I was recently contacted by an old friend from back east. Always was a nice guy and we always got along well. Our major activities were motorcycle riding and cooking. I remember him having a penchant for all the latest technology and apparently that hasn’t changed much. So I am now getting emails sent from a blackberry. This morning I got an email from him while he was apparently sitting in NJ traffic. After berating him for trying to type and drive at the same time (even though I was aware that he was probably stopped, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up!) he sent me a message that it was “eat to toe.” Well, since some of what he says is slightly cryptic to me, I sat and thought this through for awhile. Nope, I could not come up with ANYTHING resembling or meaning “eat to toe.” So I had to ask……when I got a response, he was finally in the office. This was the response….”eat to toe = easy to type (I guess not)…. LOL”

Cracked me up all morning long!

Oh, and since he said I could…..
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