Contemplating a yarn swift

With the first commission I completed, I bought a ball winder.  I am contemplating getting a yarn swift with my earnings from my next 2 commissions.  The ball winder is fantastic but my 3 yr old daughter doesn’t have the strength or attention span to be my own personal yarn swift.  (Poor kid starts out ok with bother her arms straight out, but after a time she lets both arms fall lifting one or the other as I pull the yarn off.  It isn’t long after that before she decides she can’t do it anymore.)

So, suggestions on what to look for?  I’d love to hear them.

I see that my knitpicks yarn has made it to my city, so I am waiting with bated breath.  Yeah, seriously, actual bated breath.  My needle order has LEFT Ohio so it still has some time to go but I am a bit less concerned about that.  I just want that pretty yarn!

Seems like I go for long periods of time when I don’t have any finished objects then all of a sudden there are a bunch at once.  That is happening now.  There were 2 hats and a pair of socks in quick succession,  and today as I looked at the entrelac scarf I am making for my mom, I realized I better wrap it up pretty quick or I will be out of yarn completely.  So that should be finished this weekend too!  Time to start casting on a bunch more projects right?  I have about 3 just itching to get started.