Not too much new to report, but I figured I’d give an update on the firepit/landscaping project as much was done yesterday by Mr. Ink. Plus, I think much will also get done today. So it was worth documenting. When last I showed the project, it looked like this:


We were at the point where Mr. Ink needed more large rocks. He got more rocks, though they are not in place yet. However, the largest amount of progress is on the pit itself.


There’s been even more progress since, another layer of the cement edging was added, since the fire pit itself didn’t fit well enough for Mr. Ink’s contentment. Then dirt was backfilled out from the edge, which served the additional purpose of getting more of the dirt pile out of the driveway. I did have quite a giggle yesterday when Mr. Ink had begun making another pile of top soil, then came inside and said “Look at it! Just look at it! There’s too much dirt in this earth!!!!”

As for my projects, or project as it seems, the handspun vest continues along. I’ve divided for the front and back and am working my way toward a finish now. Much was done yesterday. In fact, we stayed up well past my bedtime watching Cloud Atlas, an absolutely terrible and way too long movie. However, it did help me get quite a lot of knitting knocked out. When Mr. Ink and I finally headed to bed, I said “Well, netflix was right. It said that if we liked The Giver, we’d like Cloud Atlas. We hated The Giver. So it’s only natural we would hate Cloud Atlas.” We were both tired, and this set us to giggling in that way only being overly tired can do.

Of course, despite wanting to sleep in, Miss Lizzie Bean Who Will Not Be Ignored woke us up by jumping on us at 7:15 this morning. She and I went for a nice long walk, and sadly she got stung on the face by a bee. Poor thing howled, and rubbed her face in the grass over and over for awhile. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be swelling so I think we are in the clear.

That’s about it from here! It’s another hot one today, but predicted rain tomorrow and then more autumnal weather is in the forecast. That’s sounding pretty good to us around now!


A New Project

Ever since we moved into this home, I have said I wanted to make macrame plant hangers. In a home such as ours, solidly from the 60s, with paneling we have no intention of getting rid of, it would be perfect. But, I didn’t want big crazy thick macrame, I wanted something a bit thinner and delicate.

Right after we moved in, I purchased some hemp and some beads, with the intention of making plant hangers with it. But, right about that time was when my work began to be crazy and I mostly quit doing new things. I put the beads and the hemp away, and every once in awhile Mr. Ink asks where his macrame plant hangers are, and I tell him very politely to shove it, and we move on.

I finally did it! I made one. This is my first attempt, and I kept it fairly simple. I am sure I could do better next time. But, I like the result here, and I am glad I finally gave it a try.

Isn’t the spider plant in a macrame plant holder against wood paneling just so very PERFECT?! As you can see, I’ve another hook to fill. Actually, this spider plant will go back on that hook and I’ll do a longer one with green hemp next.


Here’s one last vacation picture from last week. I took Lizzie over to visit Miss Marja’s Max while Miss Marja was at work. I wasn’t sure how walking two dogs at once would go, but it actually went quite well. Max was thrilled to see Lizzie at his house, and they seemed to really encourage each other on while walking, at times Max would be bouncing and running next to Lizzie. It was super cute and fun!

That’s about it from here, I’ve mostly just been enjoying knitting loads of stockinette on the vest. The handspun is pretty and while stockinette isn’t that interesting, I feel pretty invested in having a new handknit garment come cooler weather.

Last day

And so much to share. I guess we finally got in the vacation groove in time to go back to work! But, it’s only one day of work and then the weekend.

I mentioned yesterday that I interviewed someone for our team last week, and am so pleased to report that she accepted our offer and will be joining us very shortly. You know, my work situation has been awfully bad for over a year, and I’d say if I were truly honest, closer to 2 years. Bad enough to look for other jobs, bad enough to leave everything I’ve worked for in the past 12 years. That’s pretty bad. But, I can now see the situations improving, and even knowing they’ll likely improve has got me feeling so much less stressed!

