Too much yarn

Yesterday I felt the need to do some purging.  I chose to purge clothes which I wore when I was 20 pounds heavier and yarn I do not like to use.  I have noticed that if a yarn does not feel good in my hands, I won’t knit with it.  I had gotten on quite a “generic yarn” binge when I first started to crochet and I have hung onto all of this unused yarn with the hopes to someday use it.  Now I would like to donate it to someone who knits for charity.  Now, if anyone knows of someone who can use it, please let me know.  I cannot pay for shipping but I have 2 garbage bags full of various yarns and a lot of it has enough to do actual projects.  It is not just scraps.  I called my church and they don’t seem to have a program set up for this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Too much yarn

  1. I can’t think of anything specific offhand, but a woman who used to own my favorite needlework store said she donated stuff to the local women’s prison and women’s shelters. Maybe some retirement/rest homes (whatever the PC term is lol) might also like it.

    There’s always charity-run thrift stores, too, like Goodwill. There’s a Vietnam vets thrift store here too that I have donated things to as well.

  2. There’s a local non-profit organization here in NJ who takes yarn for the specific purpose of crochet/knit for charity. I’ll try to look it up if you’re interested. I second the idea nursing homes and rehab facilities, I’m pretty sure they could find a use for it. Or you could call local elementary schools and ask for their art department.

  3. Find your local Deseret Industries or LDS chapel. My church is involved in a humanitarian project knitting bandages for people with leprosy or they do have people who make afghans and donate them for shipping worldwide where they’re needed. If you decide to donate it to the LDS church, I can look up who the Bishop is and when office hours are so you can drop it off that evening. (Usually Tues or Wed is office hours)

  4. I’m with all those above who said find a retirement community or nursing home to donate it to. Those older folks a lot of times (especially at nursing homes) don’t have much to do and the added supplies will really help with their arts and crafts.

    You might want to check with some of the home health agencies too. A lot of their clients are too poor to buy yarn, but would love the chance to knit and crochet again. 🙂

  5. Oh Snigs, I LOVE that idea! I often feel that I couldn’t live without knitting and I cannot imagine not being able to indulge myself in this way.

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