November Beauty Balance

It’s another moment for a beauty balance post. At the end of October, I was doing very well with my beauty balance. I had 15 items leaving my collection over what entered it.

I did make a purchase, I purchased a toner, something alcohol-free and hydrating, as my skin is definitely reacting to the change in weather. And then in an effort to find a texture spray I like as much as the moroccan oil one, I purchased a couple texture sprays.


The toner is from Kiehl’s and I am enjoying it so far.

The two texture sprays I am counting right now are from Kenra and Sexy Hair. The one from Kyn is not at all what I am looking for and I already gave it to Miss Butterfly.

I have tried both the Kenra and the Sexy Hair product and I like them both quite well, so I do think I have found a few options that work for me. I may also continue to explore, hoping for even less expensive items. But, my major goal was to move away from making additional sephora purchases. Ulta’s points system is so much better that I am always hoping to purchase there instead.

So, that’s 3 items in.

Here’s what I’ve got leaving my collection.


The CeraVe cleanser is one that I keep in the shower for use for Miss Butterfly and me both. We really like it, and I find it to be the perfect morning cleanser when I am just needing the fresh start of a clean face, rather than trying to remove the remains of makeup and a cleansing balm.

The Briogeo conditioner is going to Miss Butterfly, as I do not need it. Once she finishes this one, she’ll have finished up my stash of conditioners and we’ll have to purchase new.

I finished up a perfume sample, this was the atelier vanille insensee. I liked it quite a lot but also this was what I was wearing when I developed my cold so it can go far on the back burner for now, as I am associating it with getting sick.

And finally, I finished up my Mad Hippie vitamin c serum. I don’t feel like this was something special that I need to repurchase. It’s a lovely serum and feels great on the face but I don’t need it.

3 products in but 4 products out leaves me at 16 products out over what came in. I am pretty happy about that!

I did avail myself of deciem’s slow November sale, so I do have a few skincare products on their way to me. After that, I’ve no real plans for any makeup or skincare purchases, so that’ll probably be my last incoming beauty for the month.

This Week

It’s been a rough week. Work-wise, anyhow. Grand deadlines paired with all sorts of other scenarios have me really stressed out. I am exhausted each evening. The chest cold continues to make me cough and wheeze and feel less than 100%, so on top of all that stress, I feel cruddy. I am not the most pleasant person to be around right now.

Now, Mr. Ink is really one of those most solid of all solid partners. As he ALWAYS does, he’s doing whatever he can to support me through this. He’s been known to run out and buy chocolate, make favorite meals, employ a margarita to lead to a good ol’ vent session he can listen to, etc. He’s been up every morning early to make me breakfast before I head out the door. And, he is the type of person who may exclaim as I put on my coat something like “You look beautiful!” or “Your outfit looks so stylish!” or “What an amazing color combination!” or “You always look so elegant!”

These are the things that give that extra boost of confidence as I get in my car to head to work.

And then the workday drags on and gets increasingly frustrating and I come home fairly defeated and wishing I could run away for a while. And then we start the entire process again. I’ll go to bed early, try to get more sleep, practice good knitting “self care” and when that doesn’t work, watch a comedy TV show (Letterkenny is a current favorite) or read a book. I’ll have another margarita vent and some good food and parent my teen and try to keep going with so little in the tank that I’m just holding out for a weekend, as well as knowing full well that these things are cyclical and I’ll get through this time and it’ll be better in a week or a month or whatever.

Well, all of this came to a head last evening. I was so exhausted. Miss Butterfly needed me for a million things, and that is fine, part of the job. At some point, I’d decided I just needed a cast-on, so I pulled out some yarn. Specifically, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight. Circa, maybe, 2010. The color is Rosemary Rocks and I have always loved it so much that I just can’t knit it into anything. But, I’d decided on a sock head hat. I thought it would be great on my super short hair and uncovered ears for winter mornings when I am heading to the dog park or whatever.

I decided to wind that yarn by hand because I’ve been doing so as a rather meditative exercise with all my yarn. It’s nice. I get to spend time with beautiful yarn before I even start knitting.

And the yarn was gorgeous. As I balled it up by hand I could see that it was just going to make SUCH a stunning finished object! The colors were melding together so nicely and I was soooooo excited to use it!

