Pajama Party

It is cold here.  Quite cold.  To the tune of 58F all day yesterday.  I sent my daughter to school in jeans and a long sleeve shirt with a hat but no jacket.  That seemed OK in the morning but it just got colder.

It is also that time of the year where you don’t think it is wise to turn on your heat.  You know full well that it will warm up again and so you chalk your chilly home up to saving energy.

When I went to pick up my daughter at daycare, she had been playing outside, in the rain.  They had given her a jacket thank goodness but she was wet up to her knees and sitting in puddles.  So she was cold!

We got home, the house was cold, I was cold even though dressed appropriately.  It had been raining all day so there was just that pervasive cold damp feeling.  I told my daughter we needed a pajama party night.  So I got right into my warm PJ’s and knitted socks (my first pair ever, since I gave all the rest away, though I have decided homemade warm knitted socks are a MUST for a PJ party!) and got her into her sesame street PJ’s and super soft thick socks.   We proceeded to do everything necessary for the evening in the living room under a blanket.  We ate there, read books, watched a movie, knit, wound balls of yarn together, and just generally had a grand old time!  I am really ready to implement a pajama party night once a week through the cold winter months, we had a blast!

(I know that Sav will approve!)

4 thoughts on “Pajama Party

  1. Hooray!!!! That sounds like so very much fun! I love chilly days; it makes snuggling in warm flannel so very satisfying. We are having one here as well.

    Now, once a week jama parties are a great start….and then you can work up to every day, just like me lol!

  2. I would almost kill for cold weather. Ok, truth be told, I’d almost kill over much of anything these days. 😉

    Molly and I enjoyed a “Girl’s Night” over the weekend. That’s time shared in the tub, then doing the girly things after- lotions, powders, facials and such.

    It’s fun stuff isn’t it?

  3. Snigs, it certainly has improved my mothering skills and attitude to spend some quality “fun” time with her. As well as set boundaries and be consistent but that is a post for another day….

    Sav, I am afraid (or pleased to say) that come winter time, every day is PJ party day. Somehow the cold winter months make me feel like the only way to stay warm in my home is to be in comfy PJ’s. Jeans are cold, have you noticed? Not at all good for an old home in the winter!

  4. How fun!!! 😀 We do the opposite here…during the summer we have “Jammie Day” because it is just too darn hot to go out so why bother getting dressed?

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