Latest Aquisition

So I had some yarn to return at my local yarn store, a few skeins left over from my entrelac scarf. Now, this was a project I just wanted to turn around and start knitting again it was such a blast! Ever have one of those projects? So I looked for something near as possible the colors of my mothers winter coat and hat. I was looking for purples and greens. Now, with this yarn, even skeins from the same colorway can look so very different. So I had picked up something that was OK, but not great, it was as close as I could get but had too much yellow and the green wasn’t as bright as I wanted. There wasn’t enough, so the owner, or manager, whatever went upstairs to look at what they had. He came down with 2 sealed bags, both of the same dye lot, that looked completely different from what I had in my hands. One of them was very much what I wanted. So I asked if he could open the bag. I felt a bit bad about that, so I apologized. He said, “you are apologizing because….we are not in the business of selling yarn?” Got a good laugh out of me. So here it is…

I also consulted with one of the gals there about my Creatures of the Reef pattern, I had a question about one of the instructions. She was so kind, it wasn’t enough for her to tell me, but she got out her knitting and showed me. I love that.

And now for an update on Isabella. The front is coming along nicely and you can see at the beginning of the lacy pattern at the top. Best thing is…with the size change, I should have enough for a very nice pair of matching merino socks!

I have decided that before I start another entrelac scarf, I must finish the tank top. Let’s see how long it takes me to break such a pact with myself!