Of Socks and Hats

Remember this hat? https://shellssells.wordpress.com/2007/02/22/knitting/  Well officially I decided to take it apart so I could have a complete pair of socks.  I decided to do so for a couple reasons.  First, I really am excited about my socks.  Secondly, my brother won’t wear the hat so it is relatively (pun intended 😉 ) useless to me.  Finally, I have the typical continental knitter gauge problems, my gauge is a lot different when knitting in the round than when knitting on straight needles.  Since I did half and half on that hat, I wasn’t pleased with the end result.  Now that I know better, I will knit it in the round next time, as I do like the hat!  (I wonder if there is any fix to this issue besides learning to knit a different way?!)  It is a decent hat and I do want to make it again, it will just require some different colors next time around 🙂  Now I have enough for my socks! 

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