On Monday, My daughter’s school called to tell me she had a fever of 101.9. I was ordered to come pick her up. The school has a rule that she must be fever free without medication for 24 hours before her return. That means even if she is well that day, we have no choice but to take the next day off too.

I don’t do so well with an unexpected day off. Especially with a sick kid. She really wasn’t acting all that sick but then she never does. She was acting demanding though. I gave her Tylenol and let her watch movies. She slept well for her nap and that night. Then the next day, she woke up early, acted fine, her fever broke early and she was very grumpy about not being in school. Apparently neither of us knows what to do with herself when we have a day off. I hesitated to take her out as she was supposed to be sick. By that evening she was so grumpy that nothing was right and she was throwing fits all over the house. I was ready to gouge my eyeballs out with a dull spoon. She went to bed but didn’t sleep until late as she had already slept too much. That left her sleepy and grumpy this morning so we had a repeat of yesterday afternoon in our attempt to get up and around to go to school. Once she knew she was going to school though, things were much better. I was very relieved to get to work and realized that I see work as my time away and rather stress free compared to living with a toddler day in and day out. I suppose that if I was a still a stay at home mom, we would have a certain routine we were in and it wouldn’t be so bad, but the way yesterday went, I am glad I am working.