My daughter, a.k.a. Shrek

This past weekend, my daughter went to spend a bit of time with her father.  He called me at one point because he said he had a very funny story to tell me.  He said that he looked at her mouth and tongue and they were a terrible shade of green.  So of course, he was concerned about what she might have put in her mouth or that something was terribly wrong.  He went to his mother and asked what she might have fed my daughter.  She said nothing but Cheetos.  But there was no sign of the orange cheetos , just green.  So he became more concerned, until he looked at his mothers mouth, which was also green.  They then decided to consult the Cheetos bag, which said “turns your mouth green like Shrek” So his fears were abated and his desire to call poison control quelled.  They had a good laugh over the incident, as did I.

Well she came home that night, and I am telling you, that child had the worst case of adult sized gas I have ever heard!  The next morning, same thing.  So I emailed her father and asked what the heck he had been feeding her that she would end up with this issue!  He emailed back a list of foods that she ate, and added that she had of course also had the cheetos that turn your mouth green, and he wondered if that could have been the problem.  I said, perhaps it was.  I quickly got an email back saying “Yeah, turns your mouth green like Shrek, and makes you fart like Shrek” and I tell you, crude as it was, I laughed so hard I snorted and had tears running down my face!