How did this impact my crafting world? Well, I quit trying new things. I quit knitting sweaters, or more complicated stuff, because I just didn’t have the mental bandwidth for those things. Simple knitting and spinning were par for the course, punctuated by a few more complicated projects that stretched my brain a bit, but weren’t actually learning new things.

I started a brand new to me project this morning. Not knitting, weaving, spinning, or crochet. I’ll show it off when I get finished, hopefully tomorrow. How’s that for extra bandwidth? I mean, I guess you could say this is vacation talking, but I’ve had multiple other vacations over the past 2 years and haven’t really been able to do anything new during them.

Let’s check in on the galiano vest, shall we?


Much progress was made. We sat down last evening to watch There Will Be Blood, I’d forgotten just what an amazing movie it is. And, I was able to knock out some serious rows. I just began the increases of the body shaping.

And shall we have a tiny look around the yard? Let’s start with Mr. Ink’s projects. He’s been meaning to make us a firepit/landscaped section for an awfully long time now. He finally began. Prior to vacation he spray painted a rough idea on the lawn, and then set about killing the grass.


Miss Butterfly and I joked that he was clearly decorating for easter, it just looked like an easter egg to us. Thankfully what we see and what he sees are very different things.


After a bunch of work yesterday, we now have an actual pit. And apparently our own little stonehenge. He put poles in the pit because he already fell in once. I appreciate the safety measure, as it’s straight out from the back door, where I take Lizzie out in the dark.

He’s worked beyond the easter egg because he decided to make that section larger to accommodate my choices in evergreens that he purchased for me as a surprise. But, now we wait as he needs to purchase more rocks, and he’s working on another project right now. Also, he needs to take my car in and get an estimate for the woman who hit it the other day.

In other yard news, my new rose is just amazing. I mean, it’s gone from this tiny little plant to larger than my old established rose. And it’s stems are beautifully thick and healthy. Mr. Ink thinks maybe he has gotten the hang of roses, and if so I plan to have him use that knowledge some more.

A before and after photo.

That’s about it from around here! I guess I should get myself up and around and get some chores done before I head back to crafting and puttering. Hope you are having a great week!


It’s been an odd kind of week. Mr. Ink ended up not going in to work on Monday, but it rained all day preventing anything productive happening in the yard. I admit though that I didn’t mind having a fairly quiet day. I spent some time with a girlfriend I rarely get to see these days, and Mr. Ink puttered around the house getting a few things done indoors that had gotten shoved low on his priority list.

He did have to work on Tuesday, and that was basically an all day situation despite the fact he’s on vacation. We went and picked up a lovely japanese maple early in the day, but after that he worked. I puttered, and got my hair cut, and fixed the tire on one of my bikes, and went out and bought a new collar for Lizzie who has lost enough weight that the old one is too big.

We then went for a bike ride with a bunch of friends. That turned out in an interesting manner. We’d headed out of the city to a small town where one of our bike group lives on a lake. We planned a nice 20 mile route, and then to end at our host’s home with a fire in his fire pit, overlooking the lake. We got about halfway through our ride, encountered some construction that should have been fine, except that a construction worker truck decided he had time to do a uturn right in front of the bike group. He did not. He caused an accident, our host ended up on the ground with a broken rib after a nasty fall. So, local fire department and EMT’s were called out to take him off in the ambulance and we cut our ride short.

I have to say though that the response times of the local all volunteer department were fantastic. Small town EMT’s and firefighters don’t get near enough credit, in my opinion! We take them for granted until we need them. They dropped everything and took great care of our group, even getting our host’s bike back to his home for him. I do hope that the construction company is held accountable in some way for the accident their employee caused, it would have been nothing for him to wait the few more seconds for our group to go by before he did a uturn. And, as a construction worker, he’s gotta be well aware of how dangerous it is when you are on a road and exposed.

