Front is done

And I even wove in my ends ahead of time! Now that is an accomplishment if you ask me.


I really did want to get this front off the needles this weekend, but I wasn’t sure it could be done since I have been studying more than knitting. I am very pleased it is done, now for the back!

Also, I started to swatch for The Secret of the Stole. Now, technically I knew I wasn’t going to use the harmony needles I have since they are too large for the project, but I just wanted to get a good feel for the needles themselves to see if I liked them. They are indeed sharp, which is great. They are also super slippery in my opinion. It is fantastic to have slippery sharp needles that aren’t metal, since my hands can’t work with metal at all! But for lace I am thinking my addi’s might be better. I’d really like to get ahold of the sock set in harmony’s as I think they would work super well.

Today I asked my daughter if I could give her a hug, which she allowed for a bit, but then said “That’s enough!” That is the first time I have heard her use that phrase, I just burst out laughing.

Also, she is a pretty decent ball winder operator.


Well maybe not official…

Apparently to change your name back after a divorce, you must have that written in the divorce decree.  He has to “give you permission” to take back your maiden name.  Never have I heard something so ridiculous.  So, my options are, get the divorce amended by the judge, keep my name the same, or go for a “Common Useage” name change.  There are rules to that but for the most part, I just use the name I want consistently.

Lets examine these options.  In the last post, we examined why I prefer not to keep my name the same.  But amending the divorce decree will be difficult, and my ex would have to agree to it.  If he thinks it is important to me, he is not likely to agree to it in the first place.

I don’t think I understand this common usage thing.  I suspect that you would have to be awfully consistent, but how do you do so when you often have to back everything up with identification?  I don’t really get it.

So I suppose for now, I am stuck with this name I took.  Too bad really.  I am a little down about it.  I suppose it is that rebellious nature I just talked about getting really bent out of shape that he can dictate what name I can or cannot have.  Boy that really rubs me the wrong way!

It is official

I am changing my last name back to my maiden name.  I have made this decision for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, I like my maiden name!  Also, my married name is boring.  Secondly, I think it is not good to be tied even in name to this person I have divorced.  His life is a train wreck and any additional degrees of separation may be a positive thing.  Because I still bear his last name, I am constantly getting collections agency notices and bankruptcy attorney offers because of bills which are not my responsibility.  Perhaps a name change will help this a bit.

The main reason I have not done so yet is because this means I will have a different last name from my daughter.  I don’t think in the end that this is a big issue, as a lot of children, I am sad to say, have similar situations.  Perhaps it is slightly selfish to not want to be reminded of your ex every time you tell someone your name, but I have been giving this thought all summer long and I don’t believe I am doing this for selfish reasons, but rather to protect myself and my daughter from someone who is in a constant state of denial about the train wreck that is his life.  And we all know he isn’t going to change!

On the knitting front, I finished the second baby hat yesterday but did not find time to take a picture before I eagerly gave it to the parent of the rightful owner.  If I am lucky, they will send me some pictures of the girls wearing the hats, that would be lovely.  Now it is project that must not be named all the time.

In addition to this, I am going to try my hand at designing some colorwork patterns.  Not the whole garment but the patterns that can be worked into the garment.   I just need more graph paper, the stuff I have right now is too large for the bigger projects I am working on.  That should happen on Friday.

In school news, I missed a question on my quiz yesterday.  I had been complaining that I didn’t have enough time to study this week but to be honest, no amount of studying would have changed my answer in this case.  He was deliberately trying to trip us up with that question and he got me!  I knew the answer was not correct, it did not look right at all.  I kept thinking “why would a poet do that?  That can’t be right!” and indeed it wasn’t.  But first midterm is next week and it just makes me want to study all the harder.  In fact, I have canceled any plans I had for the weekend in order to stay at home and study.   The only thing I haven’t canceled is my knit night but I would not typically be studying during that time period anyhow.  So I don’t consider it a loss to study time.

