I have decided that before I start any additional knitting projects, I will finish at least 3 works in progress that I have been storing for about a year.  In order to hold myself to that goal, I will blog it.  There is, in addition to that, one crochet project that needs to be repaired.  Since I am rather proud of it and would love to display it in my home, I need to finish that as well. 

WIP #1:

I started this afghan the first time my brother went to Iraq.  The intention was that it would be done before he got back.  But the I got pregnant and it got put on hold.  My brother has now done 2 tour of duties in Iraq and is home and out of the Army and it is still not done!  Unfortunately it will never be done as a full size afghan because  somewhere during the first tour of duty the company stopped making that yarn and I ran out.  So the idea with this one is to take out a bunch of stitches and finish up the border.  Seems like an easy task right?  Yes, but I am less than inspired since it won’t be a real afghan anyhow.  I will be saving this for his first child, providing he has one.  It would make a great baby blanket.
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WIP #2:

A lovely cardigan for my daughter which I started last winter.  I made 2 front sides the same rather than doing them opposite.  I didn’t even have to rip out the entire side, just about 1/3 and I did that, restarted, then got frustrated.  This one is going to take some thinking to finish up but I would be very disappointed if she never got to wear it.
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WIP # 3:

A hat and gloves set for twins that I never finished.  The twins have been born and have grown out of the hats but I have not finished.  I will finish it as I am sure there will be another little one coming along eventually whom I can give this gift.
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 And the crochet project, you can see where the seams are pulling out.  I am lucky to have saved some yarn as I am a notorious purger and save very little even when I should. 
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After these 3 projects are done, I am going to treat myself to a lace pattern and finally teach myself to knit lace.  I have been itching to do so for about half a year and I am ready to get started.  Oh, and socks, I’d really like to make socks.  Oh, and there is this neat sweater pattern for myself, and I have a gift in mind for a friend, and oh yeah, that yarn I have stashed away for something else for my daughter…and then there is……(and so it goes.)