Yeah No

My momentum stayed off yesterday. I just had a really hard time motivating. Though my family was happy to see me as up and around as I was. I got some spinning done, the bare minimum of housework, and 2 out of the house errands run. But no deep cleaning at all.

I also got knitting done. The second part of the rikaart shawl pattern came out yesterday morning so I jumped right on that and got it done.


It was basically what I did over coffee in the morning. I also took the extra time to fastidiously weave in all my ends. It was starting to look a little goofy, as I kept forgetting to carry my yarns up the sides and had to break the yarn way more often than the pattern calls for.

The other thing that happened yesterday was numerous walks with Lizzie Bean. I was so grumpy I didn’t get more than a walk around the block early in the morning the day I was sick, and had to leave the task to the rest of my family. So I was just as eager as she was yesterday to get out there and walk. Except it was cold. And extremely windy. So we counteracted this by going out for short walks numerous times. I think I’ll try to remember that trick through the winter.

Today? Who Knows! I am not promising anything but knitting and spinning. I was so uninspired yesterday. But, the cleaning mood could still strike. Might be best to hope for the craft room clean up actually. In which case, maybe I could even get some weaving done too. Or drum carding. Or anything that tends to happen in the craft room but isn’t because it’s just too full in there to think right now.


Baby Mine

A tiny sweater, newborn size, was completed last week.


I didn’t get around to getting it soaked until midday Saturday, and then it took forever to dry since it’s a nice heavy cotton. Now it’s a bit stiff feeling, but it’ll wear well and loosen up nicely with a real wash and a run through the dryer I think.

Not a lot new to report. When I got up yesterday morning Lizzie and I walked Miss Butterfly to school. I was feeling extremely foggy brained, and not particularly well. I got back and had breakfast with Mr. Ink, but didn’t really want it. I sat down and got a cup of coffee in me, as well as a blog post up, and then? Realized that fighting that feeling of “What I really need is sleep” was too much. I mean really, why force myself to get up, stay up, and clean when I am ON VACATION! So I went back to bed even before Mr. Ink left for work. Woke up with a stomach bug. So, that explained it. (If I think real hard about it, I realize I wasn’t feeling particularly well the night before either, I was just ignoring it.)

I spent the majority of the day awfully woozy, napping on and off, and generally trying to just get the bare minimum done. Lizzie Bean, my constant companion, did as she always does when someone in the house is ill, she wouldn’t leave my side. So, that’s one day of vacation wasted. OR, it’s one day of sick I didn’t have to try to suffer through at work. Either way, I am glad I was at home and resting. And very glad it seems short lived.

Now today I’ll have to get back after it. Though somehow my momentum feels a bit off now. Hah. But I am sure I’ll muddle through and be glad I did!

This Week November 20-26

Last week:

  • Step goals 5 out of 7 days.
    • Got 6 out of 7.
  • Clean the edges of the floors in the bedroom.
    • Well, I went ahead and deep cleaned the bedroom, so the edges and MUCH more got done.
  • Dust living room and bedroom
    • I did dust the living room on Sunday, as it was part of the living room deep clean.
  • Get a load of Miss Butterfly’s outgrown clothing to donation.
  • Begin a knit-to be felted-spinning bag for new wheel.
  • Knitting and spinning on the weekend!

I’d kept my list pretty light since I had planned to go to Okoboji. But that fell through, so my list was pretty easy. I did spin and knit over the weekend. I also got about 1/3 of the house deep cleaned in my vacation deep clean project.

I also had a list of stores I needed to visit today, but Miss Butterfly and I got two of them done yesterday. That’s a funny story all it’s own. Miss Butterfly had asked repeatedly if she could call her grandmother and spend some time there yesterday. Now, I knew she was headed out there tomorrow evening after school to babysit one of her cousins on Wednesday. I’d planned to spend the day with her on Wednesday. So, instead I wanted to spend the day with her yesterday knowing full well I was unlikely to see her over thanksgiving holiday. She told me there was nothing to do around the house. Which was sort of true as I was deep cleaning. I gave her a bunch of chores, which she did. And then I thought maybe she’d like to go shopping with me. So I offered that and she told me she didn’t want to go. Repeatedly. Eventually she got a shower, and I got a shower, and then I got back in work around the house clothing since it was clear we weren’t going anywhere. Then she said “When are we leaving?” as if the previous conversations about how she didn’t want to go had never even happened! Teenagers, right?

