Cotton shopping bag.

Well, I am positive that my favorite coworker takes the best pictures ever! She promised me a picture of the shopping bag I made for her in use. Check it out!


I swear that it looks better in her photo than it does in real life!

The pattern is Turkish stitch string bag with a few modifications. I used US size 17 needles for the bottom and sides of the bag. I did not do a full 12 inches on the sides. I then used US size 10 needles for the handle and made the handle quite short compared to the suggested size on the pattern. I knitted it at work on breaks with said coworker which meant that she got to have input that shaped the outcome of the bag. This was great since I have a tendency to blindly follow a pattern, not being confident that my modifications would be any good at all.

Why is it that knitting for someone is so much more inspiring than knitting for myself???