nothing to mark. So, I’ll finish it this month, but I am adding in one of the oldest cleansers in my cleanser stash. The Kate Somerville exfoliating cleanser. I really like this one, and I’d hate to see it go off.

And finally, a new product to officially bring me back to 5 working products at all time in this project, I am rolling in this leave in conditioner from ouai. I experimented with it last week, figuring on the days I am staying home it’ll be perfect for my purposes. But, turns out it leaves a little bit of grit to my hair, which is something that’ll come in handy when I am doing my hair for work. So, progress might be made faster than I’d been anticipating.

I have really enjoyed separating my makeup and skincare project pans this year. While I do have another project that combines the two, I feel like these are my main projects and the separation feels great. It’s just easier for me to manage than last year’s huge full face project pan. While most of this project is a little slow moving, it is a heck of a lot more progress than I would have been making without the associated project.

Rolling Project Pan update 3

Hello all! How’s your project pan work going? Is it similar to mine? Makeup getting a little less prominent in your daily routine?

Let’s take a look at what is going on for me. My current prompts are:

1.  A product with cute packaging
2.  An expensive product
3.  A product in loose form
4.  A drugstore product
5.  A product I bought because of youtube
6.  An old favorite
7.  A product you haven’t used in a while.

Here’s last month’s photo and this month’s photo directly under, then I’ll go into more detail.



1: product with cute packaging is my pretty vulgar setting powder. Last month I was at 73 grams, this month at 72 so I was only able to use 1 gram.

2: An expensive product. This is my hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light, and my intention is to hit pan then roll it out. I have not hit pan. If I look closely, there now seems to be a dip in the flattened dome, so maybe I am closer.

4: a drugstore product. That’s my NYX eyebrow pencil. I am getting a bit closer to the lettering, but haven’t hit it yet. I am using this almost exclusively, but it’s running slow. However, the pencil itself does feel shorter when I use it, so that makes me feel like I am making progress.

5: A product I bought because of youtube. My CYO lifeproof foundation was getting very little use this past month. In my attempts to use up a primer from my partners in cream project, I stopped using this foundation and used a powder foundation instead. Spoiler, still not done with the primer I wanted to finish. And now there’s working from home, where I am not using any makeup at all.

6: An old favorite. I am working on finishing my sample size of hula bronzer. I am seeing an actual serious dip in one side of the pan, and while it is difficult to see in the photos, I do see it in person and am expecting to hit pan toward one side within the next two months.

7: A product I haven’t used in a while. That’s my blue silkissime liner. I only want to use it past the “L’Oreal” mark toward the top of the pencil, but I haven’t gotten anywhere near the lettering yet.

So, since I still haven’t met any of my goals on the products in this project, I can’t roll anything new in. I will absolutely have to roll out the pretty vulgar powder as the weather heats up, it does not do enough oil control work during the warmer months. But I can use it for the upcoming month I believe. I am hoping to hit pan on the hourglass product soon so I can roll it out. And, I’d love to hit pan on the hula bronzer simply because it would help my motivation.

While progress has been very slow over the past month on this project, I can say that I’ve been forcing an uptick in my use of skincare. If I am working from home, I have given myself the rule that I must mask daily. I’ve got a wide variety of masks, so this works well, I can rotate my usage of them.

If we end up with a stay in place order (Hasn’t happened for our state and county yet) I will actually just put this project aside for the time being and resume when it’s time. We are currently “essential” but a stay order would keep me working from home unless things really go pear-shaped at the hospital, and even then, my boss and my peer working on the patient care side would have to both be sick for me to be called in. While I hope that our state can ride things out as we currently are, I don’t believe we can, and I think we are just behind the larger cities by a few days. We shall see how it plays out. We’ve worked out all contingency plans now, have one in place, and will get the other up and running if we have to.

Stay safe my friends, and do your part either by staying home or by being essential with appropriate precautions in place for your area.


Ranking All My Eyeshadow Palettes Top Tier

I  see this type of content on youtube pretty regularly but I never think it translates all that well to a blog post. But, I got inspired to do it over the weekend. In part, I think it’s good to grab the whole collection to again see what I have. This works for making me realize the last thing I need is more eyeshadow. But also, it gets the creative side of my brain working, and I’ve really been struggling with that lately. I used to “toss’ my yarn stash, meaning take it all out and look at it and then put it away again. Now I did it with eyeshadows.

Now, how I did this was split things into various tiers. I just off the top of my head pulled everything out and made piles of things I loved the most and things I liked the least and then found what I’d group together. Then, I took each tier and put them in order of my favorite to least favorite.