On a final note…what is it with my rebellious nature?  What is it that makes me want to do the opposite of what people tell me to do?  I have always been this way a little bit.  A good example of this is my neighbor down the road.  I don’t particularly care for her.  She doesn’t like the fact that when I park my car in my driveway, the tail end hangs out into the sidewalk a bit.  Now, I do have a garage, but it is a tight squeeze and I don’t really feel like putting the car in there during the warm months.  It is a bit of a pain, I don’t have a garage door opener so it feels like I have to get in and out of my car a whole bunch to get it in the garage.  Then once it is in there, it is hard to get my daughter out.  It really wasn’t her asking me necessarily that bugged me but the way she went about it.  She doesn’t just ask nicely but I always get this veiled tone of “you are stupid and you are doing this to make me angry” which is not the case.  My theory is that if she finds it so hard to walk around the tail end of my car (which does leave sidewalk room) then she can march herself over to the other side of the road where there is a nice open sidewalk with no cars at all.  After all, I am not the only car on my side of the street that hangs its tail onto the sidewalk!  Soon enough the weather is going to get cool and I am not going to want to scrape windows so the car will go in the garage again.  But why does she just rub me the wrong way and bring up my reactionary nature?  Of course, when I mentioned this to significant other, he being a much better person than I could hope to be, instantly said “Sweetie, I think maybe it is just better to park your car where it doesn’t bother her, after all, if we can and are able to do something to make someone else’s life easier, shouldn’t we just be happy to do it?”  Well, I don’t think I can argue with that logic.

Lack of knitting to post

It has been a few days since I posted anything, mostly because there has been a severe lack of knitting updates to post!  I’d prefer not to keep boring everyone with updates on the project that must not be named so I am waiting to get the front off the needles.  Only 10 more centimeters to go.  I still think October 13 is a rather ambitious date to complete the project by, but I can at least shoot for that.

So, in order to keep everyone entertained, I give you stories of the daughter.

So as I mentioned, she likes all things Peter Pan these days.  What really cracks me up is that when we go to the park, rather than playing on the slides, she walks the perimeter on the wooden boards with her arms outstretched singing “we can fly we can fly we can fly!”


Update on bedtime issues.  She has decided that chocolate is worth not waking me up at night.  However, calling me back upstairs and crying at bedtime is still higher on the scale of things to do than the call of chocolate.  So she isn’t getting chocolate in the morning.  So, I am now telling her that if she calls me back upstairs repeatedly and cries, I will take ALL of her movies, put them away, and she will not be able to watch any of them ’till she earns them back.  That was apparently a real threat, not a peep out of her last night.  Which was good, since it was the season premier of Heroes!

I have also realized that 8:30 seems to be around her natural bedtime.  I have tried to put her to bed earlier but she still falls asleep around 8:30 so I think I am best just going with it!

Gotta love Pirates?

You scored as Captain Jack Sparrow,You are definitely quirky and often mistaken for mad but if anyone is truly paying attention they can see there is method to your madness. You try really hard to be bad but in the end you tend to do the right thing.

What kind of Pirate are you?
created with

OK, it is eerily accurate!

Made all the more amusing due to my daughter’s sudden love of all things Peter Pan!

A couple of posts

That are not my own but that I found interesting, touching, or just plain amusing.

From Fast Food Pharmacy

A post about nutrition and the state of our collective health.

From Yarn Harlot

A post about New Orleans, be sure to read all the way down to the part about the bottle tree.

From Slurpee

This post just cracked me up for some reason. Maybe because I have worked in corporate food service and know all the stupid things we were asked to do that made absolutely no sense.

Enjoy 🙂

I didn’t make it….

But I can still brag!!!

Favorite coworker made this for a friend who just had a baby. It is beautiful! She claims she hasn’t knitted in a long time but … does that perfectly even basket weave look like someone who doesn’t know what she is doing? I don’t think so! It came off the needles today during break and to see her reaction to the finished project was so much fun for me! Same reaction that I usually have, a touch of “maybe I’ll just keep it,” a bit of “Can’t wait to give it to the rightful owner” a whole heap of pride and just a tiny ounce of “they better appreciate this!” The blanket is lovely and blue and soft and large enough to stick with the child for a good long time. It is a nylon and acrylic blend and it is so very very soft and thick! I can only hope that knitting is contagious and that the bug is permanent!

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Random bits

I’ve nothing exciting to post about. Not much knitting has been done due to class last evening. Not to mention the only project on the needles besides a baby hat is the sweater and I have already posted a fair amount of pictures of that. So now for some random things.

