Another WIP

Blanket repairI knew I had to take out a bunch of rows to get to a completed pattern so I could start a border.  Finishing the pattern was not an option as I was out of yarn.  I couldn’t handle the thought of patiently “unknitting” so I thought I would try ripping.  But I was scared so I tried to find the row and pick it up on a couple needles.  I knew I was on a couple rows but I figured I could manage. picture-045.jpgHere is what it looked like after ripping the rows. picture-046.jpgNow you can see that I have half of the stitches picked back up, and sure enough, I am working on a couple rows at once. picture-047.jpgAnd finally I have all the stitches back on the needles, except for 2 which I put stitch holders in to make sure they didn’t go anywhere so I could pick them back up as I was knitting.  Not sure how I missed two but, it worked anyhow.  And finally…..completed project.picture-048.jpgThis was a bear, I was ready to give up and chuck it numerous times.  And my daughter now thinks it is fantastic and promptly christened it by wiping her snotty nose on it. 

2 thoughts on “Another WIP

  1. It is fabulous!!! 😀 I love the color, did I already say that? But then I’m a sucker for just about anything blue 🙂

    Hmmm the Riley snot should wash out okay 😉

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