cell phones in class

I sent a message to my professor today:

I am currently attending your class on Wednesday evenings.  I am wondering if you would be willing to say something to the class about the use of cell phones.  Yesterday evening during class there were 3 students around me all receiving text messages and replying to them during class.  No, their ringers were not on but the buzz  every few minutes of an incoming text and the consequential typing of a students reply I find highly distracting.  Perhaps I have just never encountered this before as this is the first class I have taken in 10 years.  Perhaps I am just not the least bit in touch with how students act as I am at least 10 years older than most of my fellow students.  I sat in a different area last night hoping to eliminate this problem.  For someone who struggles to concentrate at the best of times, I find their texting to be rather selfish.  Maybe I am just feeling a bit like Wordsworth, disenchanted by our collective inability to turn off the additional distractions of technology, but I really would appreciate it if you would be willing to address this with the class.

I tried to make it somewhat entertaining and self depricating and something he might be slightly amused with, we will see if it helps at all.

6 thoughts on “cell phones in class

  1. I find cell phones to be an annoyance beyond words, no matter where one is when using them. People can’t seem to eat, sleep, work, see a doctor or even take a crap without “being connected”. What a pile of crap.

    IF I were a professor (or high school teacher, preacher, doctor, whatever) I would state a policy of NO cell phone use during class (church, appointments, etc…) and the first one who did not adhere to it would be dismissed with a failing grade (or just asked to leave in places other than school).

    I don’t care how technologically advanced we are, we’ve traded off good sense & manners for trinkets.

  2. That is exactly right. Now, I know that most professors pretty much have an attitude of “Do what you want, you dig your own grave” but when it is distracting other serious students, that is no good.

    I keep my cell phone in class, in my bag. I turn the ringer off AND the buzzer off. If it rang, I would see a little light indicating that it rang. The sole reason I do that is because of my daughter being with the sitter. Since I don’t use a cell for anything else, I am fairly certain that the only call I would get would be from the sitter. I certainly am not planning and evening of drinking and pizza with it via text messages received and written during class.

    I try to sit there and concentrate for 3 hours, and it is hard for me at the best of times. The buzz, then the attempt at discretion pulling the phone out of the pants pocket, the text, the click of the phone shut and the additional attempt at discretion to put it back IN his pants pocket only to have it buzz again 2 seconds later so we can repeat the process positively makes me insane!

  3. I think you couldn’t have asked him in a better way. And I liked how you brought the class subject into as well; nice touch!

    I would be just as annoyed as you. I’m thankful that I was finished with university before texting really became so mainstream. (but I found the peeps with laptops very distracting with the clickyclack of the keys). I really hope your prof addresses it.

    Now my younger sister has her phone constantly glued to her perfectly manicured fingers (we are VERY different) and it drives me completely up the wall. In the car, at the movies, out to dinner, in the bathroom. It has gotten so that I will refuse to go anywhere with her unless she leaves it home. It is just so very rude and disrespectful to be “spending time” with someone but be texting others throughout the outing. She already has her degree or else I suspect she would be one of those folks your prof needs to have words with.

  4. I don’t use my phone in class, but others do and it’s never bothered me. I guess it’s a generational thing. I find it amusing, actually, since they don’t have a clue what’s going on and will probably fail. 😛

    Did he ever make the speech?

  5. A generational thing? Kevin, are you trying to make me feel old? 😛

    We will find out Wednesday night if he makes the announcement.

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