I aced another quiz last night. Good news, but, I did almost miss the second half of the last question. To my defense, it was not something we had really gone over but I wrote down what I originally thought the answer was, gave it some thought, figured it didn’t look quite right and changed it. I changed it to the correct answer. Yay me! It was a little too close for comfort though.

Cell phone issue was addressed last week. The guy beside me who was the biggest culprit had been texting right up to the point the professor made the announcement. He then immediately put the phone in his pocket. Trouble was, he kept receiving texts he couldn’t look at. All I have to say is it must be a big addiction for that kid because he looked positively in pain at not being able to check his messages. Right down to squirming in his seat. Amused me greatly! Last night, he got no texts and looked like he didn’t even have his phone. I was amazed!

Class participation is a huge portion of our grade. If we don’t participate we have the option of writing a large research paper. I figured I’d have to take that option. Now I am suspecting I won’t as I have been quite vocal in class. A lot of it comes from “getting” what others aren’t, so the professor calls on me when he sees that I know the answer. The other issue is that I am not feeling the least bit uncomfortable speaking up. So far, my answers have always been correct. I think my class participation grade is also not suffering.

Daughter is feeling better it seems. It ended up being a relatively short lived cold. I think I took her to the doctor too soon, probably at the worst of the cold. Better safe than sorry I suppose. I suspect all she really needed was a day or 2 out of school to recover. She sure has been sleeping well at night since she has been back though, she is worn out!

I forgot to have coffee yesterday morning. Isn’t that the oddest thing? My coworker was out in the morning for an appointment and I am accustomed to waiting for a break with her to have my coffee. She came back later than I expected and I was so eager to take a break with her that I forgot to drink coffee! (Yes, I made her take a break as soon as she walked through the door, I am cruel like that!) I won’t miss my coffee this morning.

I suppose that is all for now.

Harmony, wanna see?


Yes, I got my knitpicks harmony needles.  I have never used knitpicks needles before, the options needles being metal were never a temptation.  I cannot and will not use metal needles.  They don’t work with the issues with my hands.  So little did I know about the wonder that is knitpicks needles.  These are not just lovely needles, not just pleasing to the eye.  The cord is so relaxed, none of that tensing and curling that you get with other needles that can make you crazy with frustration.  The join is seamless.  I worried about the tips not staying screwed on to the cord, as this has been my experience thus far with interchangeable needles.  No issue there, the key that is provided makes them stay tight.  And all of this at a price less expensive than the addi natura’s that I have been buying?  I am sold!  When I need new needles, this is where I am going to get them!

(Of course I had to photograph them on top of “project” so that you could see my progress…)

Cooking with a health nut.

It is not easy!

So significant other loves to cook with someone.  He is a terrific cook, which is great for me, but up until lately I have just let him do all the cooking.  This is for a couple of reasons.  First, I grew up cooking meat, and he has been vegetarian (though sometimes eating salmon) for years.  I buy whatever is cheapest at the store whereas he buys whatever is healthiest at the store.  There are a lot of things that I have no trouble eating which he wouldn’t dream of putting in his body.  Early attempts at baking treats for him resulted in his worry over if I used shortning or not.  No amount of denial of the use of shortning seemed to help.  Also, the white sugar he didn’t want to eat and so on.  Due to these factors, I just didn’t attempt to cook while partaking in all the wonderful foods which he would cook for me.  I am telling you,  I have never eaten better, fresh healthy foods seasoned with olive oils and fresh herbs out of his treasured garden.  Surprising how quickly really good food turns into comfort food even if you haven’t grown up with these tastes.

So his logical conclusion after my refusal to cook is that I am not a good cook or that I can’t cook.  This is not entirely true.  I do enjoy cooking, but I prefer to do it when I am not rushed or harried or harassed.  I prefer to do it alone and without a child standing on my toes.   I took much pride and got much enjoyment out of cooking when I was a stay at home mom.  Now it isn’t the same.  I come home with about 2 hours to spend with my precious child and if I spend all of it cooking and cleaning up, I feel like I have missed out.  So cooking is saved for Sundays or days where we have extra time.

But recently I have been hearing “Maybe you are going to learn to cook italian food.”  “I really like italian food.”  “Sweetie, when are you going to cook some delicious italian food?”  I was gifted an italian cookbook.  I hear that pasta is “NICE!” and Risotto is “NICE!”  I hear that he thinks he cannot cook these things at all but buying them at an italian restaurant makes him upset as he feels that we could do better at home.

