So as most of you know, I like to have a work project.  I found Berroco knitbits Kable pattern and thought it would be a useful project that I could knit at work.  I have never felted anything before but thought I would give it a try.  So this:

picture-077.jpg  (yes those are my sneakers, they were necessary for perspective, so you could see just how big that thing was!

Became this:


It took a lot of muscle to get it to block in something resembling a rectangle!  My arms are sore!  It also took 2 runs through the washer.  And now my washer is covered with mohair.  But it was worth it!  I started on the first cable for the inside today.

On to the next project on my needles, my first attempt at lace.  I fell in love with the Creatures of the Reef pattern (details here) and decided to pick it up. 

I am this far: (blurry picture warning) picture-079.jpg

And I pinned it out a bit so you can have a clearer look at the lace.


Finally, I finished the back of Isabella for the second time. picture-074.jpg

And as usual, my daughter was very eager to pull out the blocking pins!