A lovely thing.

Someone did something wonderful for me yesterday.  And though I would guess she would not want to be showcased, I did want to make it clear how much she is appreciated.

My post yesterday emotionally took it all out of me.  And it got various reactions.  Which is ok, because I spoke my mind, and it is ok if not everyone agrees with me.  The point being that I was pretty well drained by the time I got home.  Then I got a surprise knock on the door and I opened it to the UPS man dropping of a package containing a goodie that I had wanted so badly but just couldn’t afford this month.  What a lovely blessing!  After I put my daughter to bed I got to spend the evening with this new goodie and it was good!  🙂  Thank you!  It came at the right time, and I will get you back…somehow…you are a dear dear friend!