So I endeavor to cook italian food.  I pick a recipe from my book, and make a list of ingredients.  Then I hear “recipes are just suggestions, maybe you want to add some of this, and some of that.”  I respond with “Now who is doing the cooking here?”  but I get what I want from the garden and decide to experiment.   Meanwhile I have someone standing over me watching what I do, which just makes me nervous!  “OUT!  OUT of the kitchen!” I say and off he goes to mow the lawn so I can cook in peace.  So I finish cooking my pasta, serve it nicely on plates, and go to call him in from his lawn.  No dice, he wants the lawn done first.  So now we are going to eat cold pasta?  No biggy.  Finally lawn is done and now I have the kitchen cleaned so we sit down to eat.  Well let me tell you, the pay off was worth the wait!  That man was SOOOO happy with his italian!  (Yeah ok it was pretty good!)  “Maybe you do know what you are doing!” is the comment I get.

Fast forward to this weekend where I endeavor to make risotto for the first time in my life.  I run into a few problems.  First off, all recipes for risotto I see call for chicken stock and wine.  Well, chicken is not going to work so I figure I will substitute vegetable stock.  Wine is out because he will never drink alcohol, even though the alcohol cooks off.  So I figure I had best have additional vegetable stock.  I figure I want to add onions, zucchini, roasted pine nuts, basil, garlic, and add fresh tomatoes and Parmesan cheese at the very end.   So we head to the store and I find vegetable stock.  It is a no go, as it has corn syrup and corn syrup is on the big bad list of “things we do not eat.”  Ok, so let’s check the organic section, maybe there is something more within the limits there.  Indeed, vegetable boullion.  This also contains corn syrup, but at a more reasonable level so I get away with it.  Back home to cook the food.  I sautee the onions and zucchini.  I add the rice to sautee.  I hear “I think you didn’t cook the zucchini enough sweetie, it is going to still be hard when the rice is done.”  To which I respond “There is at LEAST 20 minutes more cooking time to this, surely the zucchini will soften before then!”  “No no, I think I need to teach you some things about cooking vegetables.”  Well, that has earned him a big fat “get out of the kitchen” to which he responds with the lawnmower again.  I do tell him that if I say the food is done, he must stop what he is doing and come eat, as I don’t want to eat cold risotto.  So I finish up the risotto, which has turned out quite nicely in my opinion, (zucchini was perfectly soft) and got that served as well as the baba ghanoush he had made beforehand.  There was a lot of risotto as prior complaint was that I hadn’t made enough pasta.  He eats the risotto and I eat the baba ghanoush (sooo good!).  I don’t think I have ever seen him eat that much.  And even once the plate was clean, I catch him at the stove STILL eating at the risotto.  I think I made another hit!  But from now on, rule is, unless he is also cooking, he needs to stay out of the kitchen since everything I have made has turned out just fine even with him fussing over things.


Alice Starmore must be brilliant. Her designs are stunning. How I am enjoying the project that must not be named. Take a look! Click to enlarge. Of course having a sick kid means more knitting time since she is taking a super long nap. I don’t want to wake her up so I have been quietly knitting and studying. This picture was taken at the end of the first pattern repeat. I am enjoying the Merino Style from knitpicks, seems to work very well for the project and what a deal! My daughter is thrilled she has socks that match this yarn. I am just pleased that she is learning what matches!


Once sick kid wakes up though, I will be doing some major cleaning! Some may remember the strange wormlike creatures that invaded my home last autumn. Well they are back and the completely freak me out! I really need to figure out what to do about them but for now I will do some deep down cleaning in order to make sure I am not missing any. Call it my autumn cleaning rather than my spring cleaning.

Oh, also, I have an idea to put some sort of little logo into this project.  So I will try to design something and add it in.  I am also looking forward to that!

Sick kid

My daughter is sick.  We have had a real run of health lately so I suppose we are past due.  She has a cold and a cough and we are headed to the Dr. today.