So in the end I crossed two stores off my list, and that was good. Less for me to worry about today. Do you know what’s on the big list for deep cleaning today? Both bathrooms. Which actually shouldn’t be too bad since I did them last weekend. And tomorrow is kitchen and dining room. Wednesday is craft room, which I thought would be a huge chore as I’d left it very messy. But, BUT, I worked on it a ton on Saturday. I didn’t clean, but I did put things away and get it to a place where cleaning would be possible.

Mr. Ink got his figurines dusted, which is wonderful. I only bug him about it once a year, and so it’s quite a chore of a job. All in all, the house is in much better shape than it generally is during a deep cleaning week, as I’d done so much cleaning when we got the new furniture and moved around the area rugs.

Anyhow! Pictures. Here’s my bulky vest.


I do still wish it were longer! Also, I don’t love the high neckline. While I think it’s unlikely that I’ll take it all the way back to add length, I do think I may remove the neckline and lower it significantly. It’s just not my favorite. I also think that may balance the entire thing a bit, and maybe the shortness won’t worry me so much.

All in all though, not a bad knit. Glad it’s done though! (If we don’t count the idea of me ripping back the neckline anyhow.)

This week:

  • Step goals 6 out of 7 days
  • 1 bike ride
  • At least 1 walk around a lake with Lizzie
  • Finish the deep cleaning of the house
  • Get started on a basement cleaning and organizing
  • Run all the errands currently in my day planner
  • Get the tree up. Doesn’t have to be decorated, just up
  • Take photos of new yarn and fiber, get that entered on Ravelry

I think I’ll leave it there for now. Tomorrow, a baby sweater! And then there’s also handspun singles to show off. Yep, it’s clearly not been all chores around here.

A Tiny Project

I decided the new wheel needed a new felted wheel bag. And what better to make such a thing out of than handspun? I grabbed some leftover fatcatknits batt handspun, held it double, and knit a quick bag. I made it smaller than called for as my previous bag is a little too large for my Rose. It was a one evening project, knitting up so quickly. But then it took all week for me to grab a photo. Once I did, I figured I might as well put the knit photo and the felted photo side by side, so I waited until yesterday to grab the felted photo.

I love it! It is super fuzzy, and the pieces in the handspun that were basically dyed locks lightly spun are kind of just hanging out of the bag fabric. It’s so perfect for a spinning wheel bag! In the end, this smaller one went on the Rose and the old larger one went on the Kromski where it fits better.

The guild show yesterday morning was great, I brought home a lot of lovely fiber, and one handknit ornament. I kind of overdid it, as my fiber cabinet is super light, but second guessed myself as I was being rung up and sent Miss Butterfly back with a couple bumps to hang back up. It’s just that there was more color variety this year than there usually is and I was really struggling to choose! Of course I purchased mostly 8 oz. amounts, since I tend to prefer to work in larger quantities.

I do think you’ll see some finished spinning from me soon, since I also spent the morning with Miss Marja, chatting, and getting some wheel spinning done. Once that current project is done, I’ll probably leave it as singles. It’s pretty close.

I did begin my deep cleaning project as well. I began on our bedroom and have a bit of a funny story to tell about it. This summer my mom gave Miss Butterfly a nice fat check for birthday and christmas. This was while we were on vacation. I came home, put the check somewhere “safe” and never saw it again. It was quite distressing, and I looked all over the house and could not find it. Finally, I had to own up to this and tell my mom, who was kind enough to send another check. Well, as I pulled out my dresser to dust the wall behind it, I saw a tiny corner of paper peeking out from behind the heating vent. I was like “What on earth could that be?!?!” So I pulled that corner, and out pops the check. I told Mr. Ink and he was like “That’s the kind of thing that happens that you never find it, and someone who decides to tear out the walls in 80 years finds and it boggles their minds!”

Anyhow, deep cleaning of the bedroom happened, including windows inside and out. Then even though it wasn’t on the list, I figured it was a pretty easy job so I cleaned the hallway too. Today’s list is the living room which was recently well cleaned so it should go quickly, and Mr. Ink’s den. Which will be a bit of a nightmare. He has to dust all his tiny figurines himself, but he did agree to do it. It shouldn’t be as bad as some rooms to deep clean though, as I did that when we rearranged this summer.

And of course, if I could get a bit ahead of schedule today, that just sets me up nicely for the rest of the week!  Am I supposed to get this much joy from cleaning?!?!

Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy little knitting bee this week, it’s been fun! Except for that time when I came home from work, dragged all my new projects outside, took pictures of them, took them inside, only to realize late at night that none of my pictures stayed in my phone. (My phone has issues, it’s getting old.)

That’s ok, it just delayed a blog post. The day was super wet and gloomy anyhow and photos for today are better anyhow.

So, I knew the KAL for the Rikaart shawl started on Tuesday. And I was done with my vest Sunday night. I didn’t want to start any other large project. So I knit a spinning bag for felting for the new wheel, that was a one evening project. I am saving that photo for a separate post, once it’s felted. Then I began a baby sweater for Miss Butterfly’s best friend, who is getting a baby sister in January. We are keeping this a surprise from the mom, but both the girls know.


It’s another baby mine sweater, and I am using rowan cotton glace. I already had it in stash, and nothing is easier to care for than cotton really. I only got this far on the sleeve before the Rikaart shawl started, so I got the first clue of that done:


Doesn’t that just look like the colors of a vintage afghan? The orange is handspun from Miss Marja, and the other two are my own handspun yarns. It’s been a fun little knit along so far, there are a lot of direction changes that I think will keep me very interested.

My Okoboji plans fell through, my friend who is moving is just too swamped for the plans we had made now that her move date is set. I had a suspicion that might happen. So instead, Miss Marja and I are heading to the local yearly guild show. I told her I plan to also put on make up so she’ll take photos of at LEAST my new vest, if not the finished sweater too, if the buttons arrive in time.

And in other news, work is going SO well right now that I just decided this morning to take all of next week off. Obviously I haven’t made any big plans, as it’s a new thought, but I think I’ll do my deep cleaning of the house, as usual, that week. I always feel like doing so during thanksgiving week really makes me feel cozy and happy and at home during the busy holiday season.

This Week November 13-19

Last week:

  • Find buttons for the sweater, sew on, and get a finished object photo.
    • I ended up ordering them online, so I am waiting for them to arrive.
  • Start new sweater. Which is more of a vest. In bulky yarn. So it’ll fly.
  • Clean the corners of the house. When you have hardwood floors and area rugs, the corners get really dusty. When you are using an area rug in the living room that refuses to stop shedding, the corners get VERY dusty. I need to clean the corners.
    • I should add that I only cleaned the living room corners, but those were what I was referring to in the above task.
  • Do some spinning
  • Do a clothing switch out, the weather is cold and I need more work shirts which are all packed away in the basement.
  • Get a bike ride in.
  • Work on step goals, let’s say 5 out of the 7 days meet step goals.
    • Got 7 out of 7 done!

I don’t have any photos for today. But I can give you an update. I finished my bulky knit vest last evening. Before dinner even! Which meant I could weave in ends, soak it, and block it last night. I did so, and though it’s still damp, I tried it on this morning. It fits! I mean, it COULD use more length, and I had the yarn for that. But it doesn’t look wrong as is either. I do need to do two things. First, there’s a hole at the underarm seam that needs a quick re-seaming. And more importantly, though I can get the thing over my head, it’s not particularly comfortable. I need to pick out the bind off, and then bind off with Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy.

I pulled out the rose when I was cleaning the edges of the living room yesterday and had intended to do some spinning on it. But then didn’t. I still haven’t made any decisions about the singles I just finished either. Now, I knew I had planned to go to Okoboji this month, but in the middle of the night I woke up realizing that it was THIS WEEKEND that I planned to go! Color me surprised. So, I am keeping this week’s list pretty light as I don’t think I’ll be home to do stuff over the weekend. But, I DO know that I should have a nice amount of time for knitting and spinning!

This week:

  • Step goals 5 out of 7 days.
  • Clean the edges of the floors in the bedroom.
  • Dust living room and bedroom
  • Get a load of Miss Butterfly’s outgrown clothing to donation.
  • Begin a knit-to be felted-spinning bag for new wheel.
  • Knitting and spinning on the weekend!

Oh, and I forgot this picture from the weekend. On Saturday, Lizzie finally destroyed her beloved toy, the stuffed pineapple with a pull rope and squeaker. She loves this toy far above all others, and it’s also lasted the longest despite being used the most. I told Mr. Ink he’d better go get another one. And this happened:


Yep, that’s TWO new pineapple toys, one for now and one for later. Spoiled thing!