First day back to school

In 10 years!

and what a change!

I had my first evening of classes yesterday.  I had gotten myself into a major panic over absolutely silly things.  I couldn’t find my student ID # so I couldn’t print out my schedule so I didn’t know what books I needed or where to go for class.  I got myself all worked up before I remembered that my student ID card probably contained my student ID #.  Then I worried that 2 hours was not enough time to park and buy books.  Yeah, I was done by 5:30 and class wasn’t until 7.  The only logical panic would have been that the ex did not take my daughter but even that went without a hitch.  It was a lovely cool day out so I found a little spot to knit for an hour before I went to class.   Honestly, since it is a commuter campus, it is set up so that you really can get everything you need right there.  I think I may just go after work on Wednesday evenings and study till class starts.

The class itself will be difficult, it is all English poetry.  He is a demanding professor but I got a good impression of him right from the start and enthusiasm from the prof makes difficult subjects go much better.  There will be a quiz each class and 3 large exams.  Class participation is a large part of the grade so I will have to lose my observation tendencies and get in the game.  Oh….and my ability to concentrate?  Class goes almost 3 hours and I had no issue whatsoever paying attention the entire time.  Let’s hope it stays that way!  I bought a used book but I think I will have to return it and spend the extra on a new book.  Scanning poems that someone has already scanned is just confusing to me.  I think the extra $20 is a good investment in this case.

Stay tuned for my bonehead car moment….

3 thoughts on “First day back to school

  1. Here’s a practise poem for you to scan:

    Go to work go to sleep,
    Try hard not to sneeze,
    Thinking hard is bad for you,
    All it brings is head with glue.

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