This weekend, she kept telling me “Mommy, my feelings get hurt when I cough.”  I didn’t really understand what she was trying to say but this was consistently the answer.   Finally I asked her where her feelings were.  She said “They are in my ears!”  I asked her to show them to me and she lifted her hair to show me her ears.  Apparently she is having some pain in her ears, as to why this means her feelings got hurt, I have no idea, but how cute and funny!


So, I was browsing my tag surfer lamenting the fact that I haven’t a swift when I came across Jennifer. She suggests an ingenious yarn swift so I quickly tried one of my own. Took a few lamps and a few shades before I got a perfect fit but, gosh, it did work well!


Some knitting has gotten done on the project that must not be named.


I think you could say I am pleased with the progress so far.

Watermelon in a box!

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Yup, my knitpicks order came in today.  The Rhubarb color will be for the spanish christening blanket.  Can’t wait to get started!  The green is for a top secret not to be mentioned project.  I have 30 days from today to complete it.  Can anyone guess what it might be?

Another finished object.

Mom’s entrelac scarf is done.  You do realize this means I have ONLY one project left on the needles, a project I don’t anticipate working on ’till after christmas?!


This of course means I will be casting on furiously in an attempt to get more Christmas knitting done.

I aced another quiz last night, so anyone with concerns that knitting is interfering with my studies need not concern themselves.

I’ll be swatching during work today!

Contemplating a yarn swift

With the first commission I completed, I bought a ball winder.  I am contemplating getting a yarn swift with my earnings from my next 2 commissions.  The ball winder is fantastic but my 3 yr old daughter doesn’t have the strength or attention span to be my own personal yarn swift.  (Poor kid starts out ok with bother her arms straight out, but after a time she lets both arms fall lifting one or the other as I pull the yarn off.  It isn’t long after that before she decides she can’t do it anymore.)

So, suggestions on what to look for?  I’d love to hear them.

I see that my knitpicks yarn has made it to my city, so I am waiting with bated breath.  Yeah, seriously, actual bated breath.  My needle order has LEFT Ohio so it still has some time to go but I am a bit less concerned about that.  I just want that pretty yarn!

Seems like I go for long periods of time when I don’t have any finished objects then all of a sudden there are a bunch at once.  That is happening now.  There were 2 hats and a pair of socks in quick succession,  and today as I looked at the entrelac scarf I am making for my mom, I realized I better wrap it up pretty quick or I will be out of yarn completely.  So that should be finished this weekend too!  Time to start casting on a bunch more projects right?  I have about 3 just itching to get started.

Modified Broadripple sock

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I modified the knitty broadripple pattern for an 11 yr old girl.  Looks a little tight on this foot but that might be because it is being modeled by little girl’s grandmother.  I took out one pattern repeat and adjusted everything accordingly.  Not too shabby.  Will look better on intended recipient’s foot!

Oh, yarn details, I know at some point Ali of Put a Sock in it did ask…. but I have not been good at answering, as I completely lost the ball band for awhile.

It is Online supersocke100 in tropic.  It is a superwash wool, a huge plus if you ask me.  I had no trouble getting 2 pairs out of this though the second pair was smaller than the first.

Pajama Party

It is cold here.  Quite cold.  To the tune of 58F all day yesterday.  I sent my daughter to school in jeans and a long sleeve shirt with a hat but no jacket.  That seemed OK in the morning but it just got colder.

It is also that time of the year where you don’t think it is wise to turn on your heat.  You know full well that it will warm up again and so you chalk your chilly home up to saving energy.

When I went to pick up my daughter at daycare, she had been playing outside, in the rain.  They had given her a jacket thank goodness but she was wet up to her knees and sitting in puddles.  So she was cold!

We got home, the house was cold, I was cold even though dressed appropriately.  It had been raining all day so there was just that pervasive cold damp feeling.  I told my daughter we needed a pajama party night.  So I got right into my warm PJ’s and knitted socks (my first pair ever, since I gave all the rest away, though I have decided homemade warm knitted socks are a MUST for a PJ party!) and got her into her sesame street PJ’s and super soft thick socks.   We proceeded to do everything necessary for the evening in the living room under a blanket.  We ate there, read books, watched a movie, knit, wound balls of yarn together, and just generally had a grand old time!  I am really ready to implement a pajama party night once a week through the cold winter months, we had a blast!

(I know that Sav will approve!)

