Secret of the stole

Yes, I joined another lace mystery knit.  I loved MS3 and couldn’t quite resist.  I don’t honestly think I will have the proper amounts of time to devote to it but I love to knit something when I don’t know what it will look like in the end.

Saturday, I believe I mentioned, I went to my local yarn shop.  I needed more needles and more yarn for a commission I am doing.  I had looked up on their website that they had some Skacel taupe colored merino laceweight.  I used this same type of yarn for MS3 and was happy with it overall though I do think it is somewhere between a cobweb weight and a laceweight.  But it is not at all expensive and knits up nicely.  My rule is that if what I am knitting is a mystery, I cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on it.  So Skacel it is.  And I already have more than enough beads left from MS3.  Trouble is, when I went to the yarn shop, they couldn’t find their taupe Skacel.  So I left with just needles and the yarn I needed for the commission.

Then you probably have already read about the knitpicks needles.  So I have to go to the yarn shop to return the ones I bought on Saturday.  And low and behold I got a call this morning saying that they had found the Skacel taupe!  Fantastic, because I really didn’t want to use any of the yarns that Weaver Aunt gave me for this project, when I have other plans for them.

Do I honestly think I will get through Secret of the stole with any immediacy?  Not really, but I love to have a lace project to fiddle around with.  And who knows, I could get as addicted as I was to MS3.  There is nothing like having something to knit where you won’t know the results and they might not be to your taste to stretch you (block you?) into thinking a bit out of the box!


My readers will get sick of hearing about weight loss triumphs but they will just have to deal!

Today I fit in pants I have been waiting a year to get in. Nice linen pants handed down to me last year by Knitter Aunt who does not have the saddle bag problem I do but is around the same size. I have been trying them on monthly hoping to finally get in them. Today I am wearing them and they fit well.


Additional thoughts.  Could I have replaced my food addictions with yarn addictions?  I think so!  But it is a healthier addiction so I will go with it.

I did buy the pretty colored wooden knitpicks needles.  I bought a set of cords and 4 sizes of tips.  This is like getting 12 needles for less than what I paid for 4 of the bamboo ones.  I am really eager to try them and see how they work!  But, I chose the free shipping option so we all know it will be AGES!