Charity Knitting

A while back I posted about Too Much Yarn. So now it is time for an update.

Soon after I made that post, I saw in our church program that they were asking for help with knitting/crocheting for the babies in the Koutiala Hospital as a part of the Mali Project. The idea is that every baby born at the Koutiala Hospital goes home with an outfit and light blanket. So I thought I would give the contact person a call, as I had all this yarn just waiting to be used, and most of it baby stuff! I wanted to give it to her to give to the people who were knitting. Well, she was less enthused, apparently she needs the knitting, but she said she would ask around and she took my name and number. I never heard back from her.

Now, I am always knitting, every spare moment. I can barely sit down without picking up the needles. I have projects specifically that I do during work breaks, simple things which I can chat with the gals while knitting. I usually have 2 or 3 projects going at home. And yet, I complain that I don’t have time to charity knit! What is that all about? So I thought, after I complete my current work project, I will use my work time to charity knit. In fact, I have a pretty decent stash of unused baby hats and sweaters to start me out. Now, my coworkers also know how to knit, so I thought maybe I would try to get one of them in on the action, providing that I donated the yarn and needles. I got a tentative yes from my favorite coworker. (She needs a nickname for this blog since I talk about her enough, and she reads this, so it has to be something good 😉 ) So, expect to start seeing some charity knitting here in the near future, projects by the 2 of us!

I have to admit, I am rather excited about this endeavor. Gives me a way to blow off steam at work as I normally would while still doing something more productive than a dishcloth. Furthermore, it provides me with someone to knit with, which is somehow a wonderful thing. Just have to get the current project done……

Also, if anyone knows of any simple and free baby patterns, please feel free to share!