Advent Calendar day 5

Today’s advent calendar lip product is a clear lip oil. Sure does make things easy on me! I have been wearing the bite beauty lip color in Nori pretty regularly for over 2 months now, and it’s an intense, vampy, deep color. So, I can’t say I was sad to get a clear oil. I did pair it with a nude lip liner to give it some intensity and pigment.

Since I got such an easy wearing color, I went a little more intense on my eyes, using my Viseart Soliel palette for a hot pink and purple eye look. I tapped some of my new urban decay moondust shadow over the top to make it a little more glittery as well.

While I like these lip oils well enough, I’d just as soon wear a laneige lip sleeping mask instead. So, this’ll get tossed into Miss Butterfly’s christmas stocking (unwrapped, just an extra treat) at the end of today.


In a previous post, I was worried about our dogs and suspecting that I was catastrophizing as well.

This week, we got good news and bad news. Rose’s ACL is not torn so she’s on a course of pain meds to manage her limp and get her back to tip top shape.

Unfortunately, the news about our dear Lizzie was not so good. She has liver cancer and there’s nothing to be done except to make her as comfortable as possible in these last days. She’s gone downhill very fast, so our home is mostly closing ranks and going introverted to spend as much time as we can with her. We will be putting her on steroids to help her comfort levels, but our time with her is likely to be cut very short.

We love this gal with all our hearts. She’s my first dog. I couldn’t have asked for a better one. We only got 2.5 years with her, but we made sure those were the best 2.5 years of her life. My heart for rescue stands strong, as I draw on the resources of our rescue organization to talk me through the tough decisions of these last days. They’ve been a great help and comfort. The most beautiful advice I have heard in the last 24 hours from the owner of our rescue is “make her last days her best days, and let her go a day early rather than a day late.” If it happens she goes on her own terms, we would be relieved. Otherwise, we will carefully listen to her and support her when the time comes.

I’ll be honest, my greatest regret with old Coco was that we didn’t let him go sooner. But he was Mr. Ink’s dog, and it wasn’t my decision to make. (And we did make his last days his best days, we feel comfortable with that decision.) I hope to be able to make a better decision for our Lizzie, one I can look back on with confidence rather than worry.

It’s tough to have been in our home for only 4.5 years but to have to suffer the loss of a treasured dog twice in this short time. But we wouldn’t give up our time with her for anything. As all treasured dogs are, she is The Best Dog.

I will still be posting my makeup advent calendar posts this month. But I am really not feeling it, nor am I feeling blogging in general. So if I go quiet, that’s why. We’ll be over here doing our very best with the hand we’ve delt and I’ll be back at it when I am feeling more up to it. Thanks for understanding!

NYX advent calendar

Hi all-

Last year I purchased the NYX advent calendar and posted a selfie a day as I worked my way through the calendar. It was quite a lot of fun for me, made me try unusual lipstick shades, and gave me something to look forward to during the darkest parts of the year.

I purchased this year’s calendar as well. But, since I purchase on thanksgiving day to get it half price, and because thanksgiving was late this year, I didn’t receive it until yesterday. As such, I am starting late and will make up the extra days after christmas eve.

This year’s calendar is called Love, Lust, Disco. I am likely to be subjected to some metallic lipsticks I fear. This year it is all lip products, where last year we received eyeshadows, a blush, and highlighter.

Day 4 lipstick is soft matte lip cream in color Sau Paulo. It’s bright, but not offensively so. I like it!


I got to pair this with a new eyeshadow, for a birthday gift I got an urban decay moondust eyeshadow single. It’s pretty and sparkly, probably more of a topper than anything else. But, I used Two Faced Sweet Peach palette for a transition, crease, and outer corner. Then I used a glitter glue on my lid with the moondust shadow over it and it’s just as pretty as can be, I really love it.

And Done!

I finished my 40th project on the first day in December rather than the last. Pretty darn pleased with myself at the moment!

This is the Nuvem by Martina Behm. This was such a fantastic and easy, comfortable knit! I would knit it again in a heartbeat if I had the appropriate yarn for it.