Secret of the stole

Yes, I joined another lace mystery knit.  I loved MS3 and couldn’t quite resist.  I don’t honestly think I will have the proper amounts of time to devote to it but I love to knit something when I don’t know what it will look like in the end.

Saturday, I believe I mentioned, I went to my local yarn shop.  I needed more needles and more yarn for a commission I am doing.  I had looked up on their website that they had some Skacel taupe colored merino laceweight.  I used this same type of yarn for MS3 and was happy with it overall though I do think it is somewhere between a cobweb weight and a laceweight.  But it is not at all expensive and knits up nicely.  My rule is that if what I am knitting is a mystery, I cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on it.  So Skacel it is.  And I already have more than enough beads left from MS3.  Trouble is, when I went to the yarn shop, they couldn’t find their taupe Skacel.  So I left with just needles and the yarn I needed for the commission.

Then you probably have already read about the knitpicks needles.  So I have to go to the yarn shop to return the ones I bought on Saturday.  And low and behold I got a call this morning saying that they had found the Skacel taupe!  Fantastic, because I really didn’t want to use any of the yarns that Weaver Aunt gave me for this project, when I have other plans for them.

Do I honestly think I will get through Secret of the stole with any immediacy?  Not really, but I love to have a lace project to fiddle around with.  And who knows, I could get as addicted as I was to MS3.  There is nothing like having something to knit where you won’t know the results and they might not be to your taste to stretch you (block you?) into thinking a bit out of the box!


My readers will get sick of hearing about weight loss triumphs but they will just have to deal!

Today I fit in pants I have been waiting a year to get in. Nice linen pants handed down to me last year by Knitter Aunt who does not have the saddle bag problem I do but is around the same size. I have been trying them on monthly hoping to finally get in them. Today I am wearing them and they fit well.


Additional thoughts.  Could I have replaced my food addictions with yarn addictions?  I think so!  But it is a healthier addiction so I will go with it.

I did buy the pretty colored wooden knitpicks needles.  I bought a set of cords and 4 sizes of tips.  This is like getting 12 needles for less than what I paid for 4 of the bamboo ones.  I am really eager to try them and see how they work!  But, I chose the free shipping option so we all know it will be AGES!

Oh No!

How sad am I? I just go to my local yarn shop this weekend and get a whole bunch more bamboo needles for new projects and then I see knitpicks has these???

the prettiest wooden needles ever

Oh the beauty! And the tips look pointier, and they are cheaper, than what I just bought. In fact, I love them sooo much I am contemplating returning all unused needles and getting some of these. Thats what I should do, why didn’t I think of that before the panic?!?!?

More yarn

I finally got the call from a dear friend who is pregnant. She has finally picked out the colors of the nursery. I had decided early on to knit her a shawl to use as a blanket. We chose this pattern from Folk Shawls:


We emailed back and forth a bit, I sent her links to yarn I could buy so she could check out colors, and we settled on a knitpicks choice of rhubarb in 100% Merino.  Yarn is ordered, and I am now antsy for it to get here.  We know it will be awhile!  I think the most fun thing about it was that she was just so thrilled with her color choice!   Maybe it is wise to let someone you knit for have some (well moderated) choice in the item so that they can be just as invested as you are!

cell phones in class

I sent a message to my professor today:

I am currently attending your class on Wednesday evenings.  I am wondering if you would be willing to say something to the class about the use of cell phones.  Yesterday evening during class there were 3 students around me all receiving text messages and replying to them during class.  No, their ringers were not on but the buzz  every few minutes of an incoming text and the consequential typing of a students reply I find highly distracting.  Perhaps I have just never encountered this before as this is the first class I have taken in 10 years.  Perhaps I am just not the least bit in touch with how students act as I am at least 10 years older than most of my fellow students.  I sat in a different area last night hoping to eliminate this problem.  For someone who struggles to concentrate at the best of times, I find their texting to be rather selfish.  Maybe I am just feeling a bit like Wordsworth, disenchanted by our collective inability to turn off the additional distractions of technology, but I really would appreciate it if you would be willing to address this with the class.

I tried to make it somewhat entertaining and self depricating and something he might be slightly amused with, we will see if it helps at all.


