Alice Starmore must be brilliant. Her designs are stunning. How I am enjoying the project that must not be named. Take a look! Click to enlarge. Of course having a sick kid means more knitting time since she is taking a super long nap. I don’t want to wake her up so I have been quietly knitting and studying. This picture was taken at the end of the first pattern repeat. I am enjoying the Merino Style from knitpicks, seems to work very well for the project and what a deal! My daughter is thrilled she has socks that match this yarn. I am just pleased that she is learning what matches!


Once sick kid wakes up though, I will be doing some major cleaning! Some may remember the strange wormlike creatures that invaded my home last autumn. Well they are back and the completely freak me out! I really need to figure out what to do about them but for now I will do some deep down cleaning in order to make sure I am not missing any. Call it my autumn cleaning rather than my spring cleaning.

Oh, also, I have an idea to put some sort of little logo into this project.  So I will try to design something and add it in.  I am also looking forward to that!

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