WIP updates

It has been quite awhile since I have gotten a chance to post my updates, but that doesn’t mean that knitting has not been done! 

 Creatures of the reef:

You can see that crab and seahorse row is done, as well as the bubbles above them.  I tried to pin it out, can you see the crabs and seahorses?


While out shopping with mom and daughter, I found mohair yarn at Tuesday Mornings.  The color was too much to resist and it was about half price, I usually see it in shops for around $9.00 a skein. 


So I thought I really should turn it into Wisp . Much blocking is needed but it is coming along well (besides having to frog it 3 times to start with.  Frogging mohair is NOT fun.  I have learned to count my stitches every single row and take nothing for granted!


One Hedera sock is complete, the other about halfway done:


There has been progress on Mom’s entrelac scarf:


And I have chosen to use a bamboo yarn on Coachella, it has a lovely sheen and drape, I think it shall work well!


Off to Ravelry to update my projects pages!

My Best Day

My daughter and I are having a lovely visit with Nana.  My daughter is really enjoying my mom’s attentions and they have stayed quite active.  Lots of zoo and playground trips!

On Friday I wanted to  go down to the arts festival and hear some music, but it looked like it would storm so I thought we shouldn’t go.  Between the rain and my daughter’s terrible fear of thunder, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to calm her down if it stormed.  It did storm, and she did get upset even at home, so I am glad we didn’t go, though sad to have missed some very very good Cajun music.

Saturday turned out to be a lovely, more cool than expected day.  In the morning I tried to get the house somewhat cleaned up while mom did a whole bunch of gardening.  The yard is looking fantastic!  I am just NOT a gardener!  After my daughter napped, we headed down to the arts festival.  We got lucky and found a free parking space, hence not paying the typical $4-6 we were expecting.  We headed down to the festival and started checking out the vendors.  The cooler than expected day felt awfully warm with the sun beating down and no shade and so many people!  We saw about half the vendors and then discovered a lovely area, shaded, with man-made water falls going down steps.  I strode off to have an uninterrupted look at vendors while mom stayed with daughter playing in the water.  By the time I was done, I was feeling rather hot and gooey and ready to leave, until I took my shoes off and waded in the water with daughter!

We began to get hungry but mom thought that perhaps it would be nicer to go somewhere semi quiet to sit and eat rather than eating at the festival.  So we headed over to a local restaurant and had some pasta.  My reviews of the place were mixed, but nonetheless, it served its purpose by being somewhere nice and a bit quieter and cooler to spend some time.   After we finished there we thought we would walk back toward the festival briefly to pick up some of those lovely roasted pecans that we had been smelling and craving and then head home.  On the way, there was a firetruck out on display.  They were letting kids sit up in the seat of the truck and giving out suckers and coloring books and stickers.  My daughter is very fearful of firetrucks, and though she sat briefly in the seat, she did not really want to be up there long enough for a picture.

It really was a lovely day with things just working themselves out in order that we could enjoy ourselves.  Very memorable.  I will post pictures later!

Father’s Day

I see blog posts all over the blogosphere about Father’s day.  I haven’t had an opportunity to do so yet, as it has been rather busy.

I think my favorite memories of my father happen when we are driving together.  I don’t know why that is.  Even at the more anxious times in my life, he was the one person I never felt nervous riding with.  He is such an observant man that perhaps I just always assumed he had a pretty good handle on what was going on around him when it came to traffic.  When I learned to drive, he taught me with such a low stress attitude over the whole thing.  Rarely did he act nervous, even if he was, and was often quiet, making me learn things for myself.  He would ask gentle questions even in my panic over a situation, causing me to have no choice but to think rather than stay in panic mode.  Since we often had cars which were…..not of the most modern nature, the tricks he taught me were often valuable even after I left home.  I truly believe that his teaching made me a very good driver, thinking quickly in various situations, not taking unnecessary risks even though it might look fun for the moment, and has perhaps contributed to the fact that I have never been in a car accident which was caused by me.

As I grew into an adult, and learned to love driving, we often shared driving time on family trips.  When I look back on such car rides I can only think of warm late night camaraderie as the rest of the car tries to sleep.   Perhaps the two of us are at our best together when we are undistracted by the world and have the open road ahead of us and a goal of getting to where we are going safely.  Even now, when I go to visit and fly into the airport, I enjoy the gentle banter and laughs at various situations on the car ride from the airport to their house.

When I was a child, I had long hair and a sensitive head.  Not a great combination.  My mother, my nana, and my aunt were NOT gentle when they combed my hair.  The prevailing attitude I think was do it, get it done, and get it done right so it stays, often ending up in tight braids or pony tails specifically designed to last all day.  But sometimes, in the evenings, after a bath, my mom would give me the yellow wide tooth comb and send me to my dad, who would then comb my hair with the utmost gentleness even though it took a long time.

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I am eager to hear how she remembers my father.  She loves her Poppop and I feel confident that she will be gaining little memory treasures as the time goes by as well!