Well Uncle is gone now. We took him to the airport this morning. I suspect my daughter is not going to take kindly to this. I do have to admit I sometimes wonder how she deals with people being in and out of her life so constantly. On the other hand, family is important even if they are far away.

I think our saving grace this evening will be that I have enabled her video habit by picking up cheap ($.99) VHS tapes of “Lady and the Tramp” and “Aristocats.” I know she will be upset about Uncle leaving and the house is trashed due to her being home for 5 days. Uncle helped as best he could but I know what it is like, she can trash it a lot faster than you can clean it. So some video’s might help facilitate my getting the place back in shape. Which is necessary for my own peace of mind!

I love visitors but I do love the place to myself as well. It is not a big enough home for frequent guests. I am looking forward to the relative quiet that being alone affords me.


I decided to make a hat for my brother while he was visiting. It knitted up quickly, was fun to do, and looks quite good on him. On the other hand, the hat is back in my hands because he “just doesn’t wear hats.” (Luckily it doesn’t look half bad on me either.)

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