So, I was browsing my tag surfer lamenting the fact that I haven’t a swift when I came across Jennifer. She suggests an ingenious yarn swift so I quickly tried one of my own. Took a few lamps and a few shades before I got a perfect fit but, gosh, it did work well!


Some knitting has gotten done on the project that must not be named.


I think you could say I am pleased with the progress so far.

6 thoughts on “Ingenious

  1. I like that stitch — did you make it up or find it elsewhere? What’s it called? I hope you can answer about the stitch without revealing the secret of the sweater.

  2. Oh Gosh, I wish I was genius like that! It is just opposing twisted stitches set in ribbing. You’d find it in Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting. One of the things I notice about that book is that the patterns go all the way down the rib and I think it gives it such a completed beautiful look! I don’t know if that is typical Aran or not because I really haven’t done this before but it is stunning if you ask me!

  3. How lovely!!
    Now, here is a beginner question(s): What are the blue and pink rings for? Is it for stitch placement/counting? Do you move them for each row or just when you are stopping for the time being?

  4. Good question Sav,
    ignore the colors, they mean nothing. I marked where the repeat of the pattern started. SO you will see a marker at the end of each twisted stitch pattern. This helps immensely with memorization of the pattern which makes me knit faster as well as making sure that I don’t mess up majorly without knowing it. For instance, if I do a certain amount of rib but have an extra stitch, I know I messed up somewhere within that repeat and I can go back and figure it out without missing it and knitting more rows and then frogging a bunch when I notice a stitch is missing or a pattern isn’t lining up. As I knit, the marker just moves from needle to needle.

    If you click on the picture and notice markers on the side of the rib, those are split ring markers, and I used them to indicated or count rows. So, the chart I am working on is a 4 row chart, and I marked the completion of each chart.

    Well used markers are a MUST for lace knitting but are really helpful in any knitting that has a pattern repeat. Knowing how to use them saves me tons of time!

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