Labor day weekend

Sometimes life is drama-full and sometimes life is easy. This weekend felt more full of drama but let’s not dwell on that shall we? Instead we will talk of light things.

I bought a lawnmower. On Friday. I have been using a weed trimmer to mow my entire lawn all summer long. It takes some time and no matter how hard you try, you cannot get that lawn looking even. But, for the most part, the middle of the summer was hot and dry and I didn’t have to take the trimmer out that often. Now it is rainy. My lawn is growing like crazy and since it is more weeds than anything else, it “spikes.” My landlady has the attitude of “green is green” so she doesn’t care that it is full of weeds. Ah well, it is green now! I went to Sears to get their cheapest, smallest push mower which was on sale. They didn’t have that model in the store so I ended up with an upgrade, larger wheels apparently equals ease in pushing it about. Which is good, since my little plot of land is very oddly shaped and most of it is on quite an incline. I took it home, manged to put it all together myself, set the deck at the highest setting (those weeds were REALLY tall!) and bagged it. 2 passes over my small lawn and I would have to empty the bag, it was that tall! The lawn looked great, a nice accomplishment for my day off.

First colorwork hat is done. It looks decent. Not perfect, but decent. I suspect I will be redoing it because though it looked like it would fit when it was done, after I washed it, it stretched. I should know better, I have worked with this yarn before and same thing has happened. It is ok though, I want the child it is for to try it on, and that can’t happen before the 9th of this month. So I am hanging onto that project and we will see what happens after the first fitting.


What else, what else? In an attempt to distract myself, I decided I didn’t like the messiness that was my desk shelves. I also wanted to be able to look at my yarn. I know I know, I am SUCH a nerd but it makes me feel good, somehow calmer, to look at that pretty fiber! Plus, I had craft stuff just hanging around and needed to consolidate. I got a basket for all my notions and thread and used the rest of the space for yarn. It started out looking like this:


Now it looks like this:


At least I can easily see some of what I have on hand, possibly preventing me from buying more before I will use it, and getting inspired about the yarn that I do have. Did I mention it just makes me feel good? It really does!

In cleaning out my yarn stash and putting some up, I did find my final skein of Noro silk garden for my mom’s scarf.  I don’t post about the scarf because it is so much like the last I did, and it doesn’t look different from time to time anyhow.  But it is fairly close to being done, 1.5 skeins left.  The skein I am using now is rather poorly spun, I don’t mind the thick and thin that is Noro, or the spun tightly then area’s that are not tight at all.  I don’t even mind the knots and abrupt color changes.  Noro really rocks in its unusual beauty!  What I do mind is when there are “hiccups” in it, a little ball in the yarn with the place after it so finally spun it is hanging on by a thread, causing me to stop and graft to ensure that the yarn will hold.  And this skein is full of that.  I can’t wait to get it done though, once again, the colors of this one just thrill me!

My knitting is somewhat stunted with my need to study.  It is really really difficult to find study time that works for me.  I cannot concentrate on poetry when my daughter is running around.  Even if she is playing quietly, I can’t quite concentrate the way I need to.  So I end up waiting until around 9 at night where poetry just puts me to sleep!  I will just do my level best to get through this class but I have a feeling it will be a tough semester as some of the drama in my life infringes on all the plans I had for studying and school.  Meh.