2 AM conversations

I hate alarm clocks.  Because I am an early riser, usually I don’t need them.  When I do need them, the alarm is so loud that I am in a bad mood for a good portion of the morning.  So I no longer use my alarm, instead I choose to set my cell phone alarm which has a much softer and more pleasing sound.  It is strictly a back up since I rarely need it. But because of this, I make sure my phone is on at night.

2 nights ago I got a wrong number call at midnight.  I was annoyed but just let him know he had the wrong number.  Last night, I got a call at 2 AM.  Since I am the mother of a young child, it amazes me how fast I can go from deep slumber to fully awake and functional.   Also, sometimes the depth of my sarcasm amazes even me.  I suppose annoyed at 2 AM I am rather unfiltered even though generally I would keep it to myself.  The conversation went like this:
Me:  Hello?

Voice: Hello?

Me:  Who is this?

Voice:  Who is this?

Me: OK, you called me, so protocol is that I get to ask you who you are.

Voice:  I must have the wrong number.

Me:  How astute, indeed you do.

Voice:  Sorry sorry!

4 thoughts on “2 AM conversations

  1. I want to mention, after I got off the phone, I wasn’t all that proud of my dripping sarcasm attitude. It wasn’t nice. If I had placed that call I would have been mortified and wouldn’t need the receiver to make it worse on me. On the other hand, I don’t call people at 2 AM, or even midnight for that matter.

  2. My mom got a call at 2:00 am once and for a change, she wasn’t coherant. The caller didn’t know he had a wrong number even after talking to her for a minute or two. Daddy was on the road and I guess she thought she was talking to him. Her conversation went something like:
    Her: Hello
    Him: Hello Sweetheart.
    Her: How are you?
    Him: Fine, do you miss me?
    Her: Of course!
    Him: Wait a minute, who is this?
    Her: Whoa! Who is this?
    Hehehehe. I’ve talked to people at 2:00a.m. and don’t remember it.
    Anyway, don’t worry about being sarcastic. Any idiot that a) calls at 2 am and b) has the gall to ask who you are instead of identifying who he’s trying to reach needs an earful. 😉

  3. For a while I was getting calls from Steve’s parole officer about once every two weeks. I never did find out who Steve was, but after the third or fourth time telling the parole officer that I wasn’t him, and that this wasn’t his phone, the calls finally stopped. Now I just get the occasional “I don’t want to give you my real number you creep, so I’ll make one up” follow-up call from some poor dude realizing he’s been made a chump.

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