So, I reworked this one a couple times. I had to redo the bottom numerous times to get it to fit right. I also had to do something with the armholes cause leaving them as is, just wasn’t an option. Overall I am happy with it. I love the silky drapeyness of it.


coachella2.jpg (the back)

In other news, MS3 has been frogged for now. It needs….help. It needs me to stop missing rows. I kept knitting because I thought I could live with the missed row. But I realize now that it would just bug me when I looked at it. So I am restarting. It is TOO pretty to not have it perfect!

ETA:  I just realized you can see the sock I am knitting at work in the background!!!  I am so strange!

9 thoughts on “Coachella

  1. Sure! With pleasure!

    First off, I couldn’t imagine trying to wear acrylic pseudo suede in the summer so instead tried a bamboo tape yarn. That, of course, threw off my gauge quite a bit. So I ended up knitting the smallest size (even though I am not exactly small). So things went quite well but I figured I was going to need to add some increase toward the bottom. Which I did. I tried it on numerous times and then got to a point where I thought it appropriate to switch back to the smaller needles and do the twisted stockinette. I did that, cast off, and the bottom was way too small. Frogged, added length and increased around the waist and tried again. No dice, still didn’t fit. So I frogged, and then kept the large needles while I twisted stockinette. That worked.

    I then didn’t like the look of the armholes. They were….sloppy and droopy. I am sure that is partly the yarn chosen but also, I just like the look of a finished piece. Plus, I needed more room for my racer back bra. So I picked up along the armholes and did 4 rows twisted stockinette. That really helped the look of the whole thing if you ask me!

    If I could do it all over again, I would leave more stitches on back panel. I suspect it would hold the top up better as well as look nicer across the back. And, as much as I like the bamboo yarn, i t is a bit heavy, dragging the top down perhaps more than I would like it to. (though it feels fantastic to wear!) And for someone with hips like mine, perhaps it would be better not to twisted stitch at the bottom at all, just a straight cast off. I might yet try it! Somehow the bottom roll doesn’t sit as I would like it to.

  2. Oooh – this looks great! Thanks for the details on what you did; I have hips too so now I know I’ll need to fiddle with the bottom part.

  3. Very pretty Shells! I love the color and the drape of the neckline.

    Ok, non-knitter here…what the heck is frogging? For some reason, it doesn’t sound like fun.

  4. No, it isn’t, it is very frustrating and only used as a last resort!

    Frogging = When you have to “rrrip it rrrrip it”

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