Entrelac scarf

Is done! It is stunning. I blocked it 2 nights ago and last night my daughter had a blast taking all the pins out and putting them away. In fact, once she took them all out, she wanted to put them all in again. I guess she won’t have to learn the hard lesson that blocking makes everything better! (It would be my wildest dream that she might learn to knit but if she takes after me, she will learn to sew with her Nana instead). I will get a picture of the scarf posted soon. I had to bring it in to work to show it off. I enjoyed knitting it so much and the colorways were so fun that I could turn around and do it all over again. I thought, who can I make a scarf for? My brother came to mind but do we all remember what happened with the hat? (He didn’t want it!) This time I will ask before I start! Maybe my mom would like one, I could match it to the felted hat that my aunt made her a couple years ago. Hmmm…that doesn’t sound bad either!