Placement exams

So….I had placement exams this weekend.  The math exam went just as expected.  Any answer I gave was a  guess at best.  I never was able to understand math and it has now been 13 yrs since I have attempted it.  So I didn’t expect to be able to manage the test.  On the other hand, the remedial courses I will have to take at the local community college should give me a good solid basis of understand for whatever math might be required of me.  I am ok with that.

The English exam, on the other hand, went better than expected.  I think I did well and I was highly motivated to do well as I want to place out of certain classes and into ones which will capture my attention.  I was the last one to leave after the essay portion.  All the “kids” I was testing with left quite a bit earlier.  But I remember being that age, and placement exams were something to get through, not do well in.  I wanted to do well and give the reader something to think about too.  I had fun with it!

The most interesting part about the entire process is how different I test now than I did at 18.  There are things that come naturally for me via years of experience, that I wasn’t capable of at that age.   For one, my focus is different.  I am more focused.  I don’t get bothered by every extraneous noise from various parts of the room.  I do things in an organized fashion rather than haphazardly.  This is greatly encouraging to me as these were some of my biggest worries about going back to school.

So all in all I was pleased with the outcome and am looking forward to seeing the results next week!

4 thoughts on “Placement exams

  1. That is fantastic to hear. It is also great that you are so excited! You are making me miss being a student! I shall just have to live vicariously through you lol!

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