Weaver Aunt has a lovely sailboat.  One of my “musts” when I go to visit is to go sailing.  The problem is that I seem to bring rain and still weather.  The second full day of vacation in New England we were able to get out on the boat.  It was Weaver Aunt, PopPop, and myself.  It was a warm, relatively still day, but we were able to catch enough wind to have a decent sail.  We got quite a ways out before I got too tired to stay awake.  I decided to nap in the boat and by the time I woke up (maybe 15 minutes later) we were at a standstill.  Somehow the wind had completely dropped off.  We decided to head further away from shore and then do some swimming off the side of the boat.  I enjoy swimming in the ocean SOOOO much!  I stayed in long after Weaver Aunt had cooled off and climbed back into the boat.  Once I was done we were able to pick up some decent wind to sail back home.  We saw quite a few schools of fish jumping and the associated birds swooping in to feed on them.  I always find that somewhat interesting.  We got to see a fishing boat head out to one of the fish farms, haven’t seen that before either.  But by far, just being out on a sail boat where it is so quiet is my favorite part of sailing.  As we came back in we decided not to use the motor but to tack all the way back, something which Weaver Aunt is always happy to practice and we were happy to oblige her.  (I won’t even mention PopPop’s not so graceful entry into the dinghy on the way there 😉  For a former sailor, it was not pretty!)