All better

My daughter seems to be feeling much better. She really tried to be grumpy with me this morning but she just couldn’t! She didn’t even want to take her binkie in the car (thank goodness for small miracles).

Her father brought her a small Dalmatian stuffed puppy which she is quite enjoying. It is old, obviously used, I have no idea where he got it, but she loves it. She wanted to take it to school today. She said while in the car “my puppy is SO silly!” She just couldn’t wait to get to school and show her little friend Thomas her puppy. Luckily Thomas was there when we got there, and she just ran right up to him, showed him her puppy and her gloves. I was rearranging her things when she comes barrelling toward me and grabs my legs. I look down to see Thomas right behind her and she is just giggling and screeching and saying “Thomas chasing me!” Then she turns right around and returns the favor. I just looked at her teacher and laughed because it is so obvious she is feeling better and we are both so relieved. I do feel a twinge of guilt for the teacher though, poor gal, she is going to have her hands full today.

My mom and brother are due in today at 1:45ish. Doesn’t look like it is going to happen. They were delayed right from the start. I asked them to please call me when they get to their layover but have not heard from them. I suppose I can just stay at work though I was really looking forward to leaving early today. I have been telling my daughter that Nana and Uncle are coming to visit, but she keeps getting irritated with me, telling me that surely PopPop will be visiting too. I try to explain that it will just be Nana and Uncle but she will have none of that. It will break my mothers heart if she cries when seeing that PopPop indeed is not coming but I have a feeling that is what will happen.

To those of you who catch me online on a regular basis, I will be very scarce this weekend but look forward to catching up on Monday.