Inspired By

I’ve been really inspired by the youtube project pan roulettes that are based on panning eyeshadows. The basic premise is that you write down every single eyeshadow color you own, number them, and then use a random number generator to concentrate on 6 shadows until you hit pan. When you hit pan on one, you use the random number generator to pick the next shadow to roll in. I love this idea, it’s so interesting to me. However, as a newer makeup lover, I have lots of shadows and not many that are close to having pan.

Nevertheless, yesterday I wrote down every single eyeshadow without pan in my collection. Originally I had thought that I would play along with the eyeshadow pan roulette. But I would choose 3 shadows instead of 6. So, I picked my 3 shadows. Then, I thought about it a bit longer and decided that I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Instead, I am going to use those 3 shadows to create looks during the week. Then, I am going to roll one out and one in for the next week. This will have me rotating the shadows regularly and getting creative with what looks I can make.

Of course, there will be photos. But first, let’s look at what the random number generator chose for me this week.


The left swatch is a sydney grace single called Just Peachy. The middle is Poppy from Ace Beaute grandiose palette. And the purple is Royalty from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette.

So, it should be interesting to play with these three, add other shadows, and see what I can come up with. I think this will be an enjoyable way to make me think creatively and a great way to stumble through my entire collection.

For the record, I have 233 shadows at the moment. These do not include the shadows that I’ve hit pan on (there are only 3 of those anyhow). So, if I don’t get completely bored with it, this particular challenge could go on for a very long time. I am eager to use the ones I’ve chosen, but there are certainly some colors in my collection I am going to find very difficult to use for 3 weeks at a time! But the point is to play in my collection and think creatively, so I am sure I’ll figure it out.


On to today’s look. For the record, I plan to try to create 3-4 looks per week using these. I want to make sure I am thinking creatively, but I also want to make sure that I have an opportunity to use other palettes in my collection as well. Anyhow, today. I circled in light gray the colors that are in my little challenge. I circled in dark gray the additional colors I used for today’s look.

I started with the lightest shade as a transition and used the brick colored matte in my crease (both circled in dark gray.) Then, I packed Poppy all over my lid. Poppy packed on the eyelid isn’t as punchy as I imagined it would be. I am wondering if giving it a sticky base would have been wiser. I had hoped for a really dark wash of color because I put Just Peachy over the first 2/3 of the eyelid, looking for poppy to darken it up. It didn’t quite work as I’d expected.

Then, I decided I also wanted to incorporate Royal. I have no rule about trying to use all three challenge colors in a look at once, I simply figured I’d try anyhow. I started with the brick colored matte under my eye. Then I used the lightest colored matte to smudge out the brick color. Then I took Royal as an eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. Using a nude or shimmery gold liner on the inner waterline would have been smart but I completely forgot. I do think that it would have really amped up my look. I used the brightener from my cover FX face palette for the inner corner and browbone. I don’t typically use a shimmer on my brow bone, but this look was translating pretty dark and I wanted to brighten it up in some way.

A closing thought from day 1. First of all, I’ve gotten a bit spoiled with some nice high-end eyeshadow palettes. And I’ve ignored my Morphe JH palette completely. Now that I’ve used it, I am absolutely finding that the mattes are harder to blend than the nicer palettes I own. I am going to leave it in the challenge for now, but it is entirely possible that this one may someday get decluttered to Miss Butterfly. Which would please her just fine I am certain, as she’s the one who has gotten the most use out of it up until this point anyhow. That being said, she’s got a pretty hardcore obsession with BH Cosmetics palettes, and she probably doesn’t use this palette that much these days either.

I am truly not sure how I’ll use royalty. this is just not a shadow I have much interest in. I am going to have to come up with something though, as I definitely want to give it a try tomorrow. I also think I’d better add a nude lipstick to my purse if I want to keep playing with shadows this way. I am trying to pan the bite beauty lipstick I am wearing in the above photo, but it’s a bit dark for the dark eye looks.

In any case, that’s the first post of a new challenge I am quite excited about. I am really looking forward to moving through my collection and seeing just how far I get. I have the idea that I need to get this all in an excel spreadsheet so I can delete the shadows I’ve already used. But, that can be a project for another day, there’s no chance of me struggling to get a random number generator to come up with something new for me with 233 shadows to choose from. At least not any time soon.