The ruffles are a different handspun from the main body of the shawl but I think I did a great job on the color match. The fiber match isn’t at all the same, but that won’t be an issue.

Since then, I’ve been working on spinning up the rest of the fiber I used for the edging. However, my wrist is beginning to hurt so I need to find something else to cast on soon. I need a spinning break!

Other things from the weekend/vacation. First of all, I REALLY needed the vacation. It’s amazing to me how exhausted I am during the week but if I’ve got a few days off with downtime, including extra sleep, I feel so fantastic and with it in the evenings!

Both the dogs have vet appointments this week. I’ve barely been blogging so I haven’t really been talking about it much, but Miss Lizzie’s got very little appetite over the past few months. We need to identify if it’s her meds causing the issue or something else, and then we need to come up with a plan to mitigate it. She’s lost too much weight now. And since when it rains, it pours, Rose came home from the dog park unable to put weight on a back leg. I’ve noticed a little bit of limping from time to time in the past, but for a dog who has run blisters into her paw pads before, I just figured she was overexerting herself. Now I suspect we’ve got an ACL tear and while I am desperately trying not to catastrophize, I suspect she’s going to need a pretty big surgery. That’ll be a bit of a blow for us, and tough recovery, and I am definitely stressing over it all. But we should know slightly more on Tuesday if I can get her in to see the vet at the same time as Lizzie. The other issue is very selfish on my part. I’ve never been good with hospitals or surgery or anything. I get nauseated when visiting people in the hospital. Sometimes I almost faint. I get an overwhelming feeling as if I am feeling the pain the person I am visiting is in. This seems now to have expanded to encompass my dog, as when looking up info on TPLO surgery, I get nauseated and lightheaded just thinking about it. So catastrophizing, that’s what I am over here doing. We love our sporty Rose, and we want her to stay healthy and sporty and not be in pain, so we’ll do what we have to, as she enriches our lives so much. But I am not looking forward to this on multiple levels.

I guess that’s it from here, a bit of a downer I suppose. Nevertheless, while the dogs have been a bit of a blow recently, we really did have a nice time off and holiday, and that I am so grateful for!

Second to last finished object

I began the Odyssey shawl in October using a lovely handspun gradient yarn of mine. Originally I’d intended to knit a project with the yarn which was a gradient, but then decided that I could knit the Odyssey shawl starting from one end of the yarn, switching to the other end for the middle section, and back to the original end for the final section. It worked out very well!

That’s 98% of my yearly goal of 40 projects. And my final project is close to being done as well! I will probably finish today if I have any luck.

And that brings me to next year’s goals! I have none. My goal is to not have goals. I’ll knit as I want to knit, spin as I want to spin, and I’ll push to keep knitting from stash instead of acquiring new yarn. That’s my goal.

November Beauty Balance Finale

Here’s my beauty balance finale for this month, it’s a good one! Last update I had 16 items leaving my collection over what entered.

I did purchase some things, I got some Deciem products at the slow sale.


Just 4 items. I am eager to give them a try when my current products are finished.

That brings me down to 12 leaving over what entered.


I can easily bring that back up to 16 with just my finished hair products this month. I liked each of these items. I am trying to move away from the moroccan oil dry texture spray, so I’ll be working through two others instead in the upcoming months. Everything else I’d happily repurchase in the future.


Spoiler, this’ll bring me to 24 items leaving my collection over what entered it this month.

The trestique mascara I am giving Miss Butterfly. It transfers badly for me, as is the case with almost anything that isn’t waterproof. I finished the it cosmetics eyebrow pencil a month earlier than I expected, I am thrilled with that! I finished another elf lip exfoliator and I won’t be repurchasing. This one all the exfoliating action got used up before early and it was a much stiffer formula. It’s too inconsistent for me to count on. I finished The Ordinary Buffet serum. I like it but I prefer other serums. I finished a briogeo roscaro product, this one was a heat protectant.

The Alien perfume I’d purchase. I love it. I really want to own it. I have far too many other perfume samples to do so, but it’s on a list to pick up someday in the future. The benefit porefessional is useful but I don’t seek it out. And, the bum bum cream I ended up loving but would not purchase due to the price.

