Siblings, or lack thereof.

My daughter does not have a sibling. As a single mom we can assume that none are on the horizon anytime soon. What I didn’t realize about only children was that they still have it in their nature to fight with siblings. But all we have to substitute is a doll. Now, when she first started to call her little dolls “baby sister” it about broke my heart. I want more kids and she wants them too! But now I am not so sure. Last night she was laying on my bed with her favorite doll, Miles. Miles was my doll as a kid. I hear her saying “Mommy Mommy!’ I turn around and she says “Mommy, Miles touching me!” I laughed and told her to move Miles. A little later I hear “Mommy Mommy, Miles bugging me!” Once again, I tell her to move Miles. Then I hear a thump. Yes, she has shoved Miles out of bed! But then I again have a change of heart because pretty soon she is upset as I refuse to give her a binkie. She wants Miles back. I give her Miles, and see her cuddling him and crying and telling him “Miles, I need my binkie!” And just this morning I went up to get her out of bed and I see her holding Miles on her lap and reading Hop On Pop to him. Maybe a sibling isn’t such a bad idea!