It is DONE!!!! After whining about it earlier, I decided it must be finished tonight. It is currently blocking on my bed. I am apparently relegated to the couch tonight. Small price to pay for something this beautiful if you ask me:


I cannot wait to wear it tomorrow, pictures to come.  Luckily it is cool out now.  Maybe it will be easier to see as well, this makes it a little tough with the light on light color.

MS3 update

No pictures, at least not yet. All I have to say is that I will never ever ever finish! And my goal is to get it done before labor day weekend. I am about halfway through the last clue, and knitting it in every spare moment including at work where I usually work on my commissions. Commissions are currently set aside to get this sucker done. What is it with all the increases on the wing? Just when you think you are close to the end you knit for ages and don’t seem to accomplish anything. *sigh* So, I do feel like it won’t end and I am getting frustrated with it. Furthermore, the weather is lovely and cool here and I wish I was wearing it right now! At this point it feels like it will become my funeral shroud because it will take at least that long to get it done!

ETA: After knitting all through my lunch break and getting nowhere, I just might “accidentally” end up with a knitting needle in the eye!



Perhaps her face just tells us how she felt about the ocean!  Every wave that came in she just giggled and giggled.  Very cute!  There is a dock quite a ways out that I love to swim out to and back a couple times for good exercise while I am there.   I went out one time and my daughter flipped over me being out there.  She just screamed and cried and would not be distracted until I came back.  So I only got one swim out and back but it was a lovely time anyhow.