Today is a slow day, we had dentist appointments this morning. Miss Butterfly has her first cavities (that she’ll remember) but the dentist stressed that these aren’t ones that she could have prevented, her oral hygiene is just fine. And they are surface and easily fixed. She’s had so much work on her teeth lately with the braces and so on that she’s sort of shrugging it off in general. What’s one more thing at this point?

I can hear Mr. Ink outdoors digging, so he must have started on a project. The other night he was sifting dirt, and Miss Butterfly and her best friend went out to help him. This prevented them from shrieking in the house, which has become rather commonplace, and apparently it was pretty helpful to Mr. Ink as well.


I did start a new project. Remember this yarn I spun early in the summer?


First I cast it on as the falling waters stole. After knitting a few rows, I decided I would prefer that particular stole as a scarf, and ripped it out. Then, I decided to knit a vest. I chose the Galiano vest, which I saw knit by Salpal1 recently. Looks great in handspun, and I should have plenty of it. I admit I winged it though, I haven’t even checked gauge which really could bite me in the butt.

I am sure you’d like to see it though, right?


Here’s the thing. When it’s so long in between garment knits, I tend to forget just how LONG it takes, especially when knitting the back and the fronts at the same time. ┬áBut, it’s also great vacation knitting, there’s nothing complicated about this one, I can knit a row, put it down, get some chores done, pick it up, knit a row, and so on.

That’s about it from here. I just heard from work and got some good news, the person I have been interviewing and very much want hired has gone through further interview processes and has passed with flying colors, and they’ll be making her an offer. She’ll fit in beautifully with our office culture I suspect, and I am eager to get her started and get her trained. And quite frankly, with another round of grants coming up, this is perfect timing. Best yet? She was eager, at her previous position, to do more with grants, which means that this is something she wants to learn. As I am sure you know, teaching someone something they want to learn is a heck of a lot easier than teaching someone they have to learn. I told boss to please call me once she had a response from this hopefully new coworker, as that will put my mind at ease greatly.

Have a good one! I’ve got one more full day of vacation left and you know what my calendar says? It is blank. TOTALLY BLANK!!!


So then I had a picture to post, but couldn’t get my wordpress app to work!

I started and then finished something without ever posting about it on the blog. I needed a palette cleanser. Something that wasn’t tiny lace that required chart reading. And I found a simple scarf pattern called Flatlander. Knit horizontally, it was one of those knits that was both mindless and fast, due to rarely having to turn my work around.

I used some of Miss Marja’s handspun from my stash, a wonderful pink based yarn out of a great big batt she spun and I found I had my eye on right from the start. Here it is!

With that done, I got more than another full repeat of Miss Marja’s colorful scarf done, and then some. Now I am on to some other knitting.

We were supposed to be on vacation starting Friday after work. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. Mr. Ink had to go in on Saturday, and unfortunately he’ll have to go in on Monday as well. He doesn’t get that vacation time back, so that’s irritating. I AM actually on vacation, as far as I can tell, so it would be great if I’d quit thinking about work. Hah.

Mr. Ink has had a few days of those terrible awful no good very bad days. You know the ones. Where you feel like someone must be out to get you because everything that could go wrong does so. The one I find the most amusing, is that he got rear ended when he was attempting to stop for a stop sign. The car is ok, though there’s an imprint of a license plate in our bumper. However, when he got out of the car, the woman who hit him said “Huh, must be something wrong with my car, usually my radar thingy prevents this from happening! I’ll have to take it in to the dealer.” Mr. Ink told me this response, and I was just like “WHAT?! That’s not how you even DRIVE!!!” Completely fascinating response. In any case, we aren’t going to make a fuss about this, but I do think it would be HIGHLY interesting to tell that response to our insurance company!

I would make a fuss if it was the new car though. Yes I would.

