My personal bonehead car moment

The moment I keep promising but am too embarrassed to deliver!

The other day I needed to go to the bank to pay off a loan. I decided I would do that during my lunch hour. There is a branch close by so I thought I would take a quick trip there. When I went by, I realized that the branch I normally use has been closed. This necessitated a much further trip than I was anticipating. Off I went realizing what should have taken me a half hour was now going to take me an hour. But it had to be done.

So I completed my bank duties and headed back towards work. I successfully bypassed my favorite local yarn shop and headed down a smaller road which I consider a short cut. I was near work, but not near enough to walk, when my car suddenly started jerking back and forth terribly! First thought through my mind is “Great, pay off a loan and my transmission goes, isn’t that just the way of things!” Then I thought about it further. Even through my panic I could see that the fuel gauge was a bit low. Now I have been having some trouble with the fuel gauge, I have noticed upon filling the tank, the gauge does not go all the way to the top anymore. Now, for a 99 with 102K on it, little things like this are commonplace. Sorta like the check engine light that has been on for the last 2 years. No biggy. But now I get the vague feeling that the fuel might be the issue rather than the transmission. I throw it into neutral (I drive manual transmission) and start to coast down the hill. Now I have some quick thinking to do. Where are the nearest gas stations, and how far are they related to where I am. There is one fairly close but it requires a quick turn around and a trip uphill. This requires much fuel usage. I am not sure if I have it. There is another one a bit farther away at the bottom of a hill, but that requires idling at a few red lights, as well as bigger intersections, and I am not sure I want to try that either. I opt for the uphill gas station which is closer. Quick turn and I throw on my hazards. If nothing else, I am hitting the closest station so I can walk if needed. Though walking in a pretty dress and heels on a hot day is not my idea of fun. I make it out onto the main road going uphill and the poor car is just jerking back and forth so badly, I start to worry about whiplash! I take it slow, no sudden moves…..and I make it! PHEW! Poor car, but once again, good laugh for my dear coworkers!

3 thoughts on “My personal bonehead car moment

  1. Dang it! I wasn’t going to laugh but I did..I think it was a happy giggle of relief because you made it to the pump (or I was imagining you with puffy hair from all that headbanging 😀 ).
    I hate it when things like that happen and I am glad there isn’t anything seriously wrong with your car.

  2. Oh I am telling you I was looking so pretty, white dress with blue embroidery. Pretty little shawl. I would have looked QUITE a site walking around in that outfit and heels with a red gas can!

  3. ROFL, too funny the image I get of you in the nice dress and heels with a gas can! Glad to hear you made it in one piece and with out having major issues.

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