I really must….

I really want to make this shirt http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring07/PATTisabella.html perhaps in a coral color.  Well, that is the dream anyhow, I will see what yarns I have around that might be appropriate for this project.  I suspect I will have to find a way to lengthen it. 

 On my socks, I can either take apart the hat for my brother that he didn’t want to have a full sock, look for more yarn in that color though I think it has been discontinued, or have a green toe of one sock.  Not sure what I will do about it.  I don’t really like the idea of buying more so perhaps I will take apart the hat.  No decision made yet. 

2 thoughts on “I really must….

  1. Oh no! The fear of every needleworker: running out of yarn/thread and being unable to get more 😦 I think I’d pull apart the hat and use the yarn if it can be used. If you want a hat like that, you could make it again with a different yarn. Your socks are so nice and I know how proud you are of them, it would be a shame to leave them unfinished 🙂

    Oh somewhat unrelated, I need some info from you regarding the Thursday thing 😉

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