As for the foil packet style items-I got a chance to try the urban decay stay naked foundation, I won’t need to purchase. The seed scalp and root mask is something I do want to purchase as a full size someday, I loved that product! The Wella volume boost didn’t really do anything special, and the Hask shampoo didn’t blow me away either.

I am fortunate that I managed to move 24 items out before December, and that was my overall goal. I have an advent calendar coming in, and that’s 24 new items. That being said, I’ll wait to balance that at the very end of the month since I suspect I’ll give most of that calendar to Miss Butterfly once it’s done. I also did shop the sales, so I have some items coming in that way as well.

That’s it for November, see you in December!

TeamProjectPan November Update

I have just completed my 11th month of a year-long project and I am thrilled with the results. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

I only finished one mini fragrance this month but I got a fair way through the other, so that’s something. I will have the tiniest finished in December and hopefully a start on another, though they are all on the larger side comparatively, and will take more time to finish.

I worked on the darkest cream contour shade in my sleek palette, and I think you can see some progress there! I admit that the tarte palette doesn’t look particularly used. Mostly I’ve been concentrating on the bronzer shades. The blush and highlight rarely get touched because I am panning the tarte blush single in this project as well as working on a frankenhighlight on the downlow.

Up next, a few marked items. The mary kay exfoliator got only the tiniest bit of use. I am going to make a point in December to use this at least once a week so I can get it finished up. I made major progress on my It cosmetics illuminating cc cream. I’ve come to realize that I super enjoy the formula this time of year. It looks good, it sticks well to my face for a work day, it feels hydrating enough in the cold weather. I’ve become rather a big fan of it! I am going to enjoy another month of steady progress on it.

As for the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, the color is too off now this time of year for me to wear. There’s the tiniest bit of progress on it but I have to roll it out and put it away. I made more progress on the skin & co finishing spray, not much to say about that. It is easy progress when I am remembering to use it.

Primers-I finished the sample size of benefit porefessional. I only used a tiny bit of the becca first light, as it’s not necessary under the illuminating cc cream. The Touch in sol no poreblem primer got the most use, it was completely full when I rolled it in and I’ve been using it almost daily now that the porefessional is finished.

Now on to what I think is pretty exciting progress. From the top left-my tarte blush in paaarty got used so much that it crumbled and I had to repress it. There’s the tiniest bit left. I’ve been using it consistently, but I think it’ll last me through the next month. Not sure if it’ll get finished by the end of the year or not.

I finished my bum bum cream! I really ended up loving this as a body cream. It’s really luxurious. The smell isn’t so overwhelming once under clothing. I am glad to have used it. My concealer, I finally was able to remove the stopper. This means that I am busy trying to finish it up but feeling nowhere near done.

I am using that thrive eye brightener daily on my brow bone. Does it show any progress at all? No, no it does not. But, the it cosmetics universal brow pencil I was certain would last until the end of the year? It’s gone! I can’t believe I got almost a full year out of that one product. I am not rolling in a new brow product at this time.

Lip products-I’ve been using my bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick fairly consistently but not daily. The trouble is, it’s a really dark, vampy shade. While I do enjoy wearing that shade, it’s also hard to justify wearing it daily. Plus, I feel like I have to tone down the eye look, and I don’t always want to tone down my eye look. The MUFE lipstick got tossed as it had gone off, but the ofra mini liquid lip saw a bit more use this month. I love the ofra liquid lipstick formula so it’s an easy liquid lip to use.

I am still working on my mac paint pot and still no pan is seen. On the other hand, I seem to be wearing away on the sides instead. A little more progress has been made on the shadow I use to set my eye primer.

That brings us to the end of this month’s update. 3 items were finished this month. I feel I have a chance at 2-4 more finishes by the end of the project. Definitely 2 if I work hard. But, I did get a lipstick advent calendar which means I’ll struggle to complete the bite beauty lipstick in the upcoming month. We shall see! No matter what, the project has been very successful. Almost like a shop my stash in 3-month increments. I will not do this particular project next year, I’ll try something else. I am ready to mix it up again. However, I am glad I stuck this project out this year, it was a very good one!