Good Coffee Morning

I’ve been suffering through not great coffee for a few weeks. I decided life is too short to keep suffering, so I asked Mr. Ink to get me better coffee the next time he was at the store. He came home with better coffee on Friday evening. Saturday morning we had to leave really early for the race. I figured I’d keep drinking bad coffee because I wouldn’t have much time to enjoy it anyhow. It was more utilitarian than relaxing at that point. But THIS morning I cracked into my good coffee and I have nothing pressing that I have to go do.

It’s a good morning. For the record, I mixed the bad and good coffee, so hopefully the upcoming week will be more pleasant but I’ll still use up all the coffee I don’t care for.

This weekend I finished my 8 ounces of 2 ply project. I have 1500 yards! That’s certainly enough to do just about anything with!

I am thrilled to pieces with this skein. It’s a huge project but very satisfying. Naturally, I am already on to my next spinning project. Still no knitting in sight, at least at home. But, I have been getting bored enough with spinning from time to time to get regular household chores done. This means the spinning bug is leveling somewhat. For a while there, all I wanted to do was spin. I am thankful that the worst of the obsession has passed.

We went without power for a number of hours yesterday afternoon. No telling why. There was a storm system south of us but I don’t think that could have been it. I think our area was fortunate, as we only went without power a little over 3 hours while many of my local friends suffered more than 6 hours without power. It is so strange just how quiet the house gets when there is no power. We live with so much ambient noise. Meanwhile, the road outside our house gets quite loud, it is heavily traveled and when the stoplights quit working the traffic backs up miserably. I was so glad I had nowhere to be other than home! And, if you have to go without power for a time, better on a day of pleasant weather. In any case, I feel privileged that going without power for a few hours a day is an anomaly enough to complain about, that’s not the case in many parts of the world.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

The Neat Trick

The Neat Trick about keeping a project at work and knitting through lunch hour is that you may end up with a finished object even when you feel like you really aren’t knitting at all lately.


That is how I ended up with another spiral scarf. The yarn is Miss Marja’s handspun and I really enjoyed knitting the gradient of it!

This brings me to 48% of my goal of knitting 40 projects this year. Very helpful when the other goal is to knit down stash and all I am doing right now is adding yarns to my stash through spinning.

In other news, the dogs and family went out early this morning to participate in a run to support local dog rescues. It was good fun! We sent Rose with Miss Butterfly’s dad so she could run fast with him, and then the rest of us walked with Lizzie. Rose’s nerves did quite well, there were a couple of difficult moments but by and large she seemed to have a great time. Miss Butterfly’s dad says she did pretty well overall, and really got the hang of it in the second half of her run. Despite the fact he’s a fast runner, he struggled to keep up with her, which is no surprise to those of us who take her to the dog park regularly. I do hope he wants to run with her again. We were fortunate to have a break in the rain so that we didn’t get wet, though the trails were very muddy. We were also fortunate that the temperature was extremely pleasant.

Mr. Ink had to work after that, so we had to grab both dogs and head home while Miss Butterfly and her dad and step mom stuck around to visit the vendors and pick up free treats for the dogs. Now I am getting that enjoyable rare opportunity to have the house to myself with two extremely sleepy and quiet dogs. It’s been a pretty lovely saturday so far!

3 Looks, 1 Palette

So, I’ve been posting eye looks for a little bit now. I decided it might be beneficial to use one palette at a time and then post 3 looks from that palette. That’s what I’ve decided to do this time.

I chose the Too Faced White Peach palette. This palette caught quite a lot of criticism for it’s lighter tones and subtle eyeshadows. I just don’t think it’s the color payoff most people who are really into makeup are interested in. I am positive it doesn’t work on even medium skin tones, I am pretty light and a number of the shades are almost invisible. But, I would not say it’s much different than, say, boudoir eyes or natural eyes or any of the other more subtle palettes that too faced makes.

Ultimately, I like the palette.


For the record, since it’s pretty hard to see, the lower right colors are “On the Peach” and “Peach Passion.”

For every look I used peach cream to set my primer.

