Exhausting week

It has been an exhausting week.  And it is only Tuesday.  Is it Tuesday or Wednesday?  Wait, I can’t remember.  Yes, I am that tired.  It must be Tuesday.

Anyhow, it has been tiring and stressful and I hate that when I get home I have little patience for my daughter.  Small things she does that normally roll off my back make me absolutely insane.  I have to really work hard at controlling myself and my tongue.  I have to really remember she is 2.

Last evening I popped in Cinderella since we were so wiped out (That means I was wiped out, she was just fine!)  She wanted to sit on my lap.  I wanted to knit.  That’s ok, she usually cuddles me while I knit in the evenings anyhow.  Trouble is, I wanted to knit at my Creatures of the Reef shawl.  So I did, and the shawl tickled her legs.  Eventually that was frustrating and she sat up quick, causing me to lose about 20 stitches off my needles.  I did not yell.  I did not speak harshly.  I did take a huge intake of breath and asked her to get down for a minute.  I managed to get it all back together, and I wasn’t that mad, because I knew I should have saved lace till she was in bed, but I have decided being a mother takes inordinate amounts of self control.  Some days there is more self control to go around. Yesterday there was not much left.  (I suppose if you spend your whole day at work wanting to kick a door and scream, it isn’t likely to change when you get home!)