Blogging Again

It’s been a particularly long “recovery” after this particular conference. I blame the fact that far more equipment was needed this year than in past years as well as the fact that I am 12 years older than I was when I first started this, and I am pretty sure that counts for some exhaustion. There have been heating pads for my back and sore feet and so many extra naps in the two days off that I’ve had since the conference ended. Thankfully I had the dogs to keep me company, they did a lot of napping too.


There’s also been knitting. Well, I did some knitting at the conference. Though far less than typical since more equipment meant a lot more set up and break down. Most notably, I almost brought my down the road and back again shawl to completion. On the final day, I could have finished it but had forgotten my pattern so I wasn’t sure what the final few rows should be. I finished it up when I got home.

It’s very pretty but I don’t intend to knit this one again. It’s not my cup of tea.

I’ve started a bunch more things since. 2 scarves and a sweater for Miss Butterfly. Actually, I started 3 but one of them ended up looking like this:


Yep, one of my knitting projects finally fell prey to a young dog who loves to shred. Mr. Ink was outside “for only 10 minutes” while this happened. You should have seen the ball of yarn! And I lost the needles too. But I was able to salvage the yarn with careful unknotting and hand winding. Obviously, the start of the project was not salvageable. The reality is, that sweet dog is so smart that she knows what she wants and she will absolutely wait until her humans are not looking to go after it. Which means she’s not trustworthy at all “for only 10 minutes.” But, under my watchful eye, she’s not destructive at all anymore.

That’s about it for here, we’ve got a day packed full even though it’s a Sunday, but I am hoping the work week evenings will show me a little bit of downtime this week. And at least there shouldn’t be overtime! (Though I worked overtime on Friday again, completely unexpectedly.)

I’ve got a few new knitting projects to show off so there should be blog posts, and I am already working on one makeup related blog post as well. So, I am hoping I am back in a bit of a routine now. A normal routine. Which will be extremely welcome at this point.


2 days, 2 FOs part 2

And here’s the next one!


I finished the Leftie shawlette yesterday. I used a silk single as the main color and then the leaves are 6 different colors of koigu kpppm leftover from my legends of the fall sweater. This was a fantastic knit! Truly! I would absolutely knit this again. I loved adding the little pops of color and was eager to knit those rows every time. I still have a fair amount of kpppm left, so it could happen that I knit another. But not yet, I am already on to other projects. Plus there’s that pesky down the road and back again shawl to finish up.

In dog news, here’s a cute photo:


Mr. Ink had been sort of bummed that Rose didn’t seem to take to him as fast as she did to us. I had to remind him that it took Lizzie 4 months to really settle in with him. And Rose is far more nervous a dog than Lizzie. I’ve been noticing changes lately, Rose being likely to sit at the door waiting for him to arrive home, or likely to go up to him for some kisses, but this week he got an all out greeting when he arrived home. Full on hound dog snuffles with excessive tail wagging and even a nose nibble, one of her highest forms of affection. The next day he got exactly the same, plus a paw to the face, her other highest form of affection, so I think it only took Rose a month and a half to settle in with him. Now she’s truly found her place in the family.

That’s it from here! Conference starts tonight and hopefully at the end of it I’ll have something new to show off. Plus, I am hoping to be back to my regularly scheduled more often than just on the weekends posting schedule.

2 Days, 2 FOs part 1

Last weekend I finished, washed, and blocked a shawlette. It rained all week, often pouring, and I had no opportunity to get a photograph. Instead, I knit. And that means I have another FO as well.

I’ll show off last week’s FO today and tomorrow I’ll post this week’s FO.


This is the sweet anemone shawl and I knit it out of a handspun yarn I had in stash. This handspun I made from some loop! cloud, it’s a 2 ply and it’s very soft. Softly spun and softly plied. It has a bit of sparkle.

The little floral motif around the edges of this shawl were very easy to work and very easy to remember to work, and that made this a really fantastic knit for this week while I stressed about the upcoming conference.

The conference begins tomorrow evening and while I am looking forward to it, I am mostly looking forward to it being OVER. This year instead of 30 poster stands I needed 70 which meant two trips to an art supply store to purchase additional poster stands, a big order to the print shop for additional 4 feet by 5 feet poster boards, and 3 full car loads to the conference site with the associated loading up, and unloading once I got there. It also meant that one car load had to stay in my car overnight Thursday night rendering one car completely useless to us.

Once I get to the site on Sunday evening and after the registration desk is set up and ready to go, I get the great pleasure of setting up all 70 poster stands and boards which means I am likely to be a hot sweaty mess that evening. Poster session is Monday, so then I get to break them all back down and on Tuesday load them all back in my car and make the 3 trips to distribute them where they need to go. It’s going to be a very long day. For the record, this is typically a one car load job.

We have presentations scheduled straight through lunchtime on Monday and then I get to load up and head straight to a dentist appointment that I for some odd reason decided to schedule directly after the conference. Probably just to get it out of the way.

