The real issue.

I wore a pair of knit pants this morning which I haven’t tried on in a year or so. Last time I wore them I noticed that they were shrinking. The length got shorter and pretty soon I was wearing high water pants. How could I wear them today you might ask? Because as some of you know, I recently lost 20 pounds. Turns out the pants were not getting shorter, my butt was getting bigger! 🙂


So I have started this blog for multiple reasons, one of the major ones being to record some of the wild and crazy things that my super creative toddler comes up with from day to day. I’d rather not forget but in the course of daily life and single parenting, it is easy to pass by those sweet and amusing moments and dwell on the stresses that make life insignificant.

So without further rambling, I introduce her to you…the amazingly flexible child who eats raisins with her toes. I assure you, I did not initiate this, she came up with it all on her own. And being the good mother that I am, rather than discouraging such behavior, I took pictures.

Here she is holding the raisin with her toe:

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Then eats it:
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And you can see how proud she is of herself:

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