WIP updates

It has been quite awhile since I have gotten a chance to post my updates, but that doesn’t mean that knitting has not been done! 

 Creatures of the reef:

You can see that crab and seahorse row is done, as well as the bubbles above them.  I tried to pin it out, can you see the crabs and seahorses?


While out shopping with mom and daughter, I found mohair yarn at Tuesday Mornings.  The color was too much to resist and it was about half price, I usually see it in shops for around $9.00 a skein. 


So I thought I really should turn it into Wisp . Much blocking is needed but it is coming along well (besides having to frog it 3 times to start with.  Frogging mohair is NOT fun.  I have learned to count my stitches every single row and take nothing for granted!


One Hedera sock is complete, the other about halfway done:


There has been progress on Mom’s entrelac scarf:


And I have chosen to use a bamboo yarn on Coachella, it has a lovely sheen and drape, I think it shall work well!


Off to Ravelry to update my projects pages!

6 thoughts on “WIP updates

  1. Looks as though you’ve been busy. 🙂

    Your Creatures is looking gorgeous! The pattern shows up beautifully in that yarn.

    I’ve done nothing on mine since I hurt my back a few weeks ago. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back to it soon.

  2. You posted that you now have crabs on the internet. Sigh. There goes your credibility….

    Seriously, you knittings all look fantastic and yes, I can see the crabs and seahorse!

  3. Ali, I heard about your back, I can understand putting a tough project aside. Pain takes so much concentration, there is little left for projects one must think about. You’ll get back at it when you are feeling better, feel better soon!

    Snigs, since this is my first lace project ever, and it is actually going far better than expected….I’d be happy to shout “SEE! I have CRABS!!!” from the mountaintops! I am truly excited about this project!

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  5. I adore the scarf especially; I love anything patchwork-like!

    Your knitting is fantastic. I would like to say that I knit as well but I’m not sure if a couple of one colour, plain as plain can be scarves actually count lol!

    Oh wait, I have done one with two cables running down it lol! But just the basics really.

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