Drama Queen update.

OK drama queen, more than one week post having her teeth “cut” from her jaw bone, is still complaining.

Yesterday she went to have her stitches removed. She told the dentist that she was still in pain and she said he told her “Well it is like spraining your jaw.” and she says she has to be on a “liquid diet” for another week.

Someone pass me some hip waders!

This may be a day full of annoyed posts, we will see.  I am all alone in the office and so far, people are bugging me.  I kept receiving a call that was supposed to go to our fax machine.  Someone had switched our numbers.  I couldn’t call back as caller ID was not registering a number, just a company name.  After getting the fax to my phone 4 times, I finally thought to transfer the call to our fax.   Well, in the attempt to avoid this particular annoyance, I thought I would kindly call this sales person and let him know the error of his ways.  He gave me some excuses about how he knew and how their database was messed up and how they were in the process of switching databases.  If he knew, then why did he fax it to the wrong number?  Makes no sense.  So I again told him that I was just trying to save us both some trouble by letting him know.  He then said perhaps he should have emailed it.  Well, perhaps that would have saved me some trouble, yes, but he never once apologized!  So I decide to take my leave and he says in a sarcastic tone of voice… “Yes, I hear you loud and clear.”

Funny how the quote found itself in the recycling bin.