Stripedy socks

So, I wanted to attempt a short row heel.  I also wanted to try self striping sock yarn.  Here is my initial attempt at both. 
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short row heels need some practice.  Stripey yarn is cool.  Now my daughter says “mommy, will you do some stripe socks with your knitting for me?”  So I need to find some children’s sock patterns!

3 thoughts on “Stripedy socks

  1. Psychedelic socks, man! They’re neat & Molly likes them too. You’re gonna’ have to make some toe socks one day. 😉

  2. Lovely yarn, What is it?

    I have so much trouble with short-row heels in stocking stitch. 👿 I’m doing my latest pair with garter-stitch instead.

    Oh, and if you’re up for a meme, I’ve tagged you! 🙂 Check my blog if you fancy doing it.

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