For the first look, I just did the look I’ve been doing repeatedly with this palette. I used peach suede as a transition, sweet fig in the crease, and glistening peach on the lid. Sweet fig under the eye and peach ice on the inner corner. It’s simple, it’s fairly subtle, and it’s easy. Also, very work appropriate.

Let me just make a statement about my skin here. First of all, I took these photos pretty late in the day compared to what I usually do. Also, I had decided to experiment with not setting my foundation and using all cream products. You can see that I am hella greasy. That is not an appropriate technique for my skin. We will not be trying that again any time soon!

Ok, on to the next. On a better skin day. Or, rather, foundation day. For this look I decided after owning the palette for a while, I should perhaps branch out into some of the other colors available. I wanted to go pretty subtle. I used peach sorbet as a transition shade and creme de la peach in my crease. I popped peaches and dreams all over the lid. I used fuzzy under the eye and then used my urban decay metallic gold liner on the inner corner and the waterline.

I ended up super happy with this look, even with my visible mascara smudges. Still learning! In any case, this is absolutely a look I’ll do again.

For look 3, I wanted to explore the darker, cooler tones available in the palette. This time I used sweet fig as a transition shade and crease shade. Then, I wet my brush and used peach passion all over the lid. I ended up intensifying that with using my finger and peach passion, as I wasn’t quite getting the intensity I was after. Then, I wanted to use peach ice as a topper, so I popped peach ice over peach passion on the inner half of my lid. I had to go back and forth a bit with the two colors to create a decent blend of the two toward the middle of the lid.

I then used sweet fig under the eye and peach passion under the eye at the outer corner. I had a TON of fallout with this look, which I cleaned up with a makeup wipe. That’s what creates the almost winged look, it was all in the fallout clean up that this happened. On my inner corner, I used the new ciate london liquid eyeshadow I got in boxy charm. That was rather an intense inner corner and I don’t think I’ll try that again. But, the look itself was great and I will continue with that.

It was fun to challenge myself to use my palette for 3 days in a row and make conscious decisions about what I was going to do and try with it. I think I’ll do that again with my tarte be a mermaid palette. I haven’t used that palette in a good long time now and it would be good to get back to it. I mean, at one time I was trying to pan the entire thing! But that’s gone completely off my radar lately. Between wedding and boredom with using the same palette over and over, I just couldn’t stick it out. And I think that’s fair.


May Beauty Balance

You know, I really thought that in May my beauty balance would get easier but I need to quit taking my kid shopping. She’s an expert at getting me to purchase stuff. We went to Ulta to pick up some dry shampoo for her. In the dry shampoo aisle, this conversation happened:

Miss Butterfly: Mom, my stepmom doesn’t like batiste, she likes not your mother’s dry shampoo. You should try it!

Me: I haven’t even tried batiste yet!

Miss Butterfly: Well, then you should. You should get one of each and compare them to see which you like better!

And that’s how I ended up with these:


Thankfully, they are sample sizes. But, I could totally have waited on both of these as I am working through a large container of oribe dry shampoo I got in a subscription box. There is No Need for me to have picked these two up at this time. And that’s precisely my problem. My desire to try things often overrules my desire to be logical about my beauty purchases. I am getting better, much better really, but not yet good enough.

So, I started this post at two products leaving over what entered my collection and now I am evenly balanced again. I seriously considered not even posting these because I was so frustrated, but that would completely make these posts pointless. The entire point is to be accountable while trying to weed down the collection.

On the upside, this month I’ve gotten better at moving through some samples. In fact, so much better that I now no longer have any sachet size samples of haircare and I have only one sachet size sample of skin care. I’ve rocked the sample use up this month.


First of all, the not a sample. That’s the belif true cream aqua bomb. I very much like this product, but I switched my daytime moisturizer to the Youth To The People instead. I do have another belif aqua bomb sample size in my collection, but I am hanging on to it for summer travel. It’s such a nice convenient size.

Below that I’ve got a Verb sample of shampoo and conditioner which were fine but I don’t have a particular love for them.

I tried a tatcha the water cream sample and boy were they stingy with that one! It was not one where I could make it last a few days, it was absolutely a one time use sample. That’s a lot of pretty packaging for such a stingy sample. Obviously not going to purchase.

