More Potty training

Ok, if you don’t want to read the good, the bad, and the ugly of potty training you may not want to read this  post.

My daughter has been doing really well with her potty training.  She is now staying in big girl undies almost all day at school.  The exception is nap time where they use a pull up just in case.  I used to take extra undies and clothes to school for accidents but I don’t seem to need to do that anymore.  She is always in the same outfit she went in with when I go to pick her up.

For awhile, this was all falling apart when she got home.  Seemed like I would remind her and remind her about going potty and she wouldn’t go till it was too late.  I have also been giving her a sucker when she manages it, extra incentive isn’t a bad thing!   Last night, rather than forcing the issue, I just let it go.  I reminded her, she would say Okay, but not go.  But then, when I wasn’t looking, she had done it herself.  She managed everything including getting her clothes back on all by herself.  I suspect she just didn’t want so much interference.  Then we went outside to play.  Typically it is very difficult to stop playing and go inside to potty but she managed it again.  I was very proud.  (We then went back outside and she promptly had an accident but hey, good try!)

What is more bothersome at this point is that with the dry undies all day, she doesn’t like to wear diapers to bed.  She takes them off if they are the least bit wet.  Last night I replaced diapers 3 times.  And the final time she had wet the bed so badly that I had to take all her clothes off and take her to her big girl bed.  (When I got her up in the morning she had again taken the diaper off.)  So what I would be saving in diapers all day I am replacing with diapers overnight.  This isn’t going to work for me.  We talked about how she must leave her diapers on today on the way to school, she tells me “Okay” but I don’t believe it.  I am willing to give it another shot tonight but after that I am duct taping those suckers on her.   I think the strong tape will make it that they are not stretchy enough to pull down.  We shall see how it goes!

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