Mr. Ink called for dinner when I got about halfway through. I put the skein and the ball on my ottoman, knowing Rose would be safely under the table during dinner. After dinner, while Mr. Ink was in the kitchen cleaning up (doing my job, basically), I wanted to check in on Miss Butterfly in her room doing homework. To be honest, I’d snapped at her earlier and needed to apologize as well as discuss something she’d brought up as something she really wanted to talk about. So I did that.

After that was done, I came out of her bedroom and wandered into the living room. Mr. Ink was in his den, and that’s when I saw what had happened while no one was looking. Rose had taken that beautiful ball of yarn, still connected to the skein, and played with it. destroyed it. Shredded it. All over the living room.

I was so frustrated! As I picked up the various piles of desperately tangled and shredded yarn I yelled to the household in general that I was “GOING TO BED EARLY AND NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED IN THE BEDROOM INCLUDING THE DOGS!” I dumped the mass of destroyed yarn on the kitchen table and flew to the bedroom, shutting the door behind me.

This was about 8:50 pm. My family, bless them, knew when to leave well enough alone, and they left me alone. I took a nice long time with my bedtime routine. I read a book. I could hear music coming from the living room, which I found slightly odd as Mr. Ink would typically spend time watching a show at that time of night. At around 9:30 I decided I’d given myself enough of a time out that I could walk out to the living room, apologize for my grumpiness, and then properly go to bed.

I walked out into the living room to find my husband listening to music and carefully untangling that mass of yarn.


Not gonna lie, this guy makes every single day of my life better.

Because of the time change…

Due to the time change over the weekend, I was up extra early on Monday morning. Despite having made sure to stay up later so that I could adjust my schedule, I woke up before 5. This is no huge surprise, I’m a morning person and sometimes trying to sleep in is not an option.

As such, I ended up with a little extra time to mess around with makeup. I pulled out the JH Morphe palette, now singles. I decided I wanted a forest green outer corner and a gold/bronze shimmer on the lid. Now, never one to be able to make a winged liner, I knew I couldn’t attempt that on a work morning without looking ridiculous. I missed the boat with winged liner I think. If I’d learned when I was young and kept at it over the years, maybe I would have learned to work with my hooded eyes, and then aging skin. Now it feels kind of hopeless.

So, I thought about what I could do to create a similar effect, and I ended up with something pretty simple. I used concealer to make a rather harsh line in the same area I’d place a wing if I were trying to do that. I figured if it looked weird, no worries, it was early enough to buff that line back out.


I dunno, it looks kinda wing-like and smokey. It was fun to have time to experiment, but I would definitely love it if my schedule adjusted again so I don’t have as much time in the morning. 🙂

And a Finished Object

On Saturday evening, I finished my handspun laceweight shawl. It took me a day or so to get around to soaking and blocking it, but I finally did so. Then, I took a rather sad photo.


The light is crap, but it does look pretty true to color I think. The yarn is handspun, the pattern is Pyropa. It has little beads throughout, and I do rather like those even though they don’t show up too well in the photo.

This brings me to 90% of my yearly goal, this is project 36 out of 40.

I am pleased that I got this one done, I am nervous about the last 3 projects. Maybe if I get some weaving finished, that’ll help. But, weaving time has been not so forthcoming. I’ll try for this weekend. I do have my work lunchtime project that is nearing completion, so I know I’ll at least have that one done. I guess the other factor is that I could probably take a little time off in the upcoming months so that’ll provide me with a little more crafting time. On the other hand, I generally spend the deep winter time off deep cleaning the house. We’ll see how it goes!

Weekend Activity

Hi all! Quick update on my weekend activity. I am FINALLY feeling better from this long virus. While I still have a runny and stuffy nose, I don’t feel miserable 100% of the time.

So, when I heard that our rescue where we got both of our dogs needed a transport driver on Sunday, I figured I could do it.

It was kind of funny actually. I had told Mr. Ink the weekend before that I wanted a “Mad Max” weekend where we watched the movies. He joked that it would take me a month to watch all the movies since I typically can’t sit through more than half a movie at a time. And then we watched Solo instead. Over the course of 2 days.

So this weekend turned into my “Mad Max” weekend, and by that I mean over the course of two days we watched Road Warrior. That’s it. But, I found it funny that our rescue calls transport drivers “road warriors” so it turned into a “Mad Max” weekend after all.

