Yes, I admit it, I can be a bit of an insomniac. It isn’t the usual insomnia where I can’t get to sleep. I get to sleep just fine. But I can’t stay asleep. Usually 2 AM rolls around and I am wide awake till about 4:30. At that point, I have a decision to make, do I just get up, have some coffee, and get on with my day? Or do I really continue to attempt another hour or so of sleep. Even if I do sleep through the night I have this slightly annoying habit of waking up quite early, between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning. Then of course around midday I hit a wall, I practically can’t think anymore and need a nap. Once I make it through the day and put my daughter to bed, I suddenly feel like 8PM would be a lovely bedtime. But I know that if I go to bed at 8, I am just exacerbating the issue.

Good thing tomorrow is Saturday. I can actually get a nap. Sunday’s are nice too.

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