I’ve got the next 4 days off. Lizzie isn’t going to know WHAT to do with me! But, she’s been a pretty happy doggo that we’ve been home. I have filled my time with bits and bobs but nothing huge and exciting, so it should be a very pleasant vacation.

The Week

Yep, I’ve not been blogging. I don’t think I have any interesting photos, and somehow I feel like that’s the only reason that people will come look at the blog. So what’s the point? But, I am probably off base there.

It’s been an interesting week. A good week overall. A very busy week! This might explain the lack of photos.

On Monday, we played pub trivia with some friends. We tied for first place! And then came in second in sudden death round. But, that still meant a prize, so we were pleased! We also found out that the last time we played, our team name won best team name nationally. So we got a prize for that too. I’ll tell you what, that really made playing all the more fun. We are considering it about a once a month thing if possible.

Tuesday evening I took Miss Butterfly in to get her hair cut. Our stylist of the last 10 years has moved on to do something other than hair, so I let Miss Butterfly be the guinea pig for a new stylist. It went very pleasantly, and I’ll be getting my hair cut next week.

Last evening was a night off, finally. I took Lizzie Bean for a nice long LONG walk, and then did a whole lot of knitting. I even got a short nap in, until the Bean stuck her cold wet nose under my arm for some pets. Mr. Ink was home quite late from work, I sort of wondered where he’d gotten to, or if he’d just had a really good day and had to work late. Upon his arrival, he said “Come look what I got you!!!” That’s when I knew he’d been to a garden center. I walked outside to see that he’d picked up 3 evergreens for me. Ones I’d been looking at regularly at the shop we’ve been frequenting. I was like “What?!” And he said “Well, I figure if you have evergreens you are loving, I should get them for you.” He’d apparently decided that his next project, the firepit area, would now incorporate my evergreen choices. That’s the upcoming project for next week.

I don’t know what we’ll do for Lizzie Enrichment this week, but we are looking into buying a trailer to take her on a camping trip in the near future. Here’s how she feels about it:


Yep, she thinks we’re weirdos! But so is she, and that’s perfect.

Last Week

Last Week:

  • Daily step goals
  • Finish current spinning project
  • Make another set of batts
    • Nope nope, barely even looked in my craft room.
  • Get some cleaning done.
  • One bike commute or a bike ride with friends.
    • Again nope, this didn’t happen

As I mentioned before, I am not going to keep up with the lists, possibly until the end of October. That being said, it was nice to look over last week and see that I did actually do some stuff despite the fact I felt like absolutely NOTHING had gotten done.

Yesterday we continued in our Lizzie Bean enrichment project. It was dog day at a local pool, they open it up for a couple hours at the end of the season for dogs to go swimming. It was pretty nutty, there were dogs everywhere! We weren’t sure how Lizzie would react to the water, but we figured we would give it a try. We started with the kiddie pool area.


Getting her feet wet, not a big problem! She then spent a lot of time doing a perimeter check, which is what she often does when we go somewhere new. Then we decided to see if we could get her to go in the big pool. Mr. Ink was prepared to ease her into this swimming thing, he had his suit on.

So, he got right into the water to help ease her in. She wasn’t overly impressed, but she gave it a try.

Actual swimming happened! Then, Mr. Ink picked her up and had her try again.


She was not particularly impressed with that. So, we soon finished up in the pool itself, and gave her lots of good dog pats.


Once we took her home, I sprayed her down with a leave in shampoo/conditioner, and then gave her a blow-dry. I’ve heard repeatedly that leaving her coat to dry on its own can cause skin problems, it’s too thick to dry by itself. So, she ended up smelling great and being quite fluffy. And tired.


She slept for a good portion of the remainder of the evening! She also doesn’t hate Mr. Ink now, though we worried about that. In fact, she seems to trust him more. That ended up an interesting end result of swim day.

That’s about it from here. We just have to get through this week and then we’ve got a little vacation time! Quite exciting! We couldn’t be more pleased to hang out around the house together.