Harmony, wanna see?


Yes, I got my knitpicks harmony needles.  I have never used knitpicks needles before, the options needles being metal were never a temptation.  I cannot and will not use metal needles.  They don’t work with the issues with my hands.  So little did I know about the wonder that is knitpicks needles.  These are not just lovely needles, not just pleasing to the eye.  The cord is so relaxed, none of that tensing and curling that you get with other needles that can make you crazy with frustration.  The join is seamless.  I worried about the tips not staying screwed on to the cord, as this has been my experience thus far with interchangeable needles.  No issue there, the key that is provided makes them stay tight.  And all of this at a price less expensive than the addi natura’s that I have been buying?  I am sold!  When I need new needles, this is where I am going to get them!

(Of course I had to photograph them on top of “project” so that you could see my progress…)