Thankfully after all that I have a day off. Which I definitely think I’ll need and deserve!

Pan That Palette Reboot

So, after my pan that palette tantrum of last week, I let Miss Butterfly know that I had no intention of continuing to pan a palette I actively hate. Her response was “I was waiting for you to come to that conclusion!” So, she’s going to keep working on her brow shade and I am going to keep working on the shade I use to set my eyelid primer, and once she’s done with the brow shade we are tossing the thing. I’ve been considering doing something like making a frankenshadow or frankenhighlight out of some of the shades, but I’ve never tried such a thing so I am not sure if I’ll be inspired about that or not. We’ll see. Might be fun to try with Miss Butterfly.

After I informed Miss Butterfly of my decision, I spent some time evaluating what palette I could pan. The reality is the decision wasn’t that hard. Right after I got that awful clinique palette I got the Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves palette. Now, this palette was soundly ridiculed for being ridiculous, but the reality is that the shades are lovely and super easy to wear. I will also say that pretty much every warm toned shadow palette that came after this one looked very similar. Warm reds/oranges with pops of blue.

As for me, I’ve adored this palette so much. So much that I actually put it away because I feared using it too fast. Now I’ve decided that is ridiculous, and I’d like to pan the palette.


It’s kinda shiny and hard to get a photo of, but here it is. As you can easily see I’ve already hit major pan on sandbar. The only mattes in this palette are sandbar, shipwreck, and shore thing. Many of the other shimmers have a pretty good dip going on them. I absolutely love every single shade in here, and so I want to pan the entire thing except perhaps the turquoise and teal. We’ll see about those. It’s inevitable that I’ll need to use other matte shadows at some point to supplement the shimmers in this palette, but I’ve got mattes that even mimic the ones in this palette so that shouldn’t be difficult.

This will be a long-term project and my hope is to do midmonth check-ins since so much of what I write about that is makeup related happens at the end/beginning of the month. I also want to allow this to be slow going, as I don’t want to burn out on the project immediately. This can be a year-long endeavor, I love the palette and I want to truly enjoy it when I am using it. Also, I won’t be trying to make these shades double as something beyond eyeshadow. This is not an attempt to use it up as fast as possible in any way possible. It’s simply to get maximum use out of a palette in my stash that I absolutely adore in every way.

And with that said, it’s time to go do my makeup and I’ll be using this palette immediately. 🙂

A New Start

I finished a shawl, I knit it rather fast as it was quite mindless. However, I got too busy to get it washed, blocked, and photographed by today.

So instead I’ll show you what I started this week. I’ve been meaning to knit this Leftie shawl for a while now. But, when I finished up that sweater that required 6 different colors of Koigu KPPPM, that seemed the perfect opportunity to set aside the leftovers for something like this.


I have paired the koigu scraps with some debbie bliss silk singles I had in stash. It’s looking great! there are a lot of ends to weave in, which I intend to start on shortly.

What else is up? Well, you know me. Hanging with my dogs is my relaxation right now, during a very busy work time. Only about a week and a half until I’ll be back to normal, but until then, I spend lots of time with the doggos.

On Wednesday it got quite hot, in the 90s. And it wasn’t raining for the first time in about 10 days. The forecast was that the temps would drop and it would rain for another 10 days. So, we took the dogs to the dog park. It was an interesting trip for many reasons. Including the type of dogs that don’t play well with others and start fights instead, and their owners who insist that their aggressive dogs get to stay. Thankfully our dogs stayed safe. Rose spent her time instigating other dogs to run through the mud pit she just loves. That’s the photo above, though by the time she was done she was black with mud and soaking wet. So, we had to give her an emergency bath. And the back seat of my vehicle is still covered in mud. But, I am awfully thankful for those leather seats right now! When we chose them, we didn’t have dogs. They’ve come in handy over and over.

So, we went from 90F to 40F in the span of 24 hours, which was really quite ridiculous.


Now, these two keep cuddling up near each other any chance they get. Which is fine by me.

A New Product

It’s been about 8 or 9 months now since I’ve been more seriously doing my makeup on the regular. When I began, my skin was in really bad shape, and because of this, I thought I had really dry skin. As I began to work on my skincare routine, it became clear that my skin was on the normal to oily side, it was just really difficult to tell that under the years of damage and lack of care I’d put it through.

The first serious foundation I’d chosen was the Urban Decay All-Nighter foundation. This was NOT a good choice for me. Not colorwise, I didn’t receive any assistance when choosing a color because I didn’t want to ask for help. Not skin wise, as my skin was pretty dehydrated at the time, and UD All Nighter is not at all good for dry skin. To be fair, as my skin repaired this foundation began to work better for me. We came to an understanding really. But it’s never going to be my favorite and I can’t wait to be done with it.

After that, I got smart and first asked for help choosing a new foundation. I ended up with Hourglass Skin Tint in color Sand. This was a great product to use while my skin was getting back into a decent place, as it does provide extra moisture. It looks fantastic too!

