To tide you over until I have a chance to write…

I give you progress and newly acquired yarn.

 You all remember creatures of the reef?  Which I have set aside for MS3?  Well vacation has been good for the creatures. 

picture-123.jpgYou can now see starfish and one school of fish completed.  That was plane and car knitting. 

MS3 has progressed as well, I am halfway through clue 4 (which is super long!)


 Now, we all knew I would find a way to aquire yarn on my trip.  But the way this new yarn came to me was completely unexpected!  I have 2 aunts whom we went to visit.  We will call one “Weaver Aunt” because she does mostly weaving though she knits well too, and “Knitter Aunt” who knits beautifully but does not do lace.  When we were in New England, I stayed with Weaver Aunt.  Knitter Aunt lives about 2 blocks away.  Weaver Aunt saw my lace work and was quite impressed.  She was telling me about a place where she and Knitter Aunt go to get very inexpensive yarn by the cone.  They have been experimenting with dying and they have found great pima cotton, a pound for $6.00.  (No, I don’t know details but hoped to get there while I was there.  We weren’t able to.)  Anyhow, Weaver Aunt gave me this tencel that she had gotten there, which she thinks the drape of would make a lovely stole.  I think so too, though I am concerned about how it will block out.  Anyone have experience with this?
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Then she gave me some mohair which is amazingly beautiful.  It will be, by far, the most wonderfully beautiful yarn I have ever worked with!
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And then Weaver Aunt suggested that Knitter Aunt sometimes has yarn she wants to give up, and Knitter Aunt agreed that she had some fingering weight yarn that she had been using as fillers that she was eager to get out of her yarn room.  So she gave that to me.  It is 70% wool 30% rayon.  Each color has around 2100 yards.  Amazing!
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Oh, and up at the top there is a small ball of leftover pima cotton from one of the cones Weaver Aunt bought.  I am going to knit something up with it and see how it works with my hands.  If I like it, she said she would send some out. 

More stories later when I have more time to write!