The hourglass mineral veil primer I used up, it’s another fairly stingy sample. I did manage to get two days of use out of it though. I can’t say it did anything special for me. I’ve wanted to try this for so long. Hourglass really did my skin a solid when it was a mess from lack of any skincare when I started playing with makeup that I tend to believe that hourglass has miracle products. The thing is, that ONE product was a miracle for me, but it was a miracle because I wasn’t doing any other good work on my skin. It’s a lot harder for a product to perform a miracle when I am already doing my skin as many solids as I can.

And then there’s the obagi serum. This was a generous sample and I was able to use this over multiple days. But, I didn’t really research the product well and still am not completely sure what it was supposed to do. Nevertheless, I used it up and it’s out of my collection.

So, despite my frustration with myself (And my kid too, quite frankly) I did manage to work through some things and since it’s still mid-month, I suspect I’ll have a few more empties before the month is over. But, I also need shampoo, so I’ll have one or two arriving as well, depending on what I choose to pick up from the ulta hair sale. Thankfully I’ve got enough conditioner to last me a very good long time, and I have amassed ridiculous amounts of styling products as I carefully devote my time to the deva curl product I am trying to pan, so I truly ONLY need shampoo.

One of the reasons I do these posts multiple times a month is because it does help me to evaluate and then not shop. But, I will admit, the true reason I do them multiple times a month is that saving my trash is really annoying!


That 8 ounces of wool spun up pretty darn quick, and I am not surprised. I was having a great time with it! So now I ply.


And ply and ply and ply. I am only about halfway through at the moment.

I am already wondering what spinning project will be next while not even thinking about working on any knitting. That spinning bug always hits me hard every spring.

We’ve had a slow start to spring around here. Last year we were slow to start and then immediately hit temps in the 100s. This year is a more appropriate slow start. But, it is looking like we will get “spin outdoors” temps happening this week, so if I can make it happen, that’s what I’ll do. Of course, there are other things that need doing as well, things like getting the dogs to the dog park and basic chores. Next week looks to be rain on a fairly consistent basis so it’s tempting to just take advantage of the hot weather and ignore everything else!

May Mask Challenge week twoish

In the first 5 days of the May Mask Challenge, I masked 3 times, which is really exceptionally good for someone who struggles to manage to do so once every 2 weeks.

Now we are 2 weeks into the challenge so I thought I’d do an update. The mask photo I had chosen to use was one which I had taken in January. So, I pulled out all my masks and mask type products so that I could get an updated photo.


This is my current collection. These are almost all from subscription boxes, the only thing in here that I purchased myself is the peter thomas roth peeling gel. It’s not exactly a mask, but it serves a similar purpose. Basically, like a few other things in the above collection, it is an extra step in my skincare routine which I generally don’t feel like taking. The only exception to this really is the Grown Alchemist product which is an exfoliator that I keep in the shower. I use it about twice a week and there is absolutely visible progress on that tube of product.

After I took this photo I divided out the masks into categories. Anything that was supposed to basically do the same thing as another product, I put the second product away. I think it will be easier to see progress if I just concentrate on a few items at a time. But, that’s what I did yesterday. There was very little rhyme or reason to the masking I did in the second week.

I used the Elemis papaya enzyme peel once, I used the peter thomas roth peeling gel once, and I used the aphrodite olive oil mask twice. I used the grown alchemist product three times and I decided to begin using the Ahava hydration cream mask as a sleeping mask to see if it works fine for that use. Here’s the thing, I finished my FAB overnight cream and hadn’t yet broken into my cerave overnight cream. I just finished a sample size of the laneige water sleeping mask, so I figured that before I broke into that, I’d better use something I already had open. It seems to be working fine for that category in my collection.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to concentrate on the aphrodite olive oil mask, the Ren calming mask, and the amore pacific peel. I’ll continue using the grown alchemist and the ahava products as I currently am. And, I want to use up the tatcha mask before the end of the month. I can get two uses out of that one product so I should probably get on a roll there.

Finally, I am genuinely hoping to finish up one or two of these products completely. We shall see if that can be done in the next two weeks.