Yesterday I watched a news broadcast I found deeply disturbing. I have been trying to gather my thoughts since then as I have been thinking about this for some time. I am going to do my best to present this as logically as possible and we will see if it leads to some interesting discussion.

It is no secret that the media holds the power to change public opinion. It is also no secret that it does just that. I believe that the biggest culprits are news media and Hollywood movies. Both of which I will discuss here.

Let’s start with the ABC news story that ran last evening about the opening of an arabic school in NYC. Go ahead, read the whole thing. This should not be an issue since there are other similar schools for other languages and they don’t cause controversy. For those that didn’t read, this school will not be taught all in Arabic, but that classes in the language and culture are mandatory. It follows US school system curriculum so what exactly is the issue? The fact is that we are now living in a global society. I think for our children it will be difficult to compete without knowledge of additional languages. Not to mention, it is extremely wise for US children to learn that there are other languages and cultures besides our own. Our nation is vast and we have a tendency to forget that there is a world outside of our borders that may not always think as we do. Not to mention that our view of that world is so skewed because all we know is what the media tells us rather than what we have experienced.

Now, let me tell you a bit about the story that ran on TV, the part that I found disturbing. You will see in the article this quote: “I think there’s a special problem with an Arab school because of the reality of the world that we live in today,” said Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind. “The sad reality is that a lot of the terrorism, not a lot, almost all of it, has come from a particular community — a minority — but a particular community. That’s a reality we better face.”

What you don’t see is that this is coming from an orthodox Jew. Now, I have nothing against any of these religions or cultures, but don’t insult my intelligence by having the only person in the report not condoning the school by a man like this. Do you notice that this guy has it out for Muslims? Do you see that he encourages racial profiling? He doesn’t recognize Martin Luther King day? But I am sure he would be the first one to throw a fit if we start racial profiling against Jews! If you want to report that some find this school controversial, do so, but don’t do so in a way that immediately raises my dander. I find this particularly dangerous reporting because most people aren’t going to even notice who they have used to report something and just take it as fact. *sigh*

Now let me talk a bit about Hollywood. Recently I have noticed that almost every movie I see has some derogatory reference to Muslims even when it isn’t the least bit warranted nor necessary to a story line. I remember this being the case with Christianity in my childhood. The most blaring example I came across though was with September Dawn. (The first September 11) Basically it takes place in Utah in 1857, an incident where a wagon train stopping for rest on their way to California is massacred by Mormons who had settled there after being driven out of Missouri. I had never heard of this story until this movie came out. (I know I have a few Mormon readers and feel free to correct me on this one, or present another side of the story since I am ALL for discussion on this post!!!)

In the movie, there is a section where the the local Mormon leader is remembering being persecuted by people in Missouri and there is whole sections of this that talk about Islam, Muhammad, the Qur’an, etc. Now I ask you, were there really that many middle eastern people in the mid-west in 1857? Maybe I am wrong but I think not. I don’t think it is a logical correlation at all. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. It really just struck me as taking a shot at a religion that had nothing to do with the storyline once again.

My mother suggested that perhaps Hollywood was taking a potshot at any fundamental religion it could get its hands on. I suspect she is right.

Also, do you suppose this movie has come out because we have a possible presidential candidate who is Mormon?

Think people!

Open for discussion, much discussion appreciated. I’d like to see what others’ views on this subject are!


So some circumstances have suddenly made school and studying a much larger challenge.  Suddenly I have my daughter at all times now, and I am finding that poetry is not something that I can study with distractions.  Even if my daughter is playing quietly, it isn’t quiet enough for me to concentrate properly and be uninterrupted.  After all, who can concentrate on Wordsworth if one is listening for a child eating soap or filling the toilet with toilet paper?

Then there is the issue with her going to bed.  Someone replaced my daughter with a little monster who doesn’t want to go to bed and screams in her crib for half an hour to 45 minutes each night.  This never used to be an issue.  Well, a tantrum throwing 3 yr old is also not conducive to studying even if I am doing so outside on the porch in an attempt to escape the eardrum splitting sound!  And then once she quiets down and goes to sleep, around 8:45 or 9 at night, I sit down for a moment of peace and quiet and poetry and I fall asleep!