I am splitting these posts up, this’ll be a series. It would be awfully overwhelming to do the entire collection at once.


And here’s my top tier.

  1. Viseart Petit Pro 5 Soleiel. This is my absolute favorite palette. I love the pretty, tiny packaging, I love the color story. The bright rich purple and the pretty yellow just sing to me. It’s a bold palette, and I have to take that into consideration when I wear it, but I just adore working with it and wear it often.
  2. Viseart Petit Pro 3. Another tiny and beautiful palette of gorgeous shades but neutral and easily incorporated into daily use. This one is new to me and I’ve only worn it a few times, but since it performs as beautifully as the petit pro 5 and has the ease of a color story that could be worn daily, it comes in second place.
  3. Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves. This palette is the unsung hero of the limited edition tarte palette world. For them, it was a pretty bold color story. It was my first higher end palette and it maintains it’s high status in my collection. You can see it has gotten loads of use. While it feels like it leans red/burgundy, these colors translate as fairly neutral on my skin, making for a palette that is extremely wearable but also has a pop or two of fun colors (that I rarely touch!)
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry palette. This was my wedding palette and it was a perfect choice. I love how my look turned out. And, I used it on my maid of honor, looked great on her too. I’ve worn it a lot and it just never fails me. A fantastic investment.
  5. Coloured Raine power palette. This is really new to my collection, I purchased it at the end of last year. I haven’t played with it all that much but when I do it really stands out! Each of those shades performs beautifully. The white is actually an amazing duochrome, surprising me each time I use it with a strong purple/pink shift. This is the type of palette that is so good it makes me want to purchase other palettes from the brand. Much like Viseart.
  6. Alamar Cosmetics Reina del Caribe Volume 1. I got this in a boxycharm and I have been so pleased with it. The mattes are beautiful to work with and when I am craving a particularly warm shadow day, this is one that I always want to pull. While I rarely use the blue and the teal, the other two metallics are gorgeous and I use them regularly when I want something that really stands out.

So, my absolute top favorites bring me a week’s worth of beautiful palettes, some colorful, some neutral, all with outstanding performance that just make any morning using them a delight. Stay tuned for tier 2 shortly, all of which are really good. I’ll be interesting to see if I can explore why they were tier 2 rather than tier 1.

Quarantimes Part 3

After three precious work from home days, I have mustered the energy to pull together a bit more blog content. It’s amazing how the brain works. When you can get a break from the constant questions and planning, get slightly more time for downtime, since you are no longer commuting, get slightly more sleep for a similar reason, get somewhat used to this new type of normal even though it’s pretty awful, and have the space for bigger work projects requiring time, quiet, and creativity, thus making you feel productive, suddenly you’ve got a little more left to give to your other hobbies. And that’s what happened for me in the past few days.

At the end of last year I had begun a little spindle spinning project. I am almost positive I didn’t blog about it, as I wasn’t blogging much due to being both busy and mourning Lizzie. I might have, and if I did, I apologize for presenting this as new. But, I’ve been working on it again in the past day or so. This will become a gradient laceweight two ply yarn. As of right now, it’s a very enjoyable spindle spin.

I cannot immediately remember who the batt is from, but I suspect fat cat knits.


It’s a lovely neutral toned batt with some interesting pops of silk and flax. I am feeling rather eager to be doing some spinning again, and with the weather warming, that feels like the right time to be eager to do it.

Speaking of the weather warming:


These lovelies survived some snow and a serious 2 or 3 day freeze to bring us this color and joy during a difficult time.

I’ve noticed all over the yard signs of flowers peaking their way out of the ground in anticipation of the beautiful spring blooms. This year it feels all the more beautiful, even the tiny shoots of green, as we need to be able to take whatever we can get to make us feel like life is moving forward and going through its normal cycles. This spring I am grateful for each and every one of them.

That’s it from here today. We are keeping a quiet day. It’s cloudy (again) and sometimes rainy, as it is spring, and we do need the rain. This will make the dog park out of the question today, but hopefully, we can get a little walk done during the breaks in the clouds.

Quarantimes Part 2

This part is the one in which I have begun doing some work at home. I am not able to work every day from home, but more than I was. Doing so has been interesting. I had hoped for scads of quiet time where I could work on some longer-term projects I was saving up. It has certainly been busier than I expected. That’s ok though! I suspect we are in this situation for the long haul, and those projects will be there.

