Trip Home

Well I need to start blogging about my trip bit by bit so that I don’t forget it all completely.  I’ll start with the airline issues, of which there are many as usual.

Trip out went relatively well.  No huge issues or delays.  Daughter was great, she worked hard to be a little angel.  She got scared and cried on the first plane because she had forgotten how loud it gets at first but quickly assimilated herself and did fine the rest of the trip.  I turned on my cell as we got to the Philly airport and saw a voicemail from my mom saying that my dad was badly stuck in traffic and couldn’t get to us as soon as he had anticipated.  So we took our time and got our luggage and went out to sit and wait.  Daughter was getting antsy but still really working hard at being good.  At one point I noticed the poor kid twirling her hair and knocking her head back and forth in the car seat.  I knew she had just about had it but she managed even so.

Trip back was a bit more interesting.  We had originally been booked for a flight with a layover in Minneapolis.  Northwest changed that so we ended up with a layover in Detroit and one in Minneapolis.  To top that off, they had allowed half an hour for the layover in Detroit and 45 minutes for the layover in Minneapolis.  Considering that I have a 3 yr old, a stroller, carryon bags, and a carseat, I find that these types of quick layovers are never good.  A potty training child needs some time to use the bathroom, and often just getting the stroller out of valet check takes a long time.  Also, flying out of Philly, one is ALWAYS late to begin with.

I got up that morning at 2:30AM since we had to be in the car headed to the Philly airport at 3:30 AM.  Anyone who has ever flown out of Philly on a 6:15 AM flight in the summer knows why!  It gets crazy busy down there even early in the morning.  We were slightly delayed out of Philly but within normal bounds rather than anything drastic.  My daughter and I were sitting far back on the plane and by the time we got off the plane in Detroit, the plane to Minneapolis would have been boarding for the last 15 minutes or so.  And we had quite a distance to go.  So I did what I always do, set up the stroller, put the carseat on top of the stroller, put my daughter in the car seat, put my luggage on the bottom of the stroller, and ran!   I took that stroller over the moving walkways running on them and only slowing down enough to get the stroller off the walkway.  Well, getting off one of the walkways, the poor stroller, which I have been using as a packhorse since my daughter was born, gave out.  Down crashes my daughter on her face with the car seat on top of her, and part of the stroller flew in another direction and the force of the quick stop made my luggage fly off as well.  So I pick everything up, carry my daughter and keep running.  I had to tell her to hold tight to mommy as I raced to catch the plane.  We made it!  (Only because there were mechanical issues and the plane was stopped.)

We did manage to catch the Minneapolis flight and all was well from then on, besides losing my car in the parking lot and wandering around with jeans on in 105 degree heat.  It could have been worse, we could have gotten stuck somewhere.

One thought on “Trip Home

  1. Northwest is horrible with the layover times. I once had to run from one end of Chicago’s O’Hare to the other in 15 minutes. Luckily I didn’t have a kid or much carry on luggage. Barely made it as it was.

    And, WELCOME BACK! 😀

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