Too much yarn

Yesterday I felt the need to do some purging.  I chose to purge clothes which I wore when I was 20 pounds heavier and yarn I do not like to use.  I have noticed that if a yarn does not feel good in my hands, I won’t knit with it.  I had gotten on quite a “generic yarn” binge when I first started to crochet and I have hung onto all of this unused yarn with the hopes to someday use it.  Now I would like to donate it to someone who knits for charity.  Now, if anyone knows of someone who can use it, please let me know.  I cannot pay for shipping but I have 2 garbage bags full of various yarns and a lot of it has enough to do actual projects.  It is not just scraps.  I called my church and they don’t seem to have a program set up for this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It is time….

Since my daughter was born I have been growing out my hair to donate to locks of love.

It is now long enough, and then some. It has not been dyed. It has not been permed. It has not been bleached. It is as untouched as it can be at this point.

So Thursday, I am going in to get it cut and donated. I am going to have very short hair very shortly. So here is your change to have an opinion….

Now, that being said, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, my hair will be a lot darker than this. In fact I plan to color it even darker than it is naturally. Secondly, I do reserve the right to let my stylist have free reign with my hair and see what she comes up with. I trust her to consider what would look best and she might have other ideas.

And for reference, here is the most recent picture of me. Have fun! I will post before and after pictures later.