Drama Queen

Today was drama queen’s first day back after getting her wisdom teeth “cut” out.  She was in my office only briefly today.  While she was here though, one of the faculty members asked her if she was staying all day.  He hadn’t heard that she had gotten her wisdom teeth extracted.  She said “Yes, I will be here if I don’t have to take pain pills, if I have to take pain pills, perhaps I will go home.”  Now, doesn’t this sound counterproductive?  You take pain meds in order to do the things you would normally have to do to get through the day.  At least that would be my take on it.

Yesterday it snowed.  And snowed and snowed.  We had a pretty crazy storm but my entire office made it in to work regardless of the snow.  Almost everyone else from the department did not bother to come in.  They all had to use vacation days.  We talked to our boss about being let out early due to the fact that they were closing roads, our faculty helped with the sales pitch as well.  We were let go very early and we were paid for the rest of the day.  No need to take vacation.  I was thrilled with my half day and it was rather productive and relaxing.

Today, Drama queen informs us that, since she was home, she felt that she should call our boss and tell her to let us go early.  Now I find it the height of self importance to think you have such pull over your boss!  I am pretty sure she is digging her own grave.

I manage to wash the kitchen floor yesterday.  I assure you this was completely unintentional on my part. I had attempted to just do the dishes.  But I, being highly distractable,  got started, left the water running, and walked away.  Later I heard an odd noise in the kitchen and suddenly remembered that I had left the water running.  The kitchen was a lake!  I dropped all the towels I owned on the ensuing lake and just managed to save it from hitting the hard wood flooring.  I then decided that I would now be forced to do two tasks that I wasn’t quite ready to do.  Laundry and the kitchen floor.  Oh well, it was a productive evening due to this little mishap!