I didn’t make it….

But I can still brag!!!

Favorite coworker made this for a friend who just had a baby. It is beautiful! She claims she hasn’t knitted in a long time but … does that perfectly even basket weave look like someone who doesn’t know what she is doing? I don’t think so! It came off the needles today during break and to see her reaction to the finished project was so much fun for me! Same reaction that I usually have, a touch of “maybe I’ll just keep it,” a bit of “Can’t wait to give it to the rightful owner” a whole heap of pride and just a tiny ounce of “they better appreciate this!” The blanket is lovely and blue and soft and large enough to stick with the child for a good long time. It is a nylon and acrylic blend and it is so very very soft and thick! I can only hope that knitting is contagious and that the bug is permanent!

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Random bits

I’ve nothing exciting to post about. Not much knitting has been done due to class last evening. Not to mention the only project on the needles besides a baby hat is the sweater and I have already posted a fair amount of pictures of that. So now for some random things.

I aced another quiz last night. Good news, but, I did almost miss the second half of the last question. To my defense, it was not something we had really gone over but I wrote down what I originally thought the answer was, gave it some thought, figured it didn’t look quite right and changed it. I changed it to the correct answer. Yay me! It was a little too close for comfort though.

Cell phone issue was addressed last week. The guy beside me who was the biggest culprit had been texting right up to the point the professor made the announcement. He then immediately put the phone in his pocket. Trouble was, he kept receiving texts he couldn’t look at. All I have to say is it must be a big addiction for that kid because he looked positively in pain at not being able to check his messages. Right down to squirming in his seat. Amused me greatly! Last night, he got no texts and looked like he didn’t even have his phone. I was amazed!

Class participation is a huge portion of our grade. If we don’t participate we have the option of writing a large research paper. I figured I’d have to take that option. Now I am suspecting I won’t as I have been quite vocal in class. A lot of it comes from “getting” what others aren’t, so the professor calls on me when he sees that I know the answer. The other issue is that I am not feeling the least bit uncomfortable speaking up. So far, my answers have always been correct. I think my class participation grade is also not suffering.

Daughter is feeling better it seems. It ended up being a relatively short lived cold. I think I took her to the doctor too soon, probably at the worst of the cold. Better safe than sorry I suppose. I suspect all she really needed was a day or 2 out of school to recover. She sure has been sleeping well at night since she has been back though, she is worn out!

I forgot to have coffee yesterday morning. Isn’t that the oddest thing? My coworker was out in the morning for an appointment and I am accustomed to waiting for a break with her to have my coffee. She came back later than I expected and I was so eager to take a break with her that I forgot to drink coffee! (Yes, I made her take a break as soon as she walked through the door, I am cruel like that!) I won’t miss my coffee this morning.

I suppose that is all for now.