Then I decided to try wet n wild photofocus foundation, which worked beautifully and I really like still! And you can’t beat the price point.

But for some reason, I wasn’t done there! I decided I wanted to try the hourglass stick foundation and without any research whatsoever I ordered it in the same color I had my skin tint in, which was not at all equivalent. Another poor foundation choice. The second bad choice was not returning it immediately. I still have it, and I’ll probably try to pan that once the UD allnighter is gone.

Then I, having just finished up some mary kay mineral powder foundation, decided I was into mineral powder foundations and got Miss Butterfly and I some bare minerals foundation. It works well and I have no problem with using it. But that’s a lot of foundation.

That’s when I got smart and said “no more foundations!” even though there are tons I would like to try. No more foundations until I use up the UD.

I was in sephora yesterday, I’d gone for some moroccan oil texture spray. They didn’t carry it, which was disappointing. And I had a gift certificate I wanted to spend. But rather than spend it online, I ended up wandering near the It cosmetics display and picking up their cc cream in matte finish. This one has really intrigued me since it came out and I really wanted to give it a try. UD should be finished up this month I think, and I like the idea of having a foundation with a good spf in it. Plus, the original cc creams get such nice reviews that it was exciting to me to be following along with makeup when a new formula came out and really want to try it!

So that’s what I spent my gift certificate on. And this morning I gave it a try. (This is how people end up with tons of foundation and filming declutters, right? It’s because there are so many choices!!!)


I put this on at 5:30 a.m. At the time of this photo, it’s 10 a.m. That’s 4.5 hours of wear already. I’ve paired it with wet n wild contour and hourglass blush/bronzer/highlight and ambient finishing powder. I used becca first light primer under the foundation.

I have believe I have achieved a skin like look. So far I really like this one! Feels great on the skin, looks nice for a good long time, plays well with my other favorite products, is matte but not “suck the life out of my skin” matte. Great coverage while still looking pretty natural. I’ve heard that some people struggle with breakouts from the sunscreen, so I will keep an eye out for that.

The other interesting thing about this was that it really felt like it would stay where it was without setting powder. I am going to give that a try pretty soon.

In any case, it may have taken a number of months and many trials and errors, but I am really starting to figure out what I like to use for various products. I think this may be why I am backing off my subscription boxes as well. I already quit sephora play. I’ve got ipsy through April next year and then I am ready to quit that one too or transfer it to Miss Butterfly perhaps.

At the moment I am thinking I’ll keep Boxy Charm though, it really is a good one! But I may start to feel differently next year and be ready to take a break.


Project Polish Update 1

2 months ago Miss Butterfly and I began a project polish. I only just realized that it’s been two months since an update, but I also think that’s ok as I wanted to be able to show actual progress when I did manage an update.

Here’s where we started:


Some things have changed. First of all, we got rid of the PS red and the PS white, their formula was terrible and Miss Butterfly agreed that these must go. We also tossed the coral LA Colors. Miss Butterfly hated the color, Mr. Ink hated the color on me, and the formula was old and rather thick. We rolled in two colors that Miss Butterfly acquired over the summer and then immediately destashed those as well.

Now, the other problem I had in photographing progress was that initially I completely forgot to mark a start. Honestly, most of them had barely been touched anyhow, so the start is at the top. But, now you’ll begin to see a mark where we were last month and a further mark for this month.


The two colors on the left, barely visible, are the ones we destashed.

The topcoat in a tiny bottle got a ton of use over the past few months. It’s at a point where it’s difficult to get product out of, and we are only using it on our toenails now. We’ll let it go shortly.

Next is a sally hansen color called game of chromes. I love this color mostly because it sticks to my nails all week. It’s pretty too! We’ve made some progress and the way we use it we’ll continue to make progress.

There’s a sally hansen top coat and as you can see, I’ve gotten pretty far on that as well. We are nearing a point where it’ll be complicated to get the product out of the bottle.

Next is OPI base coat, as you can see we’ve been working on that too.

Next to that is an almost red opi mini bottle. This is a really cute color, looks great on the nails, and we both love it. We wore it a bit, there’s a white line marking where we are now.

The blue sally hansen is one Miss Butterfly uses regularly. You’ll see a white line where we started and then a black line where we are now.

The white shimmer is gap I think, and I did wear it once, but not much progress.

Next to that is another opi mini bottle, this got a TON of use. Probably because hot pinks are genuinely one of my favorite nail colors. The white line indicates where we are now, we began with a full bottle.

And behind that is a sally hansen pinky nude color that Miss Butterfly uses regularly. I like it too! It’s a very wearable, very professional looking polish. A little progress was made.

Right now I haven’t even had time to do my nails or toenails, so for the first time in 2 months, I am going bare nailed! I can’t believe how well I’ve done keeping my nails painted and looking nice. It’s really cut back on how rough I am on my nails and surrounding skin as well.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to it soon, but there hasn’t been a lot of time to do nails lately. I would like to continue making progress though!