What option does this leave me with?  Yup, you got it, 5:30AM.  Last night I decided I would get up an hour early each morning to do my studying.  To commit to this, I need to be in bed by 9:30 at night in order to not be burning the candle on both ends.  I set my coffeemaker to have fresh coffee at 5:30 this morning, set my cup out with a bit of sugar and a spoon already in it, set my alarm, set my books out, and went to bed.   It worked!  I have always known I am a morning person and that I function better then anyhow.  The significant other was very very skeptical of this plan but I don’t think he fully understands the meaning of “morning person.”  I am at my brightest and retain the most early in the AM. (and he wonders why I can’t function after 10 at night?  I’ve been up a lot longer than he has!!!)  I maintain that this might be my answer to the current studying problem.  We shall see.

On another note, this means that I can still knit while my daughter is awake, keeping me nice and calm.  Last night I swatched for a sweater out of Aran Knitting, but I cannot get gauge no matter how hard I try.   I have officially decided that Lamb’s pride worsted is not going to work for this sweater.  Which is too bad, because that is what I have on hand and in the color I like.  I suppose I will attempt something else with it.

Labor day weekend

Sometimes life is drama-full and sometimes life is easy. This weekend felt more full of drama but let’s not dwell on that shall we? Instead we will talk of light things.

I bought a lawnmower. On Friday. I have been using a weed trimmer to mow my entire lawn all summer long. It takes some time and no matter how hard you try, you cannot get that lawn looking even. But, for the most part, the middle of the summer was hot and dry and I didn’t have to take the trimmer out that often. Now it is rainy. My lawn is growing like crazy and since it is more weeds than anything else, it “spikes.” My landlady has the attitude of “green is green” so she doesn’t care that it is full of weeds. Ah well, it is green now! I went to Sears to get their cheapest, smallest push mower which was on sale. They didn’t have that model in the store so I ended up with an upgrade, larger wheels apparently equals ease in pushing it about. Which is good, since my little plot of land is very oddly shaped and most of it is on quite an incline. I took it home, manged to put it all together myself, set the deck at the highest setting (those weeds were REALLY tall!) and bagged it. 2 passes over my small lawn and I would have to empty the bag, it was that tall! The lawn looked great, a nice accomplishment for my day off.

First colorwork hat is done. It looks decent. Not perfect, but decent. I suspect I will be redoing it because though it looked like it would fit when it was done, after I washed it, it stretched. I should know better, I have worked with this yarn before and same thing has happened. It is ok though, I want the child it is for to try it on, and that can’t happen before the 9th of this month. So I am hanging onto that project and we will see what happens after the first fitting.


What else, what else? In an attempt to distract myself, I decided I didn’t like the messiness that was my desk shelves. I also wanted to be able to look at my yarn. I know I know, I am SUCH a nerd but it makes me feel good, somehow calmer, to look at that pretty fiber! Plus, I had craft stuff just hanging around and needed to consolidate. I got a basket for all my notions and thread and used the rest of the space for yarn. It started out looking like this:


Now it looks like this:


At least I can easily see some of what I have on hand, possibly preventing me from buying more before I will use it, and getting inspired about the yarn that I do have. Did I mention it just makes me feel good? It really does!

In cleaning out my yarn stash and putting some up, I did find my final skein of Noro silk garden for my mom’s scarf.  I don’t post about the scarf because it is so much like the last I did, and it doesn’t look different from time to time anyhow.  But it is fairly close to being done, 1.5 skeins left.  The skein I am using now is rather poorly spun, I don’t mind the thick and thin that is Noro, or the spun tightly then area’s that are not tight at all.  I don’t even mind the knots and abrupt color changes.  Noro really rocks in its unusual beauty!  What I do mind is when there are “hiccups” in it, a little ball in the yarn with the place after it so finally spun it is hanging on by a thread, causing me to stop and graft to ensure that the yarn will hold.  And this skein is full of that.  I can’t wait to get it done though, once again, the colors of this one just thrill me!

My knitting is somewhat stunted with my need to study.  It is really really difficult to find study time that works for me.  I cannot concentrate on poetry when my daughter is running around.  Even if she is playing quietly, I can’t quite concentrate the way I need to.  So I end up waiting until around 9 at night where poetry just puts me to sleep!  I will just do my level best to get through this class but I have a feeling it will be a tough semester as some of the drama in my life infringes on all the plans I had for studying and school.  Meh.