The long isolation has Miss Butterfly getting a little creative with her time. She wants to go to the dog park daily, which we are in agreement with, and the dogs are totally down for. I understand, when it’s basically the only time she gets out of the house, it makes sense that she’s up for doing that which she’d previously have avoided. A few other things she is doing-making us dinner. This is a shocker! Since she can no longer do her camp volunteer work, as all activities are canceled, the camp coordinator sent out the recipe for their hobo dinners. Miss Butterfly decided she’ll make us hobo dinners, and she did. Now she wants to make them weekly. To be honest, they are pretty tasty so we are not opposed. And it gives Mr. Ink a night off.


She sliced the potatoes thinly so they would cook fast, added broccoli to the recipe on her own, and also cut up carrots. Under all that is ground beef, though I think we could easily do smoked sausage as well. And onions, they are also involved.

She’s working on schoolwork online. Originally she said there wasn’t much of it, but they’ve added to her workload so she’s gotta stay on top of it now.

And then, when all that is done, she is playing sims4. Now, I got the game for me, and I have played quite a bit. She tried playing, but didn’t love it. Until I showed her build mode. She has been creating these floor plans for years on graph paper. She draws them out carefully and adds furniture, etc. So, I got her started building houses in sims4 and she’s obsessed. I am glad, it’s a fun and sensible past time. And, it gives me the opportunity to say “Get your online schoolwork done and then you can play the game.”

I am still working at my lintilla shawlette when I get an opportunity. I am still appreciating the long rows of garter stitch and the handspun yarn. With working from home a bit, I am able to better turn off my brain and let work go, bleeding into the next day in ways I was unable to do previously.

So, that’s us, that’s here. We are doing what we can to flatten the curve, doing what we can to keep what is allowable and essential up and running, and attempting to appreciate this new way of life in the meantime. We do hope things are similar for you and that you are doing ok, staying healthy, and staying practical.


Beauty Balance in March

I’ve kept myself on a replacements only low buy since the beginning of the year. I was wanting to make sure I wasn’t spending cash on things that just weren’t necessary when we had so many exciting trips planned for this year.

The first of this year’s trips has been canceled. The second one is a waiting game, we’ll know in a month if we are closer to being able to travel by the end of July. That being said, with the current crisis, saving money is the name of the game.

I’d told myself the end of March for the replacements only low buy, but that was in part because I wanted to be able to pick stuff up at the ulta 21 days of beauty sale. The sale started early this year.

I did pick a bunch of items up, but the grand total for all of it was just over $4, as I had a lot of points to spend and a free clinique foundation coupon and so on. I was very fortunate. I’ll be back on that replacements only low buy until the spring hair event where I’ll stock up again on hair items.

Here’s what I picked up:


The first two The Ordinary items are replacements, you’ll see the empties in my next empties post. Then the free clinique foundation which came with a free sample of hydrating jelly. I picked up a white foundation mixer to lighten up foundations that are too dark. I picked up the it cosmetics powder foundation and mac mineralized skin finish. I’ve heard great things about pur love your selfie foundation and the stila hide and chic foundation so I wanted to give them a try as well. I needed to add a low cost item to my order so I grabbed another hairspray, something that needs to be in my arsenal with my weird haircut. That’s 10 items in.

I was at 30 items out of my collection so far this year over what came in (prior to this only one item came in) so that brings me down to 20 items out over what came in.

But wait, there’s empties!


7 empties to be specific, so that’s 27 out over what came in.

I’ve got a redken powder grip hair powder. I’d originally been kind of salty about this as it has less in it than other brands and cost more. But, this really did last longer than those same other brands, so I don’t think it’s that bad of a value and I would pick it up again potentially.

I have the sexy hair surfrider dry texture spray. I liked it, but there are others I like a lot more so I won’t repurchase.

I have clinique waterproof mascara which is totally kicked.

I am letting go of a metallic liquid lipstick from the advent calendar, this is probably all the liquid lipsticks from nyx now gone.

I also finished a bite beauty agave lip treatment, which I did like a ton and I am sad to see it finished. I do have another to use though.

There’s a skinfix moisturizer which I used up as a night cream. Wouldn’t repurchase.

And there’s a fragrance sample, it’s hermes twilly. I liked it quite a lot, but not enough to want to seak it out.

So, the replacements only low buy, despite ending a bit early, has really done its trick to keep the items leaving my collection more than what comes in, and now I am back on the low buy. To be honest, there are a couple items that interest me in 21 days of beauty, but I truly don’t think that I am interested enough to purchase. There’s always the fall one, and I’ve more than enough to get me through until then.