Of knitting, blocking, and frogging.

It has been awhile since I have made a true knitting post with pictures.  That doesn’t mean knitting hasn’t been done.  Just means that I would rather knit than post about it at the moment! 

During work break I have been active, first with this dishcloth:


And also a cloth bag for my coworker who doesn’t like to use the plastic grocery bags.  She already has it but will take pictures of it in use for me to post. 

Then there is Isabella, I finished the back and started the front.  Then I decided to have my first foray into blocking.  So I found some Eucalan wool wash and blocked the back:


well I am now convinced that blocking really works!  It was beautiful blocked, and my strange continental gauge issues that I always notice went away.  Erm, one problem though…..it was WAY too big!  I have to go down at least 2 sizes.  Learn to swatch you say?  Oh no, I swatched.  I suspect the issue is more that I believe so completely that I am bigger than I am.  I have this same issue when trying on clothes, picking  out XL things when I am really a medium now.  So now the sweater looks like this:


Yes, I am redoing it.  I love the sweater and I am determined to make something for me that looks good.  It is all about the process…not the failures. 

And finally, a project I got SOOO excited about that I couldn’t even post!  I always wanted to try entrelac.  I saw this:


And have been in love with it (from a book I have had for a couple years now and always wanted to try it.)  So I got this:


And turned it into this!


 Isn’t that stunning?  I love it!  I can’t stop knitting it!  It is too much fun and way easier than I supposed. 

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