Another finished object.

Mom’s entrelac scarf is done.  You do realize this means I have ONLY one project left on the needles, a project I don’t anticipate working on ’till after christmas?!


This of course means I will be casting on furiously in an attempt to get more Christmas knitting done.

I aced another quiz last night, so anyone with concerns that knitting is interfering with my studies need not concern themselves.

I’ll be swatching during work today!

7 thoughts on “Another finished object.

  1. I love that scarf! 😀 Reading your blog and seeing all these fabulous creations of yours has made me want to take up knitting… Got any tips for a newbie? I do know how to crotchet, if that matters any…

  2. You are your Nana’s granddaughter. It is so beautiful and I am looking forward to having it. I don’t want to say I am looking forward to wearing it as that might bring on winter too quickly. 🙂 It will go so well with my green coat but I truly can not remember when I have had a totally new coat. I am seeing all the shades and colors I could be looking at if I go on a search for a new coat.

  3. Jenn, If you can crochet, you can learn to knit. Look for tutorials for continental knitting because you are probably already used to holding your yarn in your left hand. Then, remember that it takes some persistence! But big ol’ pay off in the end. I learned to crochet first and had trouble learning to knit but eventually it did become second nature. Tons of info on the web!!!

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