The rescue had gotten 14 dogs in on Saturday rather late at night, as that transport had a very long haul. This kept the rescue extremely busy, and the rescue owner who had just come down with (likely) a virus similar to mine wasn’t feeling up to the Sunday transport. So, I took the Sunday transport which was only 3 hours round trip. And only one dog.

I headed to the meetup place early, as I don’t ever want to leave another transport driver waiting. That driver was already there. This time, I didn’t know what I was getting. I’d put Lizzie’s kennel in the back of my car just in case. Turns out, I wouldn’t need it. My transport turned out to be a very cute 10 month old dog, rather on the small side, and very friendly and sweet. He was food motivated, active, and attached himself to humans very quickly. Sadly, this meant he wasn’t ready to let go of the other transport driver so he whined for a bit once I took him. But soon enough he was asking me for scritches, and then settled down to nap.

He alternated between napping (In fairly odd positions!) and jumping into the back and playing. Very self-sufficient of him, entertaining himself well. Not the least bit destructive either. He had a toy to chew but never needed it.

The entire trip was completed with no incident whatsoever, and I passed him off to the rescue owner for his intake photos. Where he got very perplexed as to why I could be leaving him, just as he had with his previous transport driver. He is going to make someone an absolutely perfect and loving companion, and I can’t wait to keep track of him and see where he goes. It’s easy to get attached to these sweethearts. They come to us in their time of need, and despite what should be a rather anxious time for them, they are full of love to give. I am so glad I had the opportunity for another transport! Can’t wait ’till the next one!

Yesterday in Makeup

Miss Butterfly is kind of getting too old for trick-or-treating. Nevertheless, she wanted to go back to the neighborhood she grew up in to spend time with her friends there. She had told me that she wouldn’t dress up this year, just go with the youngest daughter to make sure she got to do as much trick-or-treating as she wanted while her older sisters were doing their own thing.

At the last minute though, she decided to pull out her BH take me back to brazil palette and do a clown look. She didn’t have much time, so she didn’t get very far. Not far enough even to mess around with a lip look. But, she did get some eye work done, and I thought it looked pretty cool. I gave her a good spritz of urban decay all nighter setting spray and she was off! The look actually looked better and better as the evening wore on.

Here’s her photo, mid-eye roll because mom takes photos.


I really appreciated her blending skills. Would have been fun to spend more time on it.

October Beauty Balance Finale

Nothing else arrived in my collection this month, so now it’s time to balance the rest of the empties. I had 9 items leaving my collection last month. Now it’s time to see what else I worked through.


I finished my powder play hair powder. I loved this product. We’ll see if other powders live up to it. I have two to try in my collection already.

I have a garnier micellar cleanser, I do not like this one bit. It foams, it’s gentle, but it tastes awful if you happen to get it near your mouth. Not for me.

I finished a much loved product that I won’t repurchase, the Mary Kay extra emolliant night cream. I love the product, it has been super helpful in many capacities. But, I think I can replace it with readily available shea butter with similar results.

I finished a sample of ulta’s makeup remover wipes. I was glad to use them but won’t purchase, as I am moving away from using disposable wipes completely.

Then there are my two lip products. One has gone off, the MUFE lipstick sample smells terrible. I finished the nudestix product early on in the month too.

That’s 6 more items leaving my collection, bringing this month’s total to 15.

Then there’s the bonus content. I have some foil packets that do not count but that I did use. The first is a shampoo by System. It was one of those shampoos that doesn’t foam, which feels a bit strange. But, it still worked just fine. I would not like to try to use it on long hair, but I’ve got very short hair which makes using such products perfectly easy.

I tried a Nars foundation and concealer sample. There’s a fair amount of them in the sample actually. I tried the Mont Blanc foundation color and it was a bit light for me. Because I then darkened it with my born this way foundation, I got 3 days use out of it. It is not my favorite foundation by a long shot, and especially this time of year when I want something less matte. The concealer was nice though, I like it quite a bit and am still using it. That’s a surprising number of uses already and it’s nowhere near done. I have other foundation and concealer sample colors but don’t want to break into them just now.

And then I also used the Becca foundation sample. This was one I really enjoyed actually. A very nice foundation. It wanted a pore filling primer around the outside of my nose. Other than that, it worked beautifully. And there was enough for one day of wear! I would definitely consider purchasing it in the future. I’ve got plenty of foundation to work through for now, but I am super happy to have gotten an opportunity to try the sample.

That’s it. 15 products out, some samples sampled, and beauty is better than balanced for the month of October.