I would describe myself as someone with a creative bent. But thinking about it more, I am not sure that I am that creative at all.

I can play music, but not compose. I can knit, but need a pattern. I cannot create something from nothing. This hit me while I was looking at some art, and realized, I would NOT even know where to begin. How do you take a picture in your mind and put it on paper? Even a true artist views colors differently than I do. Without a sheet of music in front of me, anything that I play would sound terrible. I am really not creative at all. I do, on the other hand, very much enjoy things that others have created and the appreciation of the fact that I could never do these things make what someone else creates all the more beautiful to me.

One thought on “Creativity

  1. This is a topic that would come up on stitching boards every so often. Even with a pattern though, you can personalize things a bit…not always on purpose, i.e. fudging when you screw up 😉

    The issue of working from a pattern is also the basis for needlework snobbery: needlepointers tend to look down on cross stitchers (like me) because although they do buy a prepainted canvas, the choice of stitches and threads to use are up to them. So they feel that they are being creative by choosing these things, and x-stitchers are doing “paint by numbers.” 😛 However, you will never find me buying a six-color painted canvas of a teddy bear holding